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2014 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 Military Motorcycle Review

This bike, from talking to people about it, watching videos and reviews on it, looking at photos – was at the very top of my list for a possible 2nd bike purchase. While the bike certainly lived up to expectations regarding what it is, how it is and it’s fit in to the market, I’m very glad I rode it because it changed my perspective enough to at least doubt if I would make it my final choice.

Hey guys welcome back again from tampa bay today i’ve got a review of a 2014 royal enfield classic 500 in military green as you can see now this model is very similar to all the other bullets which are all similar to one another main difference between this and the normal one is primarily the seat and a one inch smaller front wheel which i don’t think you’re going

To notice this is a fun around town bike let’s go ahead and hop on get it going i’ve got it up on the center stand and you need to do that in order to use the kick starter the fuel pump doesn’t activate until you put the side stand up so i’m going to turn the switch on flip the kick starter out give it a go key on one more go one more come on ow slipped off the

Peg there very very small peg is this really on try it from over here maybe i’m just not getting enough leverage did it first time this way take it to top dead center oh almost there we go just seen a little bit more leverage so i would imagine i would have to kind of jump on it with my right foot if i was on the bike it does have an electric start too but you know

What this is just cooler oh i just notice that box came open there what’s up with that huh i need to see if i can lock that so let’s shut the bike off looks like it takes a key that just happened now this brings up a point this is not this is not a modern bike this is pretty much a throwback to the 1950s you should not be expecting any kind of modern refinements

As far as fit and finish features or performance this does a fuel injection so you don’t have the bother of carburetors but that is pretty much it my friend’s got a very industrial looking cluster here even a little bit of rough starting this is just from moisture in the air speed oh i have to say pretty rudimentary but again to be expected alright so let’s start

This again then we’ll get on the road do the review mission on take the top dead center and one good kick there we go so that’s the key get off the bike and do it no problem fold it back in and we’re off get off the center stand ah ah there we go now one thing i did notice right away when i was writing it neutral is very hard to find when the engine is cold once

It warms up it’ll go in no problem down into first weird thing here when you’re going down into first and you’re in it it still travels down normally i only say that because on other bikes at least every other one i’ve ridden when you get down into first and you keep trying to shift down it stops it hits a stop let’s do some low speed handling here very very light

As to be expected it’s got a lot of vibration again to be expected this is a huge 500 cc single-cylinder so it’s got thump it’s got that concussion let’s go all the way down to idle here no problem whatsoever the handling we’re doing like 2 miles an hour there’s no bouncing problems whatsoever this is literally like a kid’s toy this is like i’m on one of those

A little electric barbie bikes or something no throttle i’m just putzing along here this has a huge flywheel so it’s going to give you that low speed power the low-speed stability clutch is very light you know before we go out here let me flip around real quick test the brakes see what they’re like let’s go up to 20 or so and hit the brakes ah adequate at best

Let’s try it one more time now i don’t expect sportbrake performance on this it’s got a drum rear in a little tiny single front about as good as i would expect for this kind of bike let me put it that way it has a lot of nose i but it’s at least controllable it has quite a bit of frame vibration the mirrors are shaking around like michael j fox can’t see anything

Out of them and that’s for two reasons one because they’re too narrow you definitely have to either put bar and mirrors on it or extend them or something but there’s no point because these bars are shaking so much from the engine that you can’t see anything so just kind of forget you have mirrors just remember what you passed and that’s what’s behind you oh who who

Are we kidding no one’s gonna pass you on this or rather no one is going to be passed by this this is not a performance bike this is probably not even anything i would say take on the freeway ah that’s up to my eye this is a bike all about fun all about going around town not even taking anybody with you almost a toy i like to turn signals it has a very typical

Japanese feel to it single nub in the middle that moves left to right and then you push it in to disengage that’s a 5-speed i’m in top gear right now a speedo i don’t know we’re doing somewhere between 40 and 45 that suckers bouncing around obviously a cable run speedo and it’s got the old-school rolling odometer aside from that you’ve got your turn signal and

Bright indicator and that’s it and then you get the key and a couple dummy lights you got a low fuel and a engine trouble light and that’s it clutch feel is almost nothing i mean it’s it’s like an electric switch there’s no resistance to it brakes feel good they don’t feel spongy they just don’t stop in a big hurry that’s all but again that is to be expected for

What they are and this guy is turning before the light we’ll see how it does in acceleration stuff once we get through this like man it i am shifting down to the floor repeatedly thinking i’m not in first it has a lot of oomph as soon as you let off the clutch oh man what a kick when you go into the next even third it has a huge i can tell it has a huge flywheel

Because when you let off that clutch that momentum just hits the next gear now it’s only for like half a second but it literally feels like somebody is rear-ending the bike it is that much of a kick when i say it i mean it is exactly like somebody tapping the back your bike in a car it just kicks you forward let’s try some accelerations go down and into third here

That’s probably a little too high that’s right fourth there there are very very short years in this you know what i want to pull over let this guy go past perfect i will run through the gears now there’s no tack and i have no idea what the redline is in is on this i’m going to shift when i kind of feel it kind of like i did in my harley i had an 883 and when i

Felt that really running out of steam in the last couple thousand hour thousand rpm that’s when you shift so that’s what i’m going to do here a lot of vibration through the handlebars especially on this you can feel every single firing of that massive cylinder it’s vibrating the mirrors not so much through the seat all right here we go oh man 20 miles now we’re in

A second i’m full throttling it 40 50 sixty now we’re top gear really kind of winding out about seventy miles an hour and my butt is vibrating like you wouldn’t believe now it’s stopping so above 55 or so oh my god does this thing vibrate i mean it feels like a massage you’re going on high-speed not so much here at 50 it’s actually pretty darn smooth i love the

Sound i’m in top gear here doing 15 if i roll on it it’s got a neat little kick to the sound it’s got a thump it’s got that little it doesn’t have a concussion in my chest like a big v-twin does but i can hear it that is a neat little sound wow another thing i notice i feel like i’m falling off the back of the seat okay when i accelerate especially when it kicks in

To that next gear my butt feels like it’s sliding right back off the edge of the seat and i am sitting on the edge of the seat it was a as you saw a big single catcher’s mitt kind of springer seat and like one of the fat-girl seats on a bicycle you get a walmart that’s exactly what this is and it is completely covered by my big ass now i’m feeling the springs here

With my left hand they’re not compressed all the way so it’s it’s not actually compressing down or anything like that but it doesn’t have much support and there’s obviously nothing holding you on to the back of the seat so when you take off even though it doesn’t have that much acceleration it has that kick when you shift up you have to hold on with your hands you

Absolutely do there this seat is not going to hold you in position like other bikes would you may actually start to roll off the back of the seat is my point now the regular bullet has a big banana seat that would not have this issue having to look behind me because these mirrors are kind of non-existent right now i want to do another kind of little acceleration

I’m holding on because i don’t want to kick that oh if you’re if you used to it if you expect it it’s cool but i wasn’t expecting it when i was trying it there so that’s why i kind of caught me by surprise ergonomics very good for a tall rider these pegs are in a great position my knees they fall right on the tank pads that it has here they’re they’re molded in

I only try to find neutral here let me stop first it’s also a little hard to find neutral while you’re moving just from all the vibration because like i said the light is useless here your feeling for it in your toe but with the vibration you can’t it all blends together it’s very comfortable bar width is very good they’re very neutral they’re not too wide they

Don’t feel especially narrow i’m stretched out just enough okay here we go we second gear it’s got more power than i thought it teases i wasn’t ready for that it’s got more power than i thought it did that surprises me i thought given the numbers i mean like 25 horsepower that it would be just a complete joke but this is actually perfectly usable on the street

I mean i’m here in traffic on us 19 and if you know 19 you know it’s busy and moving i’m not going to be passing anybody i’m doing 55 right now can’t say i’d want to do much more i’m getting a lot of vibration in the handlebars here but for just cruising along in the slow lane you know what i don’t have a problem with it this is about as fast as i would want to

Go with this my hands would be absolutely numb after just a few miles so bear that in mind it’s a backroads cruiser maybe it’s a deal breaker that depends on you it may actually be for me because i do need to wherever i go take roads that are doing 60 to 65 and if i just can’t because of the bike not allowing you to do it physically well maybe i do need to look

At something a little bit more but i’ll tell you what i dig this bike i am glad i test wrote it though because i will say i am less inclined to buy it now as i was before i test wrote it i don’t see any real deal-breakers with it but it didn’t blow me away like i thought it would just from specs and videos and all that kind of stuff but i still think it is a very

Cool bike and i’m glad that i test wrote it alright so there you go guys there is the 2014 royal enfield classic in military green thank you very much for watching and by the way here is a plug to motorcycle enthusiasts in spring hill florida my local triumph and royal enfield and other dealer don’t forget to check out the site share the video give me a thumbs up

Leave me a comment let me know what you think and we’ll see you next time

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2014 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 Military Motorcycle Review By TwoWheelObsession