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2021 model review Versys1000 SE & Versys 1000 S

2021 Versys 1000 SE to feature Showa Skyhook technology

Hello and welcome to this special kawasaki new models review my name is frank wayne and along with martin lambert from kawasaki motors europe we are going to highlight one of the most important new models for the 2021 season especially for the european market the new versus s our goal is to tell you about the background details tell you something about the history

Of the verses and its place in the kawasaki family of course and then get into deeper details showing the features and the standout points that make a real difference to the riding and the ownership experience but martin before we start talking about bikes let’s talk about you what is your position at kawasaki and more important even what can we expect of the

2021 bikes for me frank i’m the pr manager for kawasaki motors europe and it’s my job each year to introduce the new models that the major motorcycle shows and we all know that due to kovid and the pandemic there are no major motorcycle shows this year so we’re taking this chance to have a kind of virtual unveiling and to talk about the new models and share them

In that way i think maybe to start this presentation we should uh perhaps hear from mr kenya harter from khi and he’ll give us kind of his overview of the versus s and talk about some of the key points from his point of view and then maybe let’s uh carry on and you and i can talk about all the other aspects excellent hi i’m masonry kinhata manager for motorcycle

Product planning at kawasaki for the 2021 model year we are happy to introduce our further development of the belgian sc again it features showa electronically adjustable suspension but now with the unique advantage of show skype technology taking the very striding experience to the next level of comfort and dynamic performance in simple terms the machine feels

As if it is suspended from the sky allowing it to remain more comfort and responsive was ever possible before as best range leader for 2021 the ac model continues to feature a much functional tft meter electronic cruise control a range of imu supported glider systems plus bluetooth smartphone connection that is not all the best news for 2021 a new ass model joins

Versus family with a high standard specification featuring most of the outstanding features that made their debut on the belgius sc the only difference from the sc model is the new belt 6s features advanced manually adjustable suspension front and rear delivering a brand new high specification model in the best liter class family position between the standard

Model and range leading sc the popular basis any load anytime concept moves to the next level for 2021 with three distinct models standard s and sc whatever type of rider you were and whatever type of road you ride there is an ideal basis for you and yeah what can you tell us about the verses it belongs to a family which is let’s say increasing in popularity

Well versus started in 2012 and it’s gone through uh quite a few iterations since then all of which actually i’ve owned the versus when you look at it it’s an adventure style bike we call it an any roads bike it’s not an off-road bike but an any road spike it’s nice high wide handlebars good protective screen great ergonomic riding position a fantastic seat

As a distance machine it’s incredible but also as a sport bike you’ve got that four-cylinder engine you’ve even got an up-down quick shifter and you can ride it like a sport bike as well so that’s the interesting thing for versus s it can be an incredible tourer but it can equally be an incredible sport bike when you’re riding along on your versus and you look

Down at the sat navigation and you see a road that’s trailing off and you think that could be interesting that’s one of the great features of the verses that you can go off on a journey of discovery the tagline for versus is adventure calling and really one of the overriding things that i feel about versus and that we need to get across today is that spirit of

Adventure that the verses can deliver to you talking about that spirit of adventure which was there in 2012 now we’ve moved on to 2021 are there still aspects of that 2012 bike when it was launched that you can see and recognize in the new bike at the heart of it of course is that four-cylinder engine and that offers so much what that four cylinder engine does

Apart from the fact that it’s a classic kawasaki configuration is that low down it’s extremely smooth and docile in the mid-range it’s got strong pull and flexibility now perhaps those two facets are shared with some other adventure bikes at the top end you can really call on a lot of top-end russian and have a really sporting ride as well as the adventure ride

And i don’t think that’s something that other adventure style bikes can really offer you almost sound like a fan martin yeah possibly not a fan i think i’m probably an uber fan okay let’s talk about the 2021 bike then and break it down into details talk about the specific points and then maybe at the end make a summary how does that sound if we want to talk about

The versus s could you tell me a little bit about the significance of the bike in the versus family you have your showroom models in their various color options that’s to start with if you feel like it you can look through the accessory catalog and decide on which parts you might want to add but we also make additions which are basically motorcycles that you can

Specify and then just take from the showroom when you’ve when you’ve paid for them they’re ready to go yes so you have the standard model here we see now then you have toure which has panniers tourer plus which has the luggage but also adds fog lamps and then at the top you have the versus grand tourer which includes a 47 litre top case engine sliders universal

Sat nav bracket so at the top of the range you have the grand tourer which i’m lucky enough to be riding at the moment talking about the brakes kawasaki also has a system it’s called kibs could you explain a little bit about that well that’s probably just the start of the story to be honest with you so it has twin mono block calipers at the front as you as you

Point out and uh they are acted on by kibs an acronym which is a kawasaki intelligent braking system if we take a step kind of back from that at the very core of the verses is a thing called an imu an inertial measurement unit which measures six parameters acceleration deceleration lean angle your things like this along with the motorcycle’s ecu that that really

Is the brain that controls things like kawasaki intelligent braking system but also things like traction control and other systems within the bike so there is quite a few layers of electronic rider aids that can help and support you in your riding i’m not a very technical guy you talk about these electronic rider aids i’m bound to get confused let’s just split

It into two okay on one side you’ve got the people that want to adjust everything themselves they want to go into depth and select everything and get the exact specification they want the other side is probably people like you and i that want to find a setting quite quickly get on their bike and ride and with these bikes you’ve got the advantage of rider modes

Basically you can select from one of four rider modes by selecting the first three modes whether it be a soft mode all the way up to a sport mode what that does is it combines traction control and power mode from a load of parameters which have been already assessed by the factory so it’s an instant setting for the bike finally there is mode 4 which is called

Manual where you can go into that depth but for people like you and i that want to just get on a ride it’s actually really very simple when you get used to it and selecting on the handlebar switches you can select the mode that you want and then go off and ride you’re good to go absolutely good good now we saw a glimpse of the meters could you tell us a little

Bit more about the meters the tft meters is for me one of the standout features of the bike it’s extremely clear and easy to use we’ve had so many positive comments about it i’ve ridden in very very hard rain fog at night any condition this meter is highly visible and conveys information really easily one of its other advantages is that actually you can pair

With the meter with your smartphone via bluetooth kawasaki has some software called radiology you download this to your smartphone and you can interact with your machine in terms of the versus s you can see battery condition you can see how much fuel is left on another level it’s almost like a riding log you can see where you’ve been you can track your rides

You can see uh the lean angle that you had on your ride and things like this because for the versus se which has electronic suspension you can even adjust your suspension when you’re not on the motorcycle and the next time you go to your bike you turn the key it pairs up and the suspension adjusts itself we’ve talked about three features so far the chassis the

Electronic rider aids the tft meter there has to be four features the fourth feature is the lighting for 2021 it’s all led lighting on the versus s that means the headlamps the rear lights the indicators the fog lights if you’ve got them as an accessory but also the cornering lights they’re also led and what do the cornering lights do basically you go around

A corner and as you lean the first light comes on and illuminates that part of the road that’s in front of you so your headlamps are illuminating the road ahead and then you start to see a light shining at the base there you lean over a little bit more and the second light comes on but it’s not at the same angle as the first it’s lighting a slightly different

Part of the road and then finally at your maximum lean angle you get the best display of lights the most illumination on the road so you’ve got the combination of your headlamps and the cornering lights let’s wrap up the s and let’s talk about the esc and it’s especially the differences between the s and the se so the fundamental difference is that the sc is

The machine with electronic damp suspension which is from our world superbike partner shower and for 2021 the big news is that the suspension now is using skyhook technology and what does skyhook technology mean it assumes that the motorcycle is held or suspended by an invisible hook from the sky so the attitude of the motorcycle remains stable while the

Suspension moves and reacts to the bumps and deviations in the road like i think we’ve more has covered everything that we have to say about the the versus s in the versus sz and i think martin that we could it’s safe to say that you are a big fan you say you’re a yuba fan and i would like to thank you very much for sharing your enthusiasm and your insights of

Course and i would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to us talking about the versus s and the versus se the 2021 models and i hope adventure will be calling you very soon you

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2021 model review " Versys1000 SE & Versys 1000 S " By Kawasaki