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2019 Beta 390 is HERE! How Much Does It Weigh?

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Hey guys thanks for tuning in you’re watching dirt bike channel i’m your host kyle brother s’en and yes this is the 2019 beta 390 or our race edition sitting in my shop we’re going to talk about why it’s here in just a minute stick around so yeah this is the 2019 beta 390 our our race edition this thing is here because beta is a very cool company beta is letting

Me borrow this thing for three months so that i can do a full review on this thing in case you guys are new to the channel back in 2017 i reviewed their 300 rr two-stroke bike and that was a fantastic bike and it’s a really beta is a really cool company an up-and-coming company i shouldn’t say up-and-coming they’ve been around for a long time a long long time

Robbie longer than i’ve been alive they’re made in italy and they’re getting more and more popular here in the united states and they are a fantastic alternative to the k teams and the husqvarna stand and the gas gas and some and some of the japanese models like the the honda’s and the yamaha and the suzuki’s and the kawasaki these betas are a fantastic bike that

Are really really well made and this is the force so this is a four-stroke it’s the first time i’ve done a four-stroke from beta and it’s the first time i had i’ve had a four-stroke in my shop for a little while because last year in 2018 we were gonna do this bike in 2018 and then i tore my acl and that kind of put me back a little while so now we’re here and

I just want to thank beta for having the balls to allow me to review a bike on their dime when there is no guarantee of what i will say i’ve had some good interactions with beta in the past and we’ve had we had a couple of conversations like hey what about this and what about that and i’m going look i review the bikes way i would want to review them are you okay

With that and they certainly are so props to them for stepping up to the plate beta and husqvarna are the only manufacturers that have allowed me to borrow a bike with happening without having to buy it outright so i bought every bike outright except for the ones that i’ve done from beta here and it’s pretty pretty stinkin awesome there’s a lot to like about this

Bike already and they haven’t written it yet we’re gonna find out how much it weighs in this video i filled the tank full of fuel i’m gonna weigh this bike on the same commercial shipping scale that i weigh all my bikes i weigh them ready to but petah has some really cool things on this bike straight out of the gate they give us a skid plate which is great you

Get some hand guards which some of it which some of the manufacturers are not giving and there’s this got a really cool seat where you can put down lap times and different things they’ve done a lot of cool stuff on this bike and i will get into all of that as we review this throughout the year i’ve heard a ton of good stuff about this 390 motor about how torquey

It is and how how it’s just got kind of the perfect mix of power so we’re gonna find out i’m gonna take this bike in some desert stuff and i’m gonna take it in some mountain single track because i’ll have it throughout the summer and so this is i’m gonna put it through its paces and this bike is gonna go to war with me i probably won’t take it in some of the more

Nasty nasty stuff because it isn’t my bike but i will take it in some quasi nasty stuff and just see how she does one thing to note though is no kick starter here i believe that the kick starter is something that you can get hasn’t as you know an add-on accessory for three or four hundred dollars but i am not a fan of that i’ve been i’ve made no bones about that so

That’s something that i’m disappointed in that a lot of dirt bike manufacturers are doing anyway this is the bike it’s a beautiful bike as you’ve seen i should be rolling in some footage here of all the different angles of this bike we’re gonna weigh it right now and see how much she weighs okay so as you can see this good-looking bike weighs 259 pounds if i if

We go to kilograms that’s one hundred and seventeen point four kilograms that’s how much this bike weighs full of fuel and ready to ride it does have a skid plate on it it’s got the stock wheels everything is stock i haven’t touched this other than to top off the fuel tank yes it’s got full antifreeze yes it’s got full oil and that’s how much it weighs when you

Go out to ride this thing so if i take a look and see how this compares to some of the other four strokes that i’ve done recently well let’s let’s compare it to the the two-stroke version of this from two years ago the 2017 300 rr was 250 1.5 pounds so this is about eight pounds heavier than the two-stroke version at least the two-stroke from two years ago if i

Compare it to the shirk oh i have it i had a i had a 20-17 churko 300 se fr which is a bike that was two hundred and sixty point five pounds so this is this is within a pound and a half of that shirk oh this beta this is a little bit bigger motor i don’t know how much that plays into it and then is if i compare it to my 2019 ktm 250 xc which is just outside that

Bike is 236 pounds so this bike is 23 pounds heavier than my ktm two-stroke so are you gonna feel that you probably will see and i say this every time weight on the scale is not exactly does not always exactly translate to weight on the trail like fellow–a on the trail there’s a lot of things that you can do to set up the bike as far as how high the forked are

Up in the triple clamps and then how tight your steering tension is and some of these different things you can do to make the bike feel a little bit lighter so i’m not i’m not going into this thinking that this bike is gonna be heavy and lumbering because some of the lightest bikes or some of the lightest feeling bikes on the trail have been some of the heaviest

Bikes on the scale so i’m over that but it is something to know it the extra weight does wear you down eventually and this being a four-stroke with a it’s a big bore four-stroke i think at 390 is a big bore anything over about 250 300 i feel on a dirt bike like this an off-road enduro style dirt bike is a big bore so i think this bike is going to have a little

Bit of that really planted really stable feel which is a good thing for a lot of people the other cool thing about these which we’ll get into more is they have a little bit lower seat height and they’re just it’s just their tagline is ride ability and so these bikes are not usually for the bikes that are more they’re not usually made i don’t think for the guys

That are 6-2 6-3 6-4 but they’re made for a lot of the average people in the world which is anywhere from 5-7 to 510 i’m 6 feet tall so um it i probably don’t get as much benefit from a little bit lower seat height but a lot of guys do so this bike comes in again at 250 9.0 pounds on my shipping scale it’s the same scale that i use every time and i fill in full of

Fuel and get them ready to ride so i’m excited about reviewing this bike we’ll have a bunch of different riding videos and then it will culminate in a full full real world review of what it’s like to live with this with this bike because riding a bike for a couple hours at a demo day or living with a bike for a couple of months is a big difference and so i get to

See like what it’s like to do maintenance what it’s like to change air filters what it’s like to do oil changes what it’s like to wash the biker there are little funny things where you get blasted in the face by something i love the handles on these things so there’s a bunch of things that are all in this bike that i’m gonna love i’m not gonna love all the switches

And controls up here because even though this is a race edition they basically got this thing ready to go street-legal and so i’ve got i’ve got switches for the headlight in the end and the signal lights and a horn and it’s got a map switch over here it’s also got like the start and the stop is right over here which i’ll have to the start is finest i’m not used to

Stopping a bike over on this side so anyway there’s some funny things but we’re gonna get into this and it’ll be a fun bike to do again i wanted to thank bata for having the guts to step up and let me do this on their dime because i will say whatever i want about it and if you want to sport these videos please use the links down in the description i’ve got links

To parts i’ve got links to amazon and those really do help to support my family also you can go over to patreon and do a monthly to the mount over there and i also do dirtbike giveaways and dirtbike sweepstakes in the future this light will not be one that i’m giving away because i don’t own it but we’ll have dirt bike sweepstakes coming up in the future where

You can get entered to win a bike like that five bikes that we’ve given away so far anyway that’s pretty much it for this video and we will catch you guys in the next one

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2019 Beta 390 is HERE! How Much Does It Weigh? By Dirt Bike Channel