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2019-2021 GMC Sierra Retrax RetraxONE MX Retractable Bed Cover – Phastek Overview & Install

Need to protect the precious cargo you haul in your 2019-2021 GMC Sierra? Then use a RetraxONE MX Retractable Bed Cover. This truck bed cover sites flush with your GMC Sierra truck bed giving an almost seamless appearance that’s sealed to give you the best dryness possible. It also comes with a flush mount locking mechanism. This retractable bed cover is made of rigid polycarbonate construction giving your GMC Sierra a hard tonneau cover.

Hey guys ricardo with today i have for you the retrax one mx bed cover we’re gonna be installing this cover to our 2019 sierra at4 to give us a bit extra coverage and protection to anything we could possibly have sitting in the bed of our truck the retrax 1 mx bed covers are a low profile design that sit flush with the bed providing a nearly seamless

Appearance and seal to keep the bed of your truck as dry as possible this is paired with the flush mount locking mechanism and sealed ball bearing rollers allowing for an effortless roll-up operation constructed out of a one-piece sheet of polycarbonate the mx bed covers are given a rugged and durable matte powder coat finish they can also be installed easily

Using some simple basic hand tools their mounting system allows for an easy adjustability for a perfect no hassle fit now the installation will be the same for any 2019 to 2020 sierra and silverado 1500 models the trouble free installation includes the mounting rails and no drill clamps before we can start the installation we will have to remove some of the packing

Material from the cover remove the screw holding the plastic retainer in place doing this will loosen the cover pull the cover out just a bit to remove the plastic shipping tube repeat the process on both sides of the tonneau cover keep one of the shipping brackets for later use as a shim now we can install the rails to the canister slide the cover into the rails

And position the rail on the canister using the supplied screws bolt the rail to the canister repeat this process for both rails attach the front cover on the top side of the canister position and bolt the cover in place using the supplied hardware with some help position the canister and rail assembly toward the bulkhead ensure the seal is positioned toward the

Bed of the truck to ensure a good weatherstrip seal trim the excess weatherstrip seal to meet up with the factory plastic bed rails before installing the retaining brackets use the plastic shim removed from the canister and use it as a guide to check clearance between the tailgate and the rail make any adjustments necessary to be within the allowed tolerance with

The rails ready to be mounted in place use the supplied clamps and tighten them down while tightening the clamps in place push down and tilt the rails to ensure a proper seal repeat this process for all four clamps with the rails and clamps in place you can now measure the distance of the rails between the sides of the bed ensure that the measurement of the rails

At the bulkhead is the same or within a sixteenth of an inch at the middle and end of the bed this will allow the cover to glide easily when opening or closing if the rails need to be adjusted remove the clamp and turn the flight adjustment screws each turn is a sixteenth of an inch if the rails are too close together turn the adjustment screws counterclockwise

If the rails are too far apart turn the adjustment screws clockwise with all the adjustments made install the drain tubes simply click the tubes in place and position the end of the tube towards an existing drain in the bed of your truck now with our bed rails adjusted we can check the operation and ensure that our cover is moving smoothly through the track for

The first couple of uses the cover will seem a bit tight that is only because it will have to get broken in but once that is done it should be a smooth operation from there the retrax 1 mx bed cover is a great option for you guys that are looking to keep anything in the bed of your truck safe and as dry as possible the polycarbonate cover is finished off nicely

With its matte powder coat finish and as you saw with the installation that is easily done its no drill clamps make this a great weekend project the locking latch gives us superior protection when the bed cover is closed while also allowing us to lock the latch in any location down the rail as always thank you for watching if you would like any more information

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