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2020 Rocket 3 Overview – HUGE BLOWOUT SALE!!!!

Here is a quick overview of some features and qualities found within the Rocket 3R and GT. PLUS!!!! Find out how to save A TON of money and get $1000 in free Triumph accessories!!

What’s up everybody chris kaner from southbound motorsports in lakewood washington back with another southbound breakdown this time i’m standing here with the 2020 trying to rocket 3r and the rocket 3 gt now we have an insane opportunity for you guys to save like two thousand dollars on the bike and a thousand dollars in store credit good for trans accessories

Stay with me to the end of this video and i’ll go over all of that uh but in the meantime let’s break down these motorcycles and take a look at what makes them absolutely amazing all right guys what’s up southbound breakdown with the 2020 triumph rocket 3 gt first of all i’d like to start off by saying no matter which one of these bikes you choose you literally

Cannot go wrong you’re getting the baddest muscle bike on the market 2500 cc triple cylinder engine it’s the largest production engine ever put in a motorcycle this thing is outfitted for somebody that is looking for a very very well composed high horsepower high output motorcycle 165 horsepower 163 foot pounds of torque with a 240 series rear tire now what

Makes the rocket 3 such a great bike is although it has such a big big motor high output it’s actually a very well behaved bike the power is very linear basically the more throttle you give this bike the more it’s going to give you back but it’s not going to just fly out from underneath you it just it behaves very well tripe did such a good job the fit and

Finish and refinement of all of the triumph motorcycles in my opinion is second to none they’re some of the best put together motorcycles i’ve ever seen starting off with some of the features like brembos dilemma monoblock calipers these are going to give you just a ton of stopping power for a bike this size so you’ll never feel like you don’t have enough braking

Power obviously as you can see very large 2500 cc engine three cylinders three exhaust outputs great thing about this bike is the service intervals even though it’s such a large motor you’ve got 10 000 mile service intervals and it’s not until 20 000 miles that you see you know any sort of significant maintenance needs so the cost of ownership on this bike is

Very very low and that’s a huge plus both of these bikes feature comfortable rider features like multiple rider modes you’ve got a rain mode a sport mode a touring mode and then a user defined mode where you can set the parameters you’ve got traction control and abs as standard you have lean sensitive angle sensitive traction control as well as abs so you know

If you’re coming hot into a corner and you get on the brakes the bike’s going to pick up your lean angle and only give you enough braking power that the tires can handle on the flip side of that as you’re exiting a corner the traction control is going to try to keep as much power going to the ground without letting the back end step out from underneath you so those

Are just some of the some of the comforts that come with this bike some of the features that are standard the gt is really a bike that’s set up for longer days in the saddle it has a forward position foot peg a little bit longer back swept controls up top here that way your riding position is really more comfortable and with this little windscreen up there you

Get a little bit of a break from that draft that’s in your face and then for your passenger you know if you do want to have one you got this little backrest back here one of the really trick features about this bike is the rear passenger foot peg and just how well they’ve designed these to stay hidden when nobody’s on them so if you see that folds out nice sturdy

Platform if you want it to keep a nice clean look that folds out of the way those are just some of the little touches that triumph goes to make their bikes different from everybody else as you move over to the rocket 3r it’s basically a stripped stripped down version of the gt more of a neutral peg position on this bike shorter bars this is just your straight

Up raw muscle bike very aggressive riding position but both bikes share the same power and characteristics all of the same features they’re both shaft drive and these uh these avon tires were designed specifically for this bike so it’s very unique tire offers you a lot of grip and very high performance oriented tire despite the 240 width rear tire these bikes

Actually do fall into corners very nicely and the led lighting up front just another touch so that’s the 2020 rocket 3 r and the rocket 3 gt again no matter what you do you’re getting the baddest muscle bike on the market now let’s talk about that discount we’ve got going on this is an incredible sale we want to give you guys an opportunity to own one of these

Bikes and save a ton of money and get some pretty cool product in the process so it doesn’t matter if you choose the r or the gt we’re giving you two thousand dollars off msrp as well as a thousand dollars in store credit good towards any uh triumph genuine accessory so if you want you know some riding gear or maybe you want to put a quick shifter on one of

These bikes quick shifter on one of these bikes would be unbelievably cool there’s just a ton of accessories we would love to get you outfitted give us a call 253-582-2208 again the southbound motorsports we’re in lakewood washington at 2724 96th street south 98499 um you can find us on the web find us on facebook at southbound motorsports

You can also find us on instagram at southbound motorsports my name’s chris this has been a southbound breakdown i hope you guys enjoyed it see you next time you

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2020 Rocket 3 Overview – HUGE BLOWOUT SALE!!!! By South Bound Motorsports