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2016 Thruxton R | Mods Overview

Quick rundown of my Thruxton and it’s current list of mods!

Hey everybody so this is a video that i’ve been wanting to do for a while and right now while everybody’s in quarantine i’ve kind of seen a lot of this kind of people doing virtual car shows virtual tours i’m gonna do one today about my 2016 triumph thruxton or just go over the mod that i’ve done so far and that was done by the previous owner and we’ll go from

There so here’s the bike as i said 2016 triumph thruxton r he’s had quite a bit of modifications done although the general aesthetic is pretty much a comes from the factory triumph has done an incredible job with these modern classic bikes it’s kind of always been their specialty but they have really stepped it up here with the with these newer bikes so the

Thruxton has a 1200 cc engine making somewhere around 80 horsepower and nearly 90 pound feet of torque and what’s going to go front to back on the mods that i’ve done here so the first thing we come across is this gorgeous rhizoma fender so that was done by the previous owner and a lot of resemble bits on this bike and i think that the fender especially is a

Great a great addition to what is already a great bike one thing that i really like from a distance especially is that the brackets are so small and the way they’ve tucked them behind the forks makes it almost look like the fender itself actually hovers after that you can see we’ve got resum√© club indicators up here those are a really good small indicator but

Very bright they i think again match perfectly with the style of this bike next thing you’ll see is the aero headers that we have here so this is a full open header it is not a constricted piece kind of like the the factory pipe is if you’ll notice the catalytic converter is still in place there’s just a cross through pipe through there it’s not functional any

Longer but this is set up here at the end of those arrow headers we have these gorgeous cone engineering pipes they i really like the way they finish off the look stopping short of the rear suspension they’re just kind of really sets that look off gives us something a little unique over the factory pipe also quite a bit louder too and i’ll try and do an exhaust

Clip right here at the end of this back up here at the handle bars we have spy arm mirrors which were added by the previous owner along with the bar ends and i’ve since added the irlo grips which i think really helped finish off the front end of the bike i do love the stock look at this tank i found it a little narrow to really grip well in my legs especially

With the slick paint so i’ve added these moton tank pads with the embossed union jack moving back from there i’ve got this great louie moto seat cover in black leather just a really solid addition to the bike and really helps clean up the rear end continuing down the tail i’ve got this tail tidy kit by analogue really good looking very clean kit the only thing

That i might change and may do here in the future is to relocate that license plate maybe to do more of like a swing arm mount for it but in general it looks pretty good has integrated turn signals which i really like it’s a very bright unit so you can see i’ve actually got the tail tidy turned on and got indicators go in and just a really good look with those

Bright leds and the indicators do a good job of taking up a big area out of that out of that taillight a couple of small tidy up pieces here are the black covers at the front of the throttle bodies and then you’ve also got the covers on the throttle position sensor housings they’re the fake carburetors i actually took those off painted them black and just sanded

The face off that’s the stock design i really liked it just wanted it black to kind of set it off make it match the side a little bit better and then i’ve got those brass slotted head fasteners to kind of finish that off tie it in with the gold up top my newest addition just finished here in the last couple days kind of what i was waiting on to do this video are

The black engine casings i got those from amj cycles and then from there i had a local powder coater do my sprocket cover and heel guards really like the way that they have set apart to look at the bike i like the way that they make these inspection covers stick out i thought about switching to a some sort of black inspection cover but really now that that’s

Like that i like the look it is and i’ll go around here to the other side to you i just really think that in general the black really sets it off kind of makes the rest of the bike pop helps the exhaust really shine through and and again i think that inspection cover looks incredible with the casing on there another blacked out piece i’ve got back here are these

Olan springs and they are made by √∂hlins they’re the same spring rate as the stock springs i just did not like that yellow i thought it added a color that was really nowhere else present in the bike since they weren’t a true gold they were really just yellow i really like the way this kind of just subtly changed the look at the rear end back here i’ll do a quick

Start up here so we can hear those arrow headers and count engineering pipes got a very good roadies now that is very loud practically on melissa point thought it was a little bit loud first got it but definitely definitely a man of it at this point that’s the video i’ve really enjoyed having this bike so far it has been a blast i have loved all three of

My triumphs this one is no exception i hope the video was fun something to kind of take your mind off things for a little bit with all this craziness going on right now and i’ll have more videos coming in the future so we’ve got a full exhaust video that i’ll link down in the description and i’ve also got several kind of diy videos as i work on this bike and my

Other cars and so we check those out if they can be helpful i’d love to hear about it so thanks everybody

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2016 Thruxton R | Mods Overview By William Panik