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2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport Quad Lock Phone Mount

Back in flee’s garage the Africa Twin gets the Ram phone mount swapped out for the Quad Lock system !

Welcome back to the channel guys you’re in the garage of mr flee and today we’re going to be doing a little bit more work on the africa twin we’re going to be fitting the new quad log as you can see i’ve got fitted the uh run man that’s the x grip type it’s massive it’s cumbersome it’s just in your face and it’s a right pain when it’s on the road so i’m going

To change to the quad lock system which is a simple man mounted to where this one is and then we’re just going to click your phone in jobs are good in i’ll show you what it looks like this is it here so we’ve got um this is a motorcycle uh handlebar mount kit now as you can see on the back i’ll just zoom in it does uh 22.2 bars 25 all the way up to 28 and even

Bigger bars 31.8 so that’s the actual mounting system as you can see there so that is actually going to replace that and then you just need your appropriate uh case for your phone mine’s the galaxy s9 and so this bad boy actually clips onto your phone and it mounts via a a little like cut out on the back of the phone into the quad lock system so uh first job

In hand is take off this massive run man and we’ll get the uh the handlebar kit mount fitted right guys first uh thing in hand is take off this handlebar man these run mounts i’m sure you might be aware of them it’s just a nice sort like screw type system and as you can see is that that’s the actual man it’s a ball man they’re quite um adjustable and you can get

Them in the exact position you want like say they’re just big and cumbersome they’re in the way and when you come to like um you know just take a stop you’ve got to undo it undo the tether like i said a good system and it’s really good off-road it does actually hold your phone really good in off-road conditions well i say this is the bull man so it’s a case of

Taking that off a couple of 10 mil knots and don’t forget africa twins come with actual nut holders here they are so that’s that man what we’ll do we’ll just put this aside and uh i’ll unbox the quad lock okay this is the actual uh handlebar mount kit just open it up show you what’s in the box it’s the first time i’m opening it so i have no clue okay so we’ve

Got the actual oh we’ve got stickers who don’t like a bit of stickage sticker anywhere you like but they’re definitely not going on my point there you go okay what we got we’ve got the quad lock uh system itself now this little tab there when you actually go onto the site it’s sort the site it’s sort of like build your own type kit so there’s a lot of drop down

Menus you can select uh all different mounts uh you can get center stem mounts all various types um so and this actual bit that actual the blue bit i mean that’s standard but you can change these to all different types of colors but i didn’t because my bite’s blue that’s blue jobs are corker so that’s the actual bit that hooks into the phone you’ve got a nice

Andy allen key you’ve got the actual mounting system itself now this it’s fully adjustable and with these little inserts you can see these insert rings there um you put those in according to which size handlebar you’ve got so you’ve got 25 mil which is the standard that’s standard there you got a 22 mil uh which reduces it and then you’ve got 28 mil bars mine’s

The 28 mil bar in in the center it’s the thicker bars on the 2020 africa twin um so now it’s going to be a a case of undoing the man and just offering it up into the center okay so we’re looking at the standard man so the third first thing we need to do is mine is the 28 mil bar so let’s just uh undo this section just turn that around allows me to get access to

That one and we can undo these i think yeah these uh little uh allen key bolts they’ve got a bit of thread lock on so obviously when it’s on the bike it’s not going to vibrate loosely a little bit of thread lock there which is handy there you go you can see that so as you open the clamp up then that that’s where the inserts on might say it comes standard with

The 25 um so i actually want the 28mm choose this one that simply goes in in position like that now that slip bit there that needs to line back up with the actual casting on there so when you put it together obviously you nip it up you’ll nip it together jobs are good and so let’s just offer that up and so that will go on to this there there you go look absolute

Perfect fit i’m not sure the position of this at the minute so i’m going to leave that loose so as you can see i’ve put that around we’re just going to drop the little allen key in there and for now we’re just going to nip it up so we can centralize it get it in position and we can see where we actually want it like so i’m not sure whether that arm should face

This way or that way so i’m just going to knit that that allows me just to rotate it slightly and just undo it slightly more there you go so this is fully adjustable so you could have it facing this way that way whichever way you want to to suit you’ve not necessarily got to go in the center if you want to mount off the side of the bars jobs are corker right

So that’s that so this is this actual quad set he’s got um a little removable plate now that locates into you see this spline section there look at the spline there so that actually they lock in so once that that’s tightened up that’s going to be in any position you choose so let’s have a look so if i’ve got that into there i think that that is sort of like a

The release tab um i’m presuming i don’t really know at the moment but let’s just nip that up see yeah there you go so that’s like a release tab so once you’ve slotted your phone in its casing into that put it on turn lock and that should be in lock position and then to unlock it push that down turn the actual phone to the left or right and it comes off so i

Don’t know i reckon um i want the actual phone so it’s facing me so maybe i’m going to go here which allow me still to look over onto the both of the displays so i’ll put it possibly there i mean you can readjust obviously but let’s uh let’s just do that for now so we’ll put we want that in that position so what i’ll do i’ll tighten the black back back clamp

Up first and got my words out just a nice little nip don’t swing on these it’s just a nice little tighten that you know they’re a good solid fitment let’s get that that’s going to be virtually vertical like that that’ll be all behind your phone once you’re done anyway so i’m just going to nip this up same again just nip it don’t swing on it once you get once you

Get just all you want is a little quarter turn on that that’s solid i think that should be and that’s locked in position there again that’s all adjustable as well now i presume these should stick out the side of the casing of the phone casing we’ll have a look okay this is the phone casing we’ll just assemble it with the without putting the phone inside because

We’re videoing it on it in a minute so here’s the case that will fit the s9 there’s a quad lock system as you can see so it’s a nice slim case you’ve got your your normal phone protection i mean i’ve got a screen protector on mine as well so that’s all good it is like little velvet cushion line so your phone won’t get scratched but this is how that system works

You see the quad lock there you just offer that up into into it lock in position there you go so maybe i’ll just need to tweak that around and you can see that blue tab see the blue tab you can see it through there if i had that so it was just either underneath the phone or to the side as you push that clicks that allows you to release it like that so let’s just

Do some fine adjustment so i think i’m going to have the the tab on the underneath there what we’ll do just undo this again and we can actually turn that around so that that’s going to be actually underneath my phone yep nip that in position so again don’t swing on it that’s nipped in position so you get your phone brush there you go hear it clicking there’s

A little bit of movement in there and with the phone maybe there’ll be a little bit more but you know it feels really stable and um the reason i got onto these is from spikes you’ll have seen that um he’s changed to this system on his actual hot on the ibusa and he’s had no problems whatsoever he’s had no wear and tear on the phone casing as of yet i mean he’s

Probably up to a thousand miles or something like that but i’ll let you know how this goes on so yeah tabs underneath simple press turn phone released so yeah there you go nice click and it’s in and that’s i’ve got a nice forward display there so uh i think if i need to do fine adjustment we’ll do that um after i’ve had a road test all that’s left there guys

Is me to put the phone in and try it so i hope this video has helped you out it is really um a simple fitment as you’ve just seen um i’ll put a link up uh now and to the actual uh the quad lock site and there’ll be a link in the description also so thanks for watching guys likes i hope this has helped you out please like and subscribe and as always keep it real you

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2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport Quad Lock Phone Mount By Keep It Wheel