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2021 Kawisaki Ninja ZX-6R/636 First Ride/Review

Whelps sorry for the poor quality but I needed to get a vid uploaded ASAP but hope to see y’all on the 18TH! Thank you all for your support!

Wow howdy do fellow kids it is the professional hadil weed here and welcome back to another video and today i am doing a first ride on the 2021 kawasaki zx-6r and i have to say the krt edition looks real nice um there’s been a few krt edition kawasaki’s i haven’t been a real big fan of but i really like the way that this looks some people might think that

It it stands out too much because i have bright colors and it screams oh look at me but um i i do in fact like that aspect of it well because i do like attention all right so there is a few things i do want to touch on before i get too far into this the people that were ever so gracious enough to lend this bike to me was freedom powersports up here in canton

Georgia and instead of me saying the normal thing i got some big news so yamaha is releasing the seven here in the next couple weeks here um it is going to be i believe june 20th um it’s on a friday um if i didn’t get that right i’m gonna correct it right there on the screen but yamaha is releasing the r7 for the first time here and you’re going to be allowed

To demo it so of course i’m going to be there and um if you guys are in the greater atlanta area and you want to check out the r7 be sure you you come here on the 20th and 21st um and to get a quick peek at it and hopefully i see you guys here anyways this video is about the 636 another thing i wanted to touch on but this time it’s actually on this bike i have

Ridden a few kawasaki’s that come with the quick shifter all right and for whatever reason they do not come turned on you press and hold the select button for up for a number of seconds and then voila you see kqs i’d have no idea why you have to turn it on i mean i’m sure there’s people out there that go well i don’t like the quick shifter it shifts too quickly

I don’t know but i’m sure people have some weird reasons so that’s how you do it i know it was kind of a heartbreaking whenever i hopped on a few other kawasaki models whenever i went to shift up on the quick shifter and it it just was like yeah nah that’s not today but now it should work and since i have recently done a video on the ninja 650 i’ll be able to

Give you a solid comparison um well i really don’t want to compare the two bikes hand in hand well because well they are nowhere close to being the same um but the one thing i wish kawasaki would do is that even the 650 had the really nice lcd display and yet this still looks like it’s from the mid-2000s i don’t know am i being too picky here like i don’t want

To sound like i’m complaining by any means but i kind of am kind of not this is a 10 000 bike and the other one is quite a bit cheaper and it feels like you get more amenities but they make up for it by giving this two extra cylinders and and double the horsepower all right and with all that out of the way let’s hop on this thing and let’s get her cranked up

And uh it is kind of quiet um because it does have a giant can well they did at least make it look pretty by making it shiny because i do enjoy shiny things yes and i also am in fact riding with my brights on not to see but to be seen during the day sure i’m on a bright green motorcycle but there’s always those people all right let’s try this out ah yes the

Only thing dangerous about a quick shifter is it’s they just make it so easy to get to illegal speeds that it’s kind of spooky but they also make it so fun but one thing i do need to touch on is well um now that i am sitting upright this thing does in fact have you in a very hunched over position um well that’s to be expected it’s more aggressive well a lot

More aggressive than the 650 because the 650 i’m going to say it is more of an entry-level bike this well this isn’t yeah well this 650 is has a bigger engine technically yes but no but this thing bends you way the hell over um pretty much just as much as the irs did to me this year but that’s to be expected on well essentially a track bike because that’s

That’s what this is all right that’s dangerous but for the people who go well i don’t need a quick shifter i can i can shift just as quick well how about you stop lying to yourself because i don’t think you can because i know i sure as hell cannot it’s almost as quick as honda’s dual clutch does the dirty max want to race i win but it is not an up and down

Um quick shifter like it is on the uh gixxer 1000r i’m gonna hope that police ossifier is staying put but as far as specs go um it’s pretty self-explanatory that this has a 636 cc inline four that cranks out 127 horsepower which is a well it’s a ton and there’s no even beating around the bush there it’s more than a lot of economy cars for example do you see

This chevy cavalier in my rear view mirror i can nearly guarantee you i have more horsepower than he does and thankfully um future me who is currently editing this um magically knows the uh horsepower figures for a chevy cavalier and well here they are is it more it could it it might be i don’t know i’ve had the same amount of cylinders as he does i know that

Much mr harley waved to me does that mean i’m cool i usually don’t get waves from them all right we’re going to take this thing on a quick little detour through mexico just just gonna kind of see what what it’s got never mind mr cavalier thinks he has more horsepower he heard me uh my microphone has been outside of my helmet which is kind of disheartening um

It seems that here recently anytime i’ve been trying to film something catastrophic kind of similar to that happens um it didn’t happen it wasn’t dangling by my side before i got on the interstate so it happened between well then and now because i just came to a stop and it was down there to my side because the reason i haven’t uploaded in so long is because

I had a grom squad video oh my god i cannot get that uploaded but then my camera took a and sure it’s like i said it’s still a little quiet but that sound it just sounds so good and it’s addicting if you’re looking for a first bike stay away from it please but if you’re looking for an upgrade from like the ninja 400 or 650 it should be a solid upgrade but

A bike that has 127 horsepower isn’t a bike you want for your first bike sure you want it but no please don’t because if you’re not expecting the power that this thing is ready to give you um it’s going to shoot out from underneath of your legs i’m going to touch on it one more time here on june 20th there’s going to be a yamaha event where they are unveiling

The r-7 and i hope to see you guys here because i’m going to be here first thing in the morning all right so that said that is we’re going to start wrapping up today’s video hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did be sure you show some support by dropping a like if you’re new around here consider hitting that subscribe button i said bartlett be sure you hit that

Booty i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out

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2021 Kawisaki Ninja ZX-6R/636 First Ride/Review By The Professional Dillweed