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2015 Star Bolt C-Spec Video Review

Star Motorcycles has added to its pair of performance bobbers, the Bolt and Bolt R-Spec, with the 2015 Bolt C-Spec. However, when you have a model line that’s selling well, you don’t want to change it too much. So, Star massaged a little cafe racer into the Bolt’s attitude.

Hey this is evans at motorcycle comm and i’m taking a moment out from the introduction of the 2015 starr the same motorcycle as the bolts we’ve happened the last two years and not what’s different this year is the riding position of the c spec c being cafe the running position is a little bit more aggressive the upper body has leaned a lot more forward the pegs have

Been moved six inches rearward about an inch and a quarter higher and about a half inch wider so it’s a much sportier riding position those wang in the leg might not like the new foot position but i think it’s pretty nice as far as keeping your feet below you we’re absorbing bumps out on the road and purchase having more control 40 and barn is exactly the same

As last year that’s no problem at all on lighting it’s great for inner-city riding way out to some winding students like the new riding position in foot peg placement my expectation is that i’ll have a good bit more ground clearance and a lot more control because of the supporting forward leaning position the only negative thing i can say about the new riding

Position is around town in traffic i do get kind of tired of leaning forward so far however get out on the freeway with some wind blast hitting you and it’s really really effective the clip-ons are way forward they’re in a reasonably comfortable reach i have noticed that i have to slide forward on the seat which initially felt kind of weird because a leading

Edge of the seat bends upward slightly and i wasn’t sure if i liked it that much but the more riot the more i realized it sort of fits the shape of my foot as it sits in the saddle is more forward position ok we’re coming on some winding roads here in the neighborhood of cooks corner okay as i work my way through these winding roads what i’ve noticed is that the

Handlebars offer great leverage for muscling the bike into a turn changing lines mid corner at all it steers very very nicely one of the changes this year for the bolt see spec is the michelin tires that it’s fit with and the star representatives said the reason they chose to switch to the midlands was for a sportier feel and i can tell you that weaning the bike

Over it responds nicely it doesn’t stand up under braking i can make adjustments mid corner no problem all in all the bike feels nice and planted while going through the turns you

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