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2021 Onyx RCR v1.5 Does not do 60MPH!

I’m here to tell you that the late 2020 to the current 2021 models of onyx rcr’s do not do 60mph. Out of the box they will show you doing 56-58mph until you get a real gps to accurately show your real speed. You’ll be surprised

Oh shit are they turning it’d be nice if you put your blinker on asshole oh my god go bike that’s the same gps and app that i use on my server on all right so i decided to put my phone gps on here because a lot of you guys thought it wasn’t accurate so i will show you today that these bikes do not get 56 to 58 miles per hour that you guys say they do the only ones

That got that fast were the version ones that came out roughly i don’t know over a year ago so can you guys see that all right so i’ll show you that this bike has a top speed of like roughly under 50. that’s the same gps and app that i use on my server on bike only says we’re doing 49 miles per hour gps says the exact same thing the reason why your guys’s bikes

Say you’re doing 56 or 58 miles per hour is a simple fact that you didn’t you haven’t adjusted your stuff yet if you were to adjust your display you would realize that the display is off by about eight miles per hour it is different when you do have dirt tires on i do know if you do have street tires on you could probably pick up another mile or two because you

Don’t have you don’t have that resistance but i’m just here to tell you it’s a damn lie when people say they’re going uh 56 in their onyx and if they just got it the only way that’s possible is upping uh the controller even john angel told me he’s like even doing a battery upgrade it’s just going to get you to the mile per hour faster but it’s not going to not

Going to change your top speed our top speed in our settings are already maxed out oh looks like i’m gonna have to fly past everybody today look how backed up it is so and that’s how you do it guys save five minutes off your commute right there one easy way why you should get one of these bikes oh god did i put the charger in my backpack uh oh i don’t remember

If i did or not oh that’s gonna suck ass last time i didn’t bring my charger to work the bike cut out on me uh thank god it’s right by my house i do keep the keys on me so if anything i’ll pull over and reset it if i need to but oh my god i don’t think i brought the charge all right so with the onyx we are not gonna stay in traffic the whole time god i gotta get

Used to the throttle on this thing i do love the domino throttle it’s so nice it’s just totally different from the seron oh what the heck is going on over here another reason they get an electric bike that goes fast oh wait here’s another one oh okay nevermind in my car i could have done that but hey come on i i just love how quiet the hub motors are if my

Server one was this quiet oh shit are they turning it’d be nice if you put your blinker on asshole that doesn’t use signals whatsoever back to what i was saying what the hell was i talking about um i love the fact that these things are so quiet and then i wish my seron was just so quiet oh my god i see we’re gonna they see a bike and then they flip out i’d rather

Let them go they were there first oh my god so back to what i was talking about damn it is if my surround was completely quiet my god man that would just that’d be insane if i could if i could have it my way i would take a hub motor but the power of a mid-drive so the quietness of the home motor but the power and the rpm of a mid-drive and uh i would take the

I would say the build quality of the saron but i would take some of the looks from this bike like the wood cover and everything i think that’s pretty cool the display on this bike is a lot more cooler they all know the server doesn’t have anything tuned for uh a video where i’m basically gonna talk to you guys about how i feel about my uh my seron after i’ve had

It for a while i’ve done tons of videos with the onyx after one month and all that stuff so stay tuned for a video that i’m gonna do with the saron and i’m basically going to call it uh one month with a saron even though i’ve had the sarong for two months i feel like it’s just easier to say that oh my god go bike normally on this bike this is only six miles of

My work the only on my bike yeah we’re gonna hit 50 now going downhill but i try not to do anything crazy on my way to work because when i get on this road which is 50 miles an hour everyone does 55.60 it only limits me to like 46 after i kind of killed some of the battery so those pools i was doing before i got to work are not the best because we were getting

Up the overpass only doing like like 45-46 until we got to the going downhill part then we started like picking up but i want to go to a motorcycle meet and see what they say about the bike we should do that one of these days and just pull up it has to be close to my house though like real close all right guys what’s up sorry i was trying to go around you good foreign

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2021 Onyx RCR v1.5 Does not do 60MPH! By MrCentraldriver