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2016 Piaggio MP3 500IE first ride/review

My first real ride on the mp3

Hey guys so this is my piaggio mp3 500 ie it’s a 2016 just bought it yesterday and i’ve only had a chance to write it about a mile but i want to give you my initial inner review and thoughts on it and we’ll go for a quick little ride right here if you’re already looking at this bike then you know that it has three wheels and right now i have the lock on so i can

Actually put my feet on here and it won’t tip over and it will stay that way until i roll on the throttle so one cool thing about it for sure which i probably won’t use them much but it’s still there and uh like you see you can see the lock buttons on there it’s got 1,300 miles on it so it’s fairly new so the steering lock gonna stay on until i roll on the throttle

And we’ll just go for a quick ride around the subdivision and you guys can kind of see how alright one thing i’ve noticed is you don’t really steer the bike that much you’re more kind of more like lean it and the deal with the steering lock once you’re under six miles an hour you can see i just hit the steering lock button and i never had to put my feet down so as

Long as you are under six miles an hour you’re able to do that my wife’s probably gonna use it much and but i pop over all what is still pretty cool feature so there’s nothing coming we’ll take off you can hear that beep beep that is the steering lock disengaging as i roll on the throttle so another cool thing about the three wheels is i just ran over some walnuts

Back there and i didn’t feel a thing it’s probably one of the smoothest scooters i’ve ever owned that old quite a few of them will keep going around the subdivision here and you guys can right along there’s my clique little ride demo and i wanted to show you guys when i came into the garage notice the bike was leaned just a little bit and i hit the suspension lock

It’s gonna lock your suspension at that lean angle so you always want to make sure the bike is upright when you lock in your suspension and just set the parking brake so my like i said i’ve maybe had three miles on this and as far as my review is concerned it rides just like a motorcycle and yeah it’s really really similar you cannot really tell you have three

Wheels which is kind of surprising it’s it’s a little bit of a weird feeling leaning around the corner so much and not not being afraid to kind of tip over but uh this is kind of my initial review and i’m gonna be riding this for several hundred miles and i’ll be doing some maintenance on it and i’ll do a couple videos on that stuff too but one last thing is i did

Look at some 250 s and some 500s and her uh two fifties and 400s for me and they had power but just not very much and even the 500 i think it’s a hair underpowered but i’ve written lots of crotch rockets and harley’s and stuff like that and to be you know fair to compare this to like i’m at a kymco 170 cc scooter last year and just has a not a whole lot more power

I thought it would be a bigger difference since it’s not really maybe because of the weight difference but anyway hope you guys all learn something on this quick little ride and review and i’ll be doing some other videos here shortly thanks for watching

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