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2021 Dual Sport Buyers Guide

The title on this one pretty much says it all, I’ve created a buyer guide for dual sports! What I’ve done is put bikes from the main manufacturers into dual sport categories and talk about what type of riding each category is suited to.

G’day everyone it’s curtis here and welcome to an on the back wheel video today i’m going to talk about dual sports and create a dual sport buyer’s guide i’m going to cover all the major brands and give a short overview on their bikes on top of that i’m going to put them into categories to make it easier for you guys yes all the motorcycles i’m going to talk about

Are dual sports but they vary a lot in their design and purpose i classify dual sport as a multi-purpose dirt bike that is street legal keep in mind that in certain countries some of these bikes are street legal and in other countries they are not i’ll also touch on briefly why you should buy dual sport from a legal perspective if there’s a demand i’ll do another

Video for second-hand dual sports and some lesser-known dual sports before we get into it make sure you hit that subscribe button and check out my other content okay to start off with i’m going to start with budget dual sports i consider these the traditional dual sports they are essentially dirt bikes but they’re a little bit heavier the decent on the road and

Have long service intervals i’ll start off with probably the most popular models the kawasaki klx 250 s and the honda crf250l now both of these models are being superseded by 300 models so if you are looking at getting a new bike i would buy the 300s so both these bikes are known for their rock-solid reliability and being good all-rounders now i’m going to blow

Your hair back but if you want something that’s going to be stupidly reliable and well priced these are the two i’d be looking at you can go around the world and either with minimal modifications they’re well priced there’s tons of parts out there and even more aftermarket accessories for mine the klx 250 is probably the better bike out of the factory just because

It has slightly better suspension but with mods the cr250l is also a fantastic bike so who should buy these bikes for me it’s someone who’s looking to get into dual sport riding or someone who just wants a dead reliable do it all dual sport they also make a fantastic base for creating a lightweight adventure bike so i’m going to put both of these in the budget

Dual sport category we’ll do that now in the budget dual sport category we also have two more bikes first up is the yamaha xt250 it uses the exact same design principles as the previous bikes but it’s more old-school and a bit smaller a lot of people will use these as a bike to put on the back of their camper or to get into dual sport riding it also has a really

Low seat height the kawasaki klx 230 is in a very similar vein it’s air-cooled very simple but it has electronic fuel injection and abs i’m going to put both of these in the budget dual support category as well okay next category i’ve created is the adventure dual sport category if you want something that has a bit more grunt but is still as reliable as a hammer

These next two bikes might interest you they are the suzuki dr 650 and the honda 650l both have legendary reliability are okay on the road and pretty good off the road too the dr 650 in particular has so many aftermarket accessories out there it’s crazy you can make the bike kind of whatever you want the xr650l is slightly more off-road focused but it can also

Cover very big miles these are both old school bikes with no electronics whatsoever and have very little that goes wrong consider buying these bikes for more adventure style riding yes you can do some technical style riding you like single track and stuff but you do notice the weight and they’re a little bit limited suspension-wise without modifications so i’m

Going to chuck these in the adventure dual sport category so we’ll drag them up in a similar vein but much more modern is the husqvarna 701 and ktm 690 enduro until suzuki updates the ds650 that’s another thing altogether think of these as their modern equivalent they put out tons of grant have the latest tech and great suspension they also have relatively long

Service intervals these bikes are definitely suited to longer rides and like more open trails and they’re pretty good on the road too and they get a shitload of power for a single they got like 70 horsepower bear in mind they are quite expensive though so that’s something to be wary of i’m going to chuck these in the adventure dual sport category as well the next

Bike is kind of in a class of its own nowadays and that is the suzuki drz-400 in the usa they have the crappy s model but in australia they have a much more off-road orientated e-model the s model can be modded to be very similar to the e-model in any case the reason i say this bike is in a class of its own because it’s kind of a blend of the previous bikes and

The more performance bikes i’m going to get into and that’s a good thing they are fantastic off-road but also serviceable on the road you can easily mod them to get a bit more power with an exhaust system and open up the jetting or if you want even more you can put a 440 kit in them the only thing that lets it down is its gear spacing is quite poor and it can

Really do it for sixth gear as a result and it’s kind of good at everything but not great at anything so it’s a jack-of-all-trades i will say this though they have bloody reliable and if you look at adventure motorcycle companies a lot of them will use this bike and there is a reason why they have a decent oil capacity good suspension and whether klx 250 and crf

250 are pretty underpowered these actually get a bit of grunt so you can be a little bit of hooligan if you want to be off-road and on-road look as i said they kind of need their own category the drz-400 but i’m going to put this in the adventure dual sport category as well i’ve named the next category performance trail bikes they’re much racier than the previous

Bikes they have shorter service intervals but if you want to they’re not too bad on the road and you can do some light adventure work with them the first bike is the honda crf450l so let’s drag that into the performance trail by category previously known as the crf450l the rl is a dual sport bike that is surprisingly good on the road it’s a bike you could ride to

The trails tear it up all day with your mates and then ride home it has a decent subframe so you can put some small panniers or luggage on it all the blinkers and road equipment are high quality and it’ll keep up with the best of them off-road a lot of people complained about the 450l initially because it was marketed pretty poorly by honda it is relatively short

600 mile service intervals but when you think about it that’s actually a lot of off-road riding it’s more of a ktm exe than crf250l and that’s why they’ve renamed it the 450rl but it’s a great bike and worth looking into all right the next bike i’m going to put in the performance trail by category is the swm rs 500. looking at this you’d think it’s a straight

Up enduro bike and realistically it is but if you dig deeper it has a 1.8 liter oil capacity way similar to the 450 rl and is more of a trail bike than a race bike so it’s still got a butt load of power but it’s more suited to trail bike riding the 501 cc single puts out gobs of old school power the kaiapa suspension is great and it’s suited to open trails and

Desert riding the extra weight is noticeable in tight single track but if you want something that is way cheaper than a ktm but you can still roost your mates with on the weekend or something have a look at the rs 500 the next group of dual sports are probably the most popular and also race orientated i’ve called it the high performance category think of them

As top of line dirt bikes that you can ride legally on the street and link trails with okay the bikes that i’m going to add into this category are the ktm exe range the beta enduro range shurco se range yamaha wr250f and 450f the husqvarnas gas gas and the kawasaki klx 450r probably the most popular is the ktm exe range but the same design principles applied to

All these bikes with slight variations between engine sizes and brands they are all high performance dirt bikes that are made to demolish trails have great suspension lots of power and a light weight if you want a bike that’s going to perform the best off-road these are the ones to get keep in mind that that performance comes at a cost and that is in maintenance

Intervals so most of the engines are based off motocross design principles so high performance and relatively short surface intervals but you can stretch them out depending on the kind of writing you’re doing so as i mentioned previously there are some major differences i’m just going to roughly touch on them because there are a lot of different bikes there if

You want i can do a more detailed video in the future but for the moment i’m just going to stick to the brands and engine sizes traditionally the big bore 500s are for more open and flowing trails yes you can do tight single track on them but you’d be better off with something smaller if that was what you’re mainly doing the 450s were always a good all-rounder

But they’ve kind of been replaced by the 350 and 390 range now which are really good trail bikes then you have the 250s and 300s these feel lighter and easier to handle generally and they’re easier to manage their power to and i just want to touch on the kawasaki cadillac swift with the r yes it is a high performance spike it was based off the kx450f when it

Was first launched in 2007 but it hasn’t really been changed since then so it’s kind of more of an old-school bike carburetted but still a very good bike but you know it’s not as up-to-date as the other ones i’ve mentioned okay and then we have the two strokes and there is a lot of bikes to add into there a ton of brands make dual sport two strokes yes you can

Ride two strikes legally in the street i used to ride mine to work every now and again it was freaking hilarious right right riding this two-stroke bike to work and it smelled good too so while these are called dual sports i wouldn’t be writing these on the street very often in fact the last category i wouldn’t be either these are essentially dirt bikes and the

Only reason they are street legal is so you can ride to the trail from like your campsite or something like that or for linking trails and i love the roads you ride on you find out that actually legally rode so you’re supposed to be registered there are a ton of two strokes to choose from nowadays so let’s go through the brands they are all fantastic bikes so

Ktm have a massive range b to have a big range sureco do two you have gas gas husqvarna then you’ve got tm and now you’ve also got raiju you can buy anything from a 150 up to a 300 i’d say 300 are by far the most popular because they’re really good all-round bikes they’re kind of at least two-stroke almost they lug really well but they’ve also got a ton of power

And they’re very smooth to ride the 250s give you more of a traditional two-stroke hit and usually pretty exciting bikes a lot of fun i definitely recommend one and the 200s and below are really lightweight feeling and flickable all of these bikes are really good for technical writing uh if you look at hardcore enduros and stuff like that they frequently use 250s

And 300s so why is it important from a legal perspective to have a dual sport motorcycle i know in a lot of places you don’t need a street legal motorcycle you can just ride whatever trails you want and that’s fantastic go for it have a blast but in a ton of places and countries you do need something that is street legal for example if you’re gonna go riding in

Utah it’s best to camp at a spot and just ride out to the trails so you’re gonna cover some road sections to do that in australia it’s required that your bike be registered if you’d ride in state forests and federal forests and on top of that a lot of the tracks you ride you’ll actually find out that they are legal roads so that’s something to be wary of so what

Happens if you do get caught riding an unregistered bike well you’re gonna get done for burning unregistered and uninsured from the police then you get ranges to worry about as well and a lot of time you’re not going to be insured that’s why they brought it into australia because all these people are crashing on their motocross spikes and stuff and then trying

To claim an insurance so state park’s got the ships with that so anyways this is my 2021 dual sport buys guide i hope you like it let me know what you think of it in the comments are there any advice you’d like to be added do you want me to do one for secondhand bikes do you want me to do a different style of video as well using this t-list that i found is really

Cool i actually like using it’s a lot of fun let me know comments below as usual like subscribe and i’ll catch you later cheers guys

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2021 Dual Sport Buyers Guide By OnTheBackWheel