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2009 BUELL LIGHTNING // BUELL XB12SCG: A small motorcycle that packs a powerful punch // REVIEW


But you know what before we get too far on the road i’m gonna need to get some gas there’s bees everywhere i’ll be okay okay so now that we have something as exciting as getting gas out of the way we can go ahead and start talking about this a bike a 2009 vo lightning xp 12 scg we bought this bike in 2000 sixteen or 2017 so we’ve had it for about three or

Four years when we bought it it had 40,000 miles on it and the reason that we bought it is because my husband is a buell guy his first bike was at the old empty cyclone and he now also rides a buell 1125 cr had his eye on the lightning’s and one of our friends was actually selling his before we bought it and even as we were buying it my husband was 100% sure

That i was going to be able to ride this bike and that was part of the reason why he wanted to buy it was because not only did he like it but he was certain that it’s something that i could ride and enjoy as well i didn’t think that i was going to be able to because the only thing that i had built at that time was a 250 cc engine so i couldn’t really imagine

Writing anything bigger size-wise or bigger powerful wise if that makes sense i was kind of like sure honey yes i’ll try to write it i i will try as soon as we got at home i gave it a whirl i hopped on it took it around the neighborhood and from then i was hooked and if anything happens to it and we can’t find another one i’m going to be majorly majorly sad

You’re gonna have a sad sad little motorcycle rider on your hands because they don’t make them anymore it’s already an older bike it’s what 11 years old so they’re just hard to come by so anyway i don’t want to get too far into the whole air/fuel of harley davidsons story but for those of you who don’t know i’ll give you a little bit of information about it

Basically once upon a time erik buell was designing motorcycles for for the the buell name but under harley davidson so was owned by harley-davidson so he was designing these bikes and some of them being sports bikes with harley engines and so what you see is a sports bike what you hear is a harley having a harley engine i want to say that’s a big part of why

This bike is the way it and what i mean by that is is a rumbly bike you sit on the stoplight and i mean this thing shapes it’s probably not the shakiest bike out there i’m not saying that by any means but you know you’re definitely you’re definitely moving around maybe that bothers some people but i don’t mind it and i actually i don’t know i kind of i kind

Of like it it just feels just feels rough and basic and i kind of like that about it along those same lines this bike shifts pretty darn clunky it’s not one of those smooth running modern machines that you know you have to guess if you shifted no you will know you have to be kind of deliberate about it and you not only feel it but you hear it too again i don’t

Mind it i kind of like it so going back to the whole i wasn’t quite sure if i could ride this bike topic a lot of the reason why i can ride it is because it has a pretty short seat height i think we even have the low seat on it there might be a it’s a sock seat but there might be another sub seat that’s actually a little bit taller another thing is that it has

A pretty low center of gravity and so it’s not top-heavy which makes it easier for me to get on and kind of you know pick up it doesn’t feel like i’m using all of my might to push it up off the kickstand and so that makes it easier for me to where i’m going another reason why this bike is so cool is because of its short wheelbase and so there’s not really that

Much distance between the front and the rear tires that makes it well that’s part of what makes it so it doesn’t really take much effort to just kind of lis all right honestly guys i think i drove way too far past my turn i don’t know where i am gasps right i’m gonna run out of gopro battery before i run out of gas oh no i didn’t miss my turn it’s right here

Oh god yeah i would this bike is definitely a good bike for anyone who’s petite or shorts for any women motorcycle riders out there i never thought i’d be able to ride something as powerful as this bike as high of a cc engine as this bike because i don’t know i just like every bike i sit on you know they’re just too big for me and i just don’t feel comfortable

On them so i’ll have a bike in mind and i’ll think oh that’s a cool bike you know let’s go let’s go sit on it and then it turns out you know it’s like oh this is like this is way too big for me it’s too heavy this bike is none of those things and you don’t even have to be a short person or a women writer to appreciate it my husband loves this bike he might even

Have more fun on this bike than he does on his 1125 cr because that thing is kind of it’s kind of a monster of a sports bike he’d probably agree so he has a lot of throw on this thing it’s just so easy so maneuverable it can take twisties perfectly it’s just a fun little bike to to ride around on the riding position is pretty comfortable so it’s kind of interesting

It’s the foot pegs are a little bit the back kind of like you know how a regular sports bike would be i guess the way the bike is designed and the way the handlebars are you’re kind of sitting over the airbox and so you’re sitting upright my arms aren’t extended too far it’s not like i have to reach for the handlebars it’s just kind of like all right here i’m just

Kind of sitting on top of the bike it doesn’t put a lot of stress on say your wrists i don’t want to say that i’d be able to write a couple hour long ride and be comfortable because i’m sure my booty and back would be hurting by that time but you know then again and i don’t know if he’s designed for something like that something else that makes this bike pretty

Unique is that this well about two using my hand gesture there and then i had to break and i was like no something else about this bike that makes it pretty unique the gas is actually held within the frame of the bike so all of this right here is like where the air filter goes it’s an air box cover it’s not a gas tank the plastics are i think they’re called

Smoke i’m not quite sure but it’s not matte black it’s like a clear black and so you can actually kind of see through the this this air box cover right here and i don’t know if you can hear that that whirring noise that would be a fan there’s a fan that i think sits under the seats of his bike i could be wrong but there’s a fan basically there to cool off the

Engine that goes off every once in a while and go off when you’re writing it’ll turn on when you turn the bike off even with that fan there it can still get pretty hot so if you’re sitting in traffic on this bike especially and if it’s a hot day there is just so much heat coming off of the bike i mean if there’s anything that i would say is a con to this bike

That might be it just the fact that it gets really hot around your legs sometimes but because i i wouldn’t say the sack on this bike has no cons and i keep passing by these these people and cruisers today and they’re not waving back at me i think it’s because i’m on a sports bike if only they knew it was a sports bike with a harley engine and wonder if they

Would away don’t the dog here’s the fan again here it if you can hear it it’s a very i don’t know if you say motorcycle is roedean is is that would you say that about a motorcycle that it’s throaty i don’t know it’s it’s just very rumbling listen glommit love it okay guys well thanks for joining me if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button i’d love

For you to stick around and let me know what you think about the buell lightning in the comments below is you have ones you want one you love yours not like buell’s let me know i’d love to hear it already catch you next time i

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2009 BUELL LIGHTNING // BUELL XB12SCG: A small motorcycle that packs a powerful punch // REVIEW By Joy on a Bike