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2021 Street Bob Update Febuary 2022

It’s been a year now since I’ve bought my bike. I’m finally licensed and ready to go. we’ve gone out on many day trips by now and had alot of fun. I’m glad to have my bike back after the accident and glad to finally be in a better place. I know this isn’t much but people were asking for an update and I wanted to be able to give them that. I hope you guys liked the video and are ready for the journey.

What’s up guys and welcome to the vlog so the bike is officially back it’s been back for about a month now it’s been chilling at my buddy’s house we’ve been taking it out riding and stuff like that it’s been performing fine i haven’t noticed anything so far i did want to address a couple things so when i made the original videos back in i think february i had already

Crashed the motorcycle and i didn’t have enough time to film the i bought my brand new dream bike video so i just filmed that video along with i crashed my dream bike video at the same time so a bunch of people were saying that it was parked in the same spot which is true yeah it was parked in the same spot i made a video and i wanted to show off my brand new bike

But at the same time i had already crashed it and everything else and so i wanted to make both of those videos simultaneously because of the fact that i still had the bike it wasn’t on its way to the shop already it wasn’t in the shop so i was actually able to have it here get some videos and put that out for you guys i’ve gotten a lot of hatred for putting up

Those videos about the harley and everything that happened and i just want to say i did not say anything wrong i did not say anything false the entire reason why i made that video why i put it up was just in case anybody else ever dealt with this issue i will also mention that somebody had reached out to me and told me that the exact same thing happened to them

They were an experienced rider and their bike just went haywire on them and did all this crazy stuff like what happened to my bike so they reached out to me told me that they ended up switching it in and trading in for a different bike but they were actually able to prove that something happened to their bike and get it fixed through the dealership and everything

My case wasn’t as lucky they couldn’t find anything actually wrong with the bike even though this happened to me the entire reason i made that video in the first place was just because i couldn’t find any other videos of that happening to anybody else on the internet so something i was glad about was at least one person was able to see this video and give a little

Bit of credibility to their story i honestly don’t care what any of you guys have to say about hating and saying that i’m a new writer and it’s just because i smoke weed all the time and i do this and i do that there’s a lot of haters on the internet and i completely understand that fact i understand that i as a new writer did put myself in a situation where i

Would look stupid by posting up this video and everything but at the same time i did this whole video just to be able to share my story of what happened with me i’m not trying to fool anybody or say that i filmed that first video before the crash happened i want everybody to know right now that that was not my intention i was not trying to fool anybody but i did

Want to make a video where i was showing off my brand new bike oh i bought my brand new bike and so i put that video out there i also filmed a video about the crash and everything that happened just to give the details of the crash so that if anybody else dealt with that situation i wanted them to be able to reach out to me and me be able to help them in some

Type of way so a couple days after i filmed that original video they came to pick up the bike and take it down to the shop to have them work on it i never ended up getting a phone call saying that i had to go down and actually sign the check from the insurance company so like a month later i called down thinking oh well they have some progress made on my bike

Already and they told me that i would still have to sign over the check from the insurance company so i ended up having to go down there sign over the check and then they were going to start the process i asked them about how long it would take and they said unusual it usually takes anywhere from two to three months so i began the waiting game so i waited for a

Good couple months and then i was calling down there trying to find out what’s going on with it they said they were waiting on one specific part all the other parts had shown up a little bit after that about a month later i called back again and they still said that they were waiting on one part a buddy of mine who worked down there actually told me that they

Were waiting on this part and that it was back ordered and it wouldn’t be here until next year so i called down there to try and find out what’s going on they told me that it would be getting off of back order in about three weeks and then they should be getting the part in so about three weeks later i called back they had the part it was coming in the mail and

Then they called me about a week later and said your bike is ready to pick up so we went down there picked the bike up took it back home around this time i was also waiting to get into the motorcycle classes i signed up i called in and it was about a two-month wait so i actually booked a class had to wait the two months got in got my certification and i did

Really good so after passing the training class i’ve actually taken my bike out a couple times just to test drive it make sure that everything’s functioning properly on it we’ve taken it from here in fillmore all the way out to ventura and back a couple times and nothing’s gone wrong with the bike i haven’t noticed anything at least i am very careful whenever

I start the bike to make sure that my hand is on the brake that the brake is engaged that way if anything faulty happens with the bike again i am ready and i’m able to shut it down safely so that the bike doesn’t get damaged it’s a little bit of a pain having to have my hand on the brake anytime i start that bike even though i know i shouldn’t have to but it is

Good practice just to keep me on my toes with the bike it is a big responsibility and i’ve been really careful with it ever since i got it back but overall i’m glad to have the bike back in general it feels good to have at home it feels good to be able to actually have it in my possession again instead of at a mechanic shop where it’s just sitting there and i’m

Making payments on it on something that i’m not even able to ride but at the same time just having at home in general makes me feel a whole lot better about this entire situation since i’ve gotten the bike back i’ve done a couple small modifications to the bike nothing too crazy nothing fancy but just some things that make it look a little bit better in my eyes

Hopefully you guys appreciate everything that i have done to it so far and everything that i’m planning on doing it and today i’m going to be going over things that i plan on doing as well as other videos that have to do with the bike that i’m planning on filming soon so hopefully you guys like that so the first thing i did want to mention that i had changed on

This was actually the turn signal covers they originally came as being orange but i ended up switching them out for the black ones it gives it a really smoky look and it makes it look really badass from the front i overall like the look of the front of the bike now that it doesn’t have those really bright orange you know covers so the next thing i did want to

Mention that i switched out on this was actually the gas cap if you notice right here i have a black one on originally it comes with a chrome one and i usually don’t mind chrome and black but i did want all black for the look of this bike so just having that one small detail did make the difference and it does give it the look that i’m going for so originally

When i got this bike i had a couple plans for it already the first thing i did want to do was end up switching the mid controls for some forward controls since then and since me riding the bike i have decided that i am not going to do that i do like the feel of the bike the way that it is so i am going to keep that how it is right now um one thing that i do

Want to change on this though is definitely going to be the pipes i do not enjoy the sound of these there’s nothing special about them so i would like some louder pipes nothing that’s too crazy that’s gonna completely set off car alarms when i’m going through neighborhoods but it would be nice to actually be able to hear the bike while i’m riding it because that

Is something that i am not able to currently do now one nice thing about the 2021 street bob is it actually comes with the back seat and the back peg so that is one thing that i am not going to need to adjust i was originally going to get the 2020 and then add a back seat add back pegs so that already comes as is and i don’t need to switch anything out on it one

Thing i am going to change on this bike is i’m actually going to get a fairing for the front i’ve been looking into a couple different kinds i don’t want anything that’s too big and too crazy that’s going to completely make it a huge front end all i want is something that’s simple and basic and going to give me at least a little bit of wind protection the first

Time i took this thing out riding the wind was completely pelting my chest i did enjoy the fact of just feeling that wind just blow through me and everything but at the same time when i was trying to ride on the highway and everything it did make for an uncomfortable ride and i am trying to have this thing be as comfortable as possible i understand that i’m not

Going to get too much comfortability out of it it’s not a big huge bike that’s going to have all the fixings and everything but i am trying to have this be my main and only bike and so i want it to be as comfortable as the ride as possible i know that other people are going to be like oh you sound like a right now oh the wind is half of why we ride in the first

Place but to be honest i don’t really give a what any of you guys say because half of you guys are pieces of and haters anyway so i’m gonna do what i want it’s my bike not yours so y’all can kiss my ass so i am gonna get a fairing nothing too crazy but just something to at least cover up the front give it a little bit of more of the look that i want and then

On top of that to cover up the speakers and that’s the next thing that i want to go over with you guys so the speakers that i’m gonna get are gonna be the plex audio 2.0 if you guys know about bikes i’m pretty sure you guys have at least heard about this speaker system it goes in between the handlebars it has these big subs and then basically it just comes down

In the front at a good angle and the fairing that i’m planning on getting actually covers it up perfectly it fits right inside and it literally bumps now the big thing about the plex audio 2.0 is these speakers are actually 800 dollars i understand that that’s a little bit pricey but if i’m gonna be riding i actually want to hear what i’m playing instead of just

Having these cheapy 50 250 dollar speakers off of amazon that are the little clip-on ones and i don’t really like the way that those look overall on the bike anyway i get that it’s not all about the aesthetics of it but i do want this thing to look as clean as possible so i’m going to get the plex audio 2.0 i’m going to get the fairing for the front other than

That the only thing that i want to actually do to this bike is cover this up now i don’t hate it that bad because the fact that this looks super clean i mean if we get into it it fades from that orange into the black and i really like the way that they did it overall the graphic on this looks really cool and i enjoy it but overall i would really like this

Thing to be all black so instead of painting it and devaluing this bike i would rather just wrap it so i’m going to vinyl wrap this bike i’m going to do a second video where i’m actually showing you guys me wrapping the bike how i did it exactly step by step and hopefully you guys enjoy that video after i’ve wrapped it completely black it’s going to be a gloss

Black and then i’m going to go and actually get some decals maybe some harley davidson decals or something that actually looks cleaner that’s just a white decal or a gray decal and i’m actually going to have a harley davidson logo on the side but something that’s not this orange color and i’m hoping that that makes this thing look way cleaner than it does right

Now those are the only real modifications that i’m gonna be making to it right now yeah it isn’t much but at the same time i do think that those little things are gonna make this thing look way better i’ll be posting up a video soon to show you guys updates as i’m making them to the bike as well as the vinyl wrapping video i will show a complete step by step of

How i wrapped this thing how i took the gas tank off how we wrapped it and then how we put on different graphics and everything else so that if you guys want to do something custom to your guys’s bike as well that you guys will enjoy it as well all right guys that’s it for today’s vlog if you guys like the video and you want to follow me on my journey as my bike

Progression forwards please subscribe to the channel this isn’t a channel for necessarily my motorcycle or motorcycles in general i basically make vlogs about what i do on a day-to-day basis in the rap world going out and clubbing going out and having fun and doing things that i like doing so if you guys like watching my life as a person please subscribe if you guys

Are just in for the bike come and tune in every once in a while and at least see where i’m at as far as the bike also if you guys didn’t know i make rap music if you guys are interested in that type of stuff please go check out my other channel it’s called cali the kid i’ll be linking it in the description below but yeah guys that’s it for today’s episode i’ll see you guys next time

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2021 Street Bob Update ( Febuary 2022) By Kali The Vlogger