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2012 One Motorcycle Show – Sponsored by Bell

The One Motorcycle Show is perhaps the only custom show in the world that embraces the imperfect. It’s about the essence–motorcycles that are custom but not precious. Stripped down and built back up, but probably not the way the factory intended.

It’s nice to see what people can put together with a grinder and a welder builders or collectors or owners of bikes will bring something that isn’t necessarily what they think a show bike is but is something that is kind of dear to their heart in some way and so you get to see a lot of bikes that you would never ever even think that you’d get to see the real they’re

Not just made for you know this show the one show is the type of event that fits belt culture perfectly bell comes from our sports over sixty years ago this is our culture this is where we come from and we derive our inspiration for everything we do on any aspect of the business from motor sports and power sports so the one shows a perfect fit for us this year i

Added like a new aspect to the show was the the helmet show custom painted helmets customizing your helmet has sort of been lost because you know you already can buy a helmet with art on it and i think it’s really cool to show people that you can do it with just a sharpie or just a paint pen you know just go buy a helmet you make draw on it tell it what’s cool to

You yeah that’s pretty cool show and it’s down-home you know this is about this is what motorcycling is really about about building what you want and building riders and fun bikes and you know you come to a show like this and we see more bikes that you want a ride then you usually do it a show what we have behind us here it’s a 2000 cr 500 motor wedged into a 97

Cr 250 frame it was a supermoto bike that i raced and it broke my arm pretty bad so i took out my revenge by cutting it up and turning it into like a little cafe racer or a cafe monster i am personally this will be my second year in the show i brought the next s 650 this year and then my bmw so there are 80 it’s kind of trying to make it the bike that i’ve always

Wanted i guess it basically just did a version of like what i would take camping definitely like over the last three years of this show happening it’s introduced a lot of you know friends and people that might not have been into motorcycles into it think this is the third year right so yeah every year i had a bike so both of trying 650 water bills so they’re 1966

Engines but specifically with those two bikes is that they’re just disregarded junky pieces you know inside their broken engine broken sections of frames abandoned wheels it’s basically just a pile of junk the gold one it took me three and a half years to put that one together the the pink one i built in four months so it’s kind of strange what i really like is

The cross reference of the culture that there’s all kinds of motorcycles here it’s like you know when you do your standard sort of classic shows or your standard custom shows it’s this it gets stuck and this one it’s not stuck it’s it’s great it really just brings people together and it makes people much more aware that there is actually a motorcycle culture in portland

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2012 One Motorcycle Show – Sponsored by Bell By Bell Helmets – Powersports