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2016 Textile Motorcycle Jackets Buying Guide at

2016 Textile Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

Hey it’s wrestling where you watch decide and ride welcome to our 2016 textile motorcycle jacket gear guide at in this guide we’re going to break down the best 5 textile motorcycle jackets for 2016 based on revzilla is riding research and our collective expert opinion if you’re looking textile there are a few reasons you’re doing that you don’t want to go

Full mesh you want a mixture of protection schemes you can go a lot of different styles but really we see textile as versatility typically three to four season jackets depending on your riding styles and they might be more cold weather or warm weather oriented now remember this is part of our larger gear guide series you can click and check out the full collection

How much jackets boots gloves we cover the best in all the key categories whether you’re looking to upgrade or you’re just starting out now first up on my left kicking off our guide for 16 is the icon wire form textile jacket then in our opinion over the $200 mark is your best classic american sport and stunt jacket without being race oriented it punches you in

The mouth and it doesn’t apologize i can’t keep doing that that’s what we love about you now in our opinion it’s probably going to steal a lot of sales from the contra in this category that did so well for years and they’ve really upgraded this style moving into 16 so multi season in my opinion three season cold weather full-si removable thermal liner it would be

A ballistic nylon in the exterior not a ton of venting here again no mesh panels even though it has a great texture to it what i really like about it is it’s coming with a full d3o molecular armor armor set so shoulders elbows and back come stock out of the box and again the revzilla orange obviously a handful four or five different colors as you look at the wire

Form now turn backwards from there hov give me a shot of the back think about our high vis brian six volt 195 42 inch chest check out the back here there is that back protector and notice the drop seat for more sport oriented riding come back around to the front so remember his sizing 42 inch chest he’s going to be wearing a size large and i consider it to be sport

Fit from icon not an aggressive attack certainly not relaxed but plenty of room to move so again over the $200 mark 3 season cold smashing them out more american stunts focused this is the wire form also available ladies the best of for 2016 from bullion bank robbers now i work my way into the best city and commuter jacket of 16 and in this textile category we’re

Going to see the revit stealth hoodie now we look at it i hate calling it a hoodie outside of the fact that it has a non removable hood because we see other manufacturers do textile hoodies that really are a knit or more of a cotton sweatshirt material this is a brushed poly cotton denim it has a nice stretch to it you see it hunting high-vis brian to my left here

Great armour protection low profile this is the batman of jackets within this category now you’re investing here you’re coming in over top of that $300 more around $340 mark but it’s a laminated waterproof breathable hide your text which allows you to stay dry and stay cool in the cloudburst notice the grommets and the drains in the pockets and then some finishing

Details that really set it off so i’m gonna snit at the cuff knit at the collar you’re going to have knit down along the waistband now keep in mind hive is brian sizing six-foot 195 42 inch chest and you can see the stretch on this guy so any more of that sport cut here in the hoodie he’s wearing a size medium so you use that size chart it’s a bit more of a svelte

Cut that’s how it’s meant to sit and if we think about it all things considered it keeps that clean batman style line so high vis brian turned backwards for me here to see some of the finishing details grommets and drains in the hood notice it’s mesh on the inside no thermal here so it’s fall and spring oriented too hot for the summer probably not warm enough for

The cold weather riding season and there’s obviously going to be a back protector pocket for a revit c soft type rv where you can upgrade the c ii protection along the backside as well come back around to the front remember we think this dominates the hooded category so whether you’re city riding whether you’re commuting whether you’re batman saving the world

Again stealth great fit it’s going to come in in this textile category and be very unique new for 16 so again this is the revit stealth just over that three hundred dollar mark next up is our adventure textile for 2016 but before we get there remember anything you see here has a detailed breakdown video we’re gonna ship for free and i would love it if you would

Click our logo subscribe to us at revzilla on our youtube channel then your comms your questions your feedback on anything we showed you in our 16 guide but more importantly tell me about the textile jacket you love that we might have glossed over challenged us a bit now moving in to our best adventure textile really without breaking the bank 416 is going to be

The first year kilimanjaro brand-new we’re blown away by this coming in at the 400 dollar mark there’s a tremendous amount of bang for the buck here so first off full molecular d3o armor compliment shoulders elbows and back which we would be expecting we’re also getting chest protectors which is new from first gear you’re also getting eight total vents on a

Laminated outer shell so it’s the cacoa membrane waterproof breathable it’s tuned it’s a premium waterproof breathable membrane and you’re venting directly through it to the body so again look at this as a technical outer shell direct venting a lot of functionality really without getting into that five six $700 category it’s bring your own base layers from first

Gear now quick note on sizing this jacket fits one size big high-vis brian six-foot 195 42 inch chest if you use a size chart says go buy a large he bought a medium if we see them here this is how the medium sits on his frame tons of adjustability he’s not maxing it out if you buy what the size chart says you’re gonna be buying a jacket that’s one size too large

Keep that in mind but remember we do ship for free we make it a little bit easier now if you dive in here outside of the sizing you’re gonna notice they’re events are going to be waterproof vents you’re going to have a two way zip or down along the cuffs along the sleeve brian turn backwards for me this is the black white and green colorway which actually is

Really unique it’s very very cool remember you’re getting that big d3o back protector as well on the drop seat meant for this torrey oriented jacket two big vents along the back as well come back around to the front so all things considered watch our detailed breakdown video remember for around the four hundred dollar mark tremendous adventure functionality with a

Four-season shell that ultimately from here you go gore-tex you’d be moving up into something like the badlands from climb but again tremendous bang for the buck and protection here in the new kilimanjaro 416 staying with our touring and adventure theme next up we have a classic in this category this is the revit sand 2 and when you think about this compared to the

First gear it’s a more versatile jacket with a more classic european adventure touring style to it in my opinion i gravitate here this is a classic classic style cussing boba fett style here from revit i love it then they do this so well now if we look at it you’re getting closer to that $500 mark and you’re getting a beefed up versatility scheme so there’s a room

Full sleep thermal liner in the sand – there’s a removable higher tech’s waterproof breathable liner in the sand – and when you have all the vents open it’s going to vent tremendously in my opinion better than that kilimanjaro again two different jackets for two different things now hi vis brian to my left six-foot 195 42 inch chest he’s wearing a size large you

Can see there’s a lot of adjustability at the waist in the arms even at the neck a lot of fine-tuning you can do here on this extremely versatile jacket with the liners in or the liners out the other really cool thing about this jacket besides the styling reflective scheme and the fact that’s using pro-life armor and you can obviously upgrade the back protection

Is some of the creature comforts around the ventilation i talked about it i’m just going to show one of them if i unzip this vent great he has a chest vent that’s open what i can do now is i can take the cinch along the side right here snap it down and now i have the ability to keep my vents open create that space and get that better airflow hive is brian turned

Backwards for me there you’re not having as brian say you’re wearing the red notice the back nice job seat rabbit pouch for your liners big cinching along the way it’s the big ventilation across the back channel again classic from revit in the sand to read the hundreds of rider reviews on this jacket for under the $500 mark it’s an absolute juggernaut come back

Around to the front if you want to go gore-tex you’re really looking at something like the dominator from revit in this category so all in a bit more aggressive bit more versatile with the liner’s vents a little bit better than the kilimanjaro at more of the hardcore adventure level the rivets and two is our pick in this textile category for 16 and last up in

Our textile guide is the dna’s a hawker d-dry at the four hundred dollar mark in our opinion the best four seasons sport textile on the market outside of the mesh category if we look at it classic dainese lines a handful of different colors for vents that vent directly to the body for hot weather riding but when you start to work your way into cooler climates or

More rainy or seasonal climates you’re going to have the full sleeve removable diana is ad dry liner but one of my favorite things about this jacket it’s its thermal liner completely finished destination it is the fleece softshell from dainese it normally we’d sell north of 150 dollars it comes stock as your thermal liner within the hawker d-dry now quick note on

Sizing buzz-saw six-foot 215 he’s going to get 46 inch chest he’s where a size 56 from diane az in the hawker you can see it’s a sport cut without being baggy without being overly technical it does have a good amount of elasticity and stretch in the right places and again two big vents on the front big armored external hard part’s again they’re coated in fabric but

They are going to be tp use there are over top of your classic diana is a composite armor at shoulder and elbow and turn backwards from the air buzzsaw you’re gonna upgrade that back protector on your own that would come separately with something like the manus you’re also going to get two big wenzel on the back for your exhaust ports you notice the positioning

High on the chest low on the back really meant for more that sport touring or sport orientation in really a three quarter maybe even the tuck riding position for you sport commuters out there and we look at the back again nice big drop see come back here to the front now if you love this jacket in the style and you really want three season warm weather check out

Something like the super speed or the super speed d dry again fitting this bill but the hawker at four hundred dollars in this sport oriented for season textile category is the juggernaut new for 2016 the next step in your journey is to click the info button on your desktop your mobile device shop the full collection at textile jackets read rider

Reviews watch a detailed breakdown videos on our top five for 16 as always we’ll ship for free over 39 bucks and if you want to talk to a gear geek see us at or you

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2016 Textile Motorcycle Jackets Buying Guide at By RevZilla