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2020 Motorcycle Racing Crash Compilation #2

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It’s okay thank you oh uh the busy investors you you know and on the side of the tire she was a little bit too keen and uh yeah unfortunately and that’s exactly foreign claridge oh no oh poor little goldman’s making himself scared he’s obviously was very much in the hunt as well that was zach shelton’s demise as he lost it to the front and down

He went and then a huge huge crash but it was owen jenner who took victories brodie crawford was another one to fall victim to going wide onto the grass down he came and then a big moment there coming out of them they shell oils hairpin that is harry true love go down he impedes tom the championship leader leading the way but then a horrendous high side for his

Challenger tom neve thrown from the honda fireblade as he exits true very much on target for his opening victory ben fowler the true heroes racing rider fell would you regain the position hard on the breaks down the hill to graham hill bend horrible moment for him gets pitched over the front uh thankfully except for winning himself with irwin fighting through jack

Nixon on the blue bike was making his way through and a couple of big engines for the inside line bridewell’s made a brilliant start swept around the outside so too as glenn irwin on the black hole they crashed they crashed oh that’s so lucky and that’s right again let’s have a look oh what happened there i think someone’s gone wrong with a bike you know i don’t

Think that was all ian’s fault because it just sat the thing up it didn’t look like it got a slide he looked like some but uh and that brooks he had to come across and actually slow him down really because uh oh yeah a big move there i i honestly that that was a that was a move and slips past skippy into third place a massive accident fortunately unscathed for

Tom ward yamaha of jason o’halloran yesterday’s winner not an accident for the australian australia and lachlan office but fortunately he’s okay and everybody manages to miss his the former championship leader struggling and then a huge eyesight for greymo in the middle brother the former motocross championship nowhere daddy can on the rapid s several of them

Yeah ouch yeah that’s a huge oil spillage oh dear hey yeah get him get them all flags out and get out of the way does lee jackson is one of the people down there that’s been a host i think josh orders another there’s a host of lansdown and a field of hopefuls behind him that oh no that looks tony elias goes down and there goes that m4x star suzuki a low side as

Tony elias tucks the front and he’s going to be obvious on the brakes not right now there you go there goes a big move oh and he hits tony goes tony and tony just looks on in disbelief an aggressive move big points these before cameron gets into turn one there’s a big bump right about there and it looks like he probably just touched it it’s right in the middle

Of that corner and it’s ever so subtle greg and docking is what we is what we hear bobby at this point is in no man’s land he doesn’t he’s trying to get the bike stopped and you can see he just just kind of clatters into the back of matthew scaltz as they were going down into turn five jake gagne was probably a little bit lucky he wasn’t in front of bolton a lot

More and you can see that gap was the same now sean dillon kelly’s not close oh sean dillon kelly’s big crash big crash sean dillon kelly with a huge mistake a high side tumble here’s what happened earlier today jason this was in warm-up this morning this is going from turn nine down to turn ten and he tries to squeeze up underneath san puerto rico and gets off

Into the grass and collects him and sam as they went down and this is on the second lap of warm-up this morning and now you just got to think that was the last time the bike saw the track and oh and somebody’s off bradley ward bradley warwick is going to get back onto the track and everybody sees it though everyone sees it so it’s in a bad spot evasive action

Taken by everyone wow so bradley ward everyone able to avoid disaster in the background and you can see bradley ward’s yellow helmet there and he’s right in front of corey alexander and he’s going to get up out of the seat i don’t know what that is so weird like he almost saved it or he ran off the inside he ran off the inside of the track and then it sent his

Front wheel in the air and off to the grass he goes and by the way we’ve had tremendous amounts of rain here over the last couple of days not yesterday so it’s off track it gets very treacherous foreign just like jason said three yamahas but then there’s tony elias oh and down goes gagne another mistake from him this week and he can’t be big oh boy going down

Jackson blackman low side looks like he got it in the box trying to you because he’s created a little bit of a gap there uh oh there he goes like i said he was pushing hard jason so sam lockhoff with a slight mistake oh tony elias crashes going on in the front straightaway in front of everybody that’s going to take zenetti wide tony’s off to the inside of the

Track you can see that there’s obviously some fluid on the on the ground look back it’s just so hard to see you can see the bike’s already gone so it’s uh we can’t really tell from that angle exactly what happened all the riders behind did a good job of making sure to stay out of the way of that and as the bike goes pirouetting down the track here you go oh he

Loses the rear and then it kind of high sides him up over the front okay yeah now it makes a lot more makes a lot more sense it loses the rear shoots him off balance gets him up over the top and that’s why he’s hurt the second or third oh tony elias oh there’s oil on the track there’s got to be something down from davis that’s it there’s got to be something on

The track there greg because i saw both the m4 bikes lose the front then i see skulls crash and look at corey alexander there just hits some stuff as well watch the first two you’re gonna see bobby fong up out of the seat there he goes tony’s sideways as well as the ninja just inside of it and see the front from both the guys behind the front gets lost and you’re

Going to see cameron bobier’s bike is going to come along and hit matthew schultz right in the back right here and that’s a big thump that is a big thumb yep let’s hope so they were looking to mitigate that without compromising their end of race has put it on the deck after a dramatic race so far for cameron bobier that’s his second time on the asphalt not happy

With that 11th place qualifying session was brandon posh very upset sean dilly kelly is down trying to restart the motorcycle and get back in the race he does a good job you can see the grass into turn two and you can see he slotted himself right there and it’s mesa actions we got a big crash in the background so it’s actually mesa in second i thought it was

Fourth escalante holding on to second spot oh look at xavier zayat trying to oh jason aguilar goes down dude that’s that nate miss just keeps it upright though greg so i’m not exactly sure what happened with jason there it almost looked like he there’s carl price cannot liam was liam grant there we go this is oh man rider down in the back 41. having a good go

At it oh man he loses the frog all those guys were right in that battle for third and he loses everybody what that means foreign now there’s a dragon back there he goes he’s gonna go right here yeah and he just went a little bit too hard over that dragon back went over the handlebars and there you can see that was a tough hit right into the up ramp of the

Birds holder probably surprised chris it happened really late in the stray oh oh they’re all off oh that was a big parlor i think did did kelleher’s um my final light turns green and air off crashing and banging in the first corner one rider down hits and had the hole shot and this one for the next session brandon price goes to the top of the leaderboard the 92

2-1.8372-1 riders down i see a red flag there’s a rider down outside he’s trying to catch up to it and he just keeps on skating up the racetrack and he’s just along for the ride at that point they do have the new airbag suits it is required so here’s the replay brad see right there just clips it right on his knee oh he’s up underneath the motorcycle somehow gets

Away from the bike and slide man he slid forever he’s safe yeah stay safe well hey superman they’re right there right he’s 18 years old now the 23 g oh my good size another it’s wild and crazy right inside here comes almost comes around he grabs a handful gets straightened up up up and then he goes down and one rider just stops from and it goes up alexis yeah no

No alexa here i have it at home but oh we gotta ride around yep looks like uh colby carlisle see the red light whale actually gets a little shot from the top side shannon texture a good start on the bottom there goes one that’s dallas daniels a big pile above a tournament two daniels went down first and collects a few riders daniels got into the back tire somebody

And he is rider ends up going down there goes daniel’s up and over and one by queen all the way over i’m laying on the front wheel 169 i believe aiden ruth evans on the other ktm he made the bike switch i believe a few weeks ago so that’s rue sevens here’s another look at the replay there goes dallas up and over the high side and the other two ktms get collected right there hmm

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2020 Motorcycle Racing Crash Compilation #2 By Racing Gone Wild