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2020 Street Bob Seat Upgrade / LePera Kickflip Review #2020StreetBob #Lepera


All righty folks what is going on welcome back to the channel today we are talking about the lapera kickflip seat try to find somewhere where i can pull over and show it off real quick then hop back on the bike i was hoping i want to get a picture of it right in front of this guy be kind of cool we’ll pull over right here and pull off but yeah guys i picked

Up the lapera kickflip seat and i’ve been kind of sitting on it for a little while but i have hit the 500 mile mark on it so i feel like i can go ahead and tell you my likes and dislikes about it so let’s go ahead and hop off a bike oh and big shout-out to scully’s i don’t know how to i’m gonna throw their information on the screen but they hooked me up with

Some stay rooted a rebel god this bike is filthy but stay rude stay rebel with that thrasher font god i love it came out really cool man big shut up to those guys but today we’re talking about the lip eric kickflip seat the reason why i bought it was it’s cheaper than the saddle man it looks very similar ‘la pairs a good brand is it worth the money you

Don’t i mean unfortunately i haven’t ridden a saddleman so i can’t compare it to it i’m simply here to tell you am i happy with my money and a couple of things i like dislikes the measurements so starting off i measured from the crest right here down to the ground down to the pegs and down to the bars or i guess up to the bars and now i know everybody’s bars

Are gonna be in a different spot but i mean measuring the two different seats same bar i wanted to see what the difference was so it’s 26 to the ground 26 to the peg it was 37 to the bars now it’s 35 so the lapera seat you’re sitting a little bit farther forward obviously because the backrest now the backrest also has you sitting a little bit farther forward

So you’re sitting a little higher on the seat you’re not sitting down on that crest like you were the stock see doesn’t really have a backrest so you can sit farther back on it so this seat has me sitting farther forward and about 27 inches tall 28 inches so it’s definitely a taller seat i definitely felt it and to be honest guys the first day i was kind of

Disappointed i wanted a seat that was gonna be sitting me lower and farther back and this seat has me sitting forward higher up i absolutely love the positioning though after after sitting with it the fact that i’m sitting taller makes the mids a little bit more stretched out forwards are gonna feel absolutely amazing now i still struggle with the fact that

I’m sitting forward a bit because this bike is already somewhat of a small bike and sitting farther forward closer the gas tank makes me feel closer towards the front wheel and just all-in-all makes this bike feel a lot more shorter when i was riding stock i was i felt like i was sitting more on that back wheel i felt like i was honestly i am going to i’m on

Sitting on number three setting for the shock i’m gonna kick it down to one and see if that that feeling comes back of just machinist on the bike i really love the movement in the bike i feel like i’ve lost it with the seat which is weird but don’t take it as a slight i do like the positioning i’m less cramped because i’m sitting taller one other thing i will

Mention to you guys too because you’re sitting higher obviously your shoulders are gonna be different which i was contemplating or i’m looking at bars to begin with and then when i realized i hate bicyclists you see how he’s like hugging the curbs and he’s in the center hug in the curb and he’s in the center sons of but um i mean it’s a nice day out there i

Mean whatever but one thing that i was curious about and one thing i kind of worried about was well now that i’m sitting taller should i get taller bars my iron 883 has 16 inches of rise 2 inch a clamp 14 inch bars and i feel like that was the perfect height so in my mind i was like i want 16 bars on this guy right or 15 at least cuz it’s a one-inch clamp so 15

Inch bars is what i was looking at and then i got the seat i was like oh crap do i need to go higher oh my god that’s gonna suck because for some reason you know well not some reason i’m sitting taller guys so i’m trying to make this video short and i apologize for rambling it’s a seat it’s worth the money you can click off the video now if you don’t want to

Hear the rest but um make sure you hit that like and subscribe but no for real man so i was i was definitely worried but to be honest it’s really funny to see the difference of just how positioning on different bikes makes such a huge difference because 16 on the 883 feels perfect but you know what i put 12 inch bars on this one inch clamp and they felt amazing

They felt great shoulder height if not just a little over shoulder height for me and with the new seat so honestly i’m looking at 13 inch bars either apes or t’s i’m not really sure i’m not 100% sold i really do like the t’s but i you can’t go wrong with the classic apes man so getting back to the seat guys it was really firm but it was very forgiving it was

Nice and stiff but i feel like after 500 miles i feel like i have a pretty good bucket in it meaning it’s formed to me after 500 miles it definitely doesn’t feel as stiff and to be honest the best way i can describe the seat it’s almost like a secondary shock it’s really weird i can feel that back wheel absorb some of the you know the bumps but then i also bounce

Around on the seat and kind of move around in the seat the seat absorbs because it is so thick it absorbs a good amount of the shock as well so i really do like the seat man on top of that the backrest for it does supply really good support when i throttle that up it gives me good pressure my back and it’s high enough to ride over my belt so when i’m balancing

Around it’s not under my belt pushing it up bouncing it around it’s a great position great height for the backrest i’m talking about the back as well the wife and the mother-in-law both have written the to up seat and they they both love it man my wife was blown away as to how smooth that street bob is not only that but just how awesome the the the to up seat

Is man she struggled with all the two ups i’ve had on the 883 she hates the 883 but that’s actual harley-davidson 2 up i want to say it’s the bad landers seat which does not look like it it does not give much support at all no cushion and then they see the hat for the 1200 was extremely thick which was good for rides but it was ugly as i think this seat is

Great for the price it fits the frame of the bike beautifully it offers great cushion it’s great man the only negative i have against it is it has me sitting up a little bit taller and a little bit farther forward which i mean i can definitely work with once i get the bars and everything i’ll be able to sit back and enjoy it a little more once i go up but as

Of now with these 10-inch bars i’m leaning forward i’m scooted up a little bit farther forward it just feels a little weird but the seat itself is absolutely amazing and it worked out great because this is where i’m eating dinner at let’s see if though there’s the wife right there should i honk the horn well weights all these people go good good i’m gonna honk

I don’t want to honk right there gotta embarrass them wherever they go she liked it alrighty guys well thanks for tuning in man it’s fun make sure you hit that like button hit that subscribe button if you can if you feel like doing so guys look at this all 15 minute parking god damn it already what i’m gonna cut it off guys thanks for tuning in and hopefully

That helped you you know make your mind up about the seat it is cheaper than the saddleman is it as great as a settlement i’m sorry i can’t tell you that but what i can i what i can’t tell you is it’s a great option for the price so thanks for tuning in guys you have a wonderful day you

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