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2021 21 Mutt Motorcycles Akita 125cc Retro Flat Tracker Learner Legal CBT Used Motorcycle

Mutt motorcycles are better know for the customisation and modification of bigger bikes like Harley Davidson and Indian. More recently they’ve developed a range of small capacity motorcycles to make retro/customs more accessible to those just starting out on their bike journey.

Hello and welcome to the bike century my name’s ben and today we’re going to be looking at this mutt motorcycles akita it’s a 125 cc single cylinder motor it’s actually borrowed from the suzuki gm125 so very well known tried and tested engine good for reliability and build quality this is a retro classics it’s designed to look like the scramblers of old and they’ve

Done a fantastic job of it it’s very reminiscent of triumph scrambler you know royal enfields that sort of thing things very very cool looking bike motorcycles have been around for quite some time you might not have heard of them and that’s mainly because they’ve been on the custom scene so they’re known for building very very nice uh custom cruisers from you know

Harley-davidsons and indians and that sort of thing been around for quite a while at least 20 years but they’ve decided to jump into the small bike market to try and make um custom looking bikes a little bit more accessible to those who are just getting into you know motorcycling so 125cc you can ride this on a cbt on l plates despite the fact that it looks like a

Much much bigger bike relatively low seat height so if you’re just getting started this could be a really good bike for you and yeah it’s a fantastic little bit of kit you won’t see one of these around at bike meets so i’m going to try and walk you around it try and do a little bit of just this so so started at the front end you’ve got 300 millimeter brakes braided

Hoses and six part brakes which is really unusual for a one two five um we’re wrapped in this um 80 20 off-road looking tyre flat track tire which really looks the part makes the bike you know a flat tracker non-usd forks with gators as you’d expect so the forks are protected in really good condition there’s no pitting rust or any signs of wear or tear there we’ve

Got a small fly screen and we’ve got the mesh over the front headlight so it kind of completes that flat track look we’ve got this really low side slung exhaust which again goes with a flat track look um we’ve got uh the obviously big fat knobbly tire on the back we’ve got this really nice big fuel tank it’s finished in a matte black with a stripe down the side

Looks very similar if not the same part as used on the continental gt from royal enfield really looks the part though very very cool and also worth mentioning is this really nice leather cross stitch seat it’s really well made looks fantastic quite comfortable for a small 125 as well as i say relatively low seat height so good for those of us who are lacking a

Little bit of confidence and experience or for those of us like me who’ve got a slightly shorter inner leg around this side is very much the same obviously you can see you’ve got the skid plate on the front there just to protect the front of the engine from the elements including the exhaust chain sprockets everything like that are in perfect condition as you’d

Expect as this bike is only covered uh just over 300 miles from now it’s pretty much a brand spanking new bike was purchased brand new from a local dealer ridden a few times and pretty much garage thereafter bike comes with two keys comes with original owners manual service manuals that sort of thing but it’s done very very little partially digital dash got

All the important bits here so you’ve got a fuel gauge which is unusual for any bike these days and a gear indicator again very nice thing to have if you’re just getting into bikes and there’s your mileage 334 miles from nuke i’ll just pull the clutch in and give her a start up for it it’s a fantastic little 125 this really really good value obviously still

Comes with the rest of the manufacturer’s warranty although we do offer warranty ourselves we offer delivery on our motorcycles and we do all for finance and part exchange as well so if those are things that you’re interested in or you’ve got any questions about the bike you can reach out to me via whatsapp or facebook we’ve got live chat on our website and on

Autotrader or of course give me a call for a chat pop into the showroom that sort of thing that’s it for me thank you very much for watching and i look forward to speaking to you soon take care

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2021 '21 Mutt Motorcycles Akita 125cc Retro Flat Tracker Learner Legal CBT Used Motorcycle By The Bike Sanctuary