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2021 ZX10R Lean Angle Sensor Display Modes & Odometer

Going over how to display the lean angle sensor information and odometer in both the Type 1 and Type 2 display modes on the new TFT screen for the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

What’s going on guys wild whiskey wolf and today i wanted to show you guys how to display the lean angle sensor information and also be able to display it in the type 1 and type 2 modes on the tft display for the 2021 kawasaki ninja zx10r so first thing we’re going to do turn the bike on once the bike is on if you’re in one of the custom rider settings which

You’ll be able to see up here it’ll say rider 1 2 3 or 4. what you want to do is change it into the kawasaki writing settings and to to do that you’re going to go over here to the left handle bar and you’re just going to press this up mode button and hold it down so if we hold it down we go into rain mode and you can instantly see that we get two additional pieces

Of information the odometer display and then the coolant temperature display the temperature display below the coolant temperature if you wanted to know is the intake air temperature and then we have the battery voltage display so let’s go into sport mode by holding down the mode button again changes to rode one more time changes to sport so now that uh we’re in

Sport mode it’s probably the mode most of you are going to be cruising around on most of the time you can see we have these two buttons right here one here and then one on the other side so we’re just gonna press this left one and it’s gonna help us cycle through the display information so if we press it once we go from odometer to trip a trip b then you have

Your graphical lean angle display information that’s one of the lean angle sensor display modes and then here is our numerical lean angle sensor display so if you like seeing the numbers better than the meter then that’s the display you’re gonna want and then from that it goes back to odometer so now that we know how to do it in the type one display for the tft

Screen we’re going to go into the type 2 display and i’m going to show you how to to display the lean angle sensor on that so to get to the type 2 display go to the right hand side of the bike you’re gonna hold down that select button right there for about four to five seconds comes up with vehicle settings you’re gonna scroll down using on the left handlebar that

Down mode button scroll down just to display hit select and then we’re going to change it from mode 1 into type 2 display alright so you can see we got the type two display right here we’re gonna back out all right so we’re in type two you can see in the bottom we got the odometer so on the left hand side we’re gonna press this button right here and that’s gonna

Help us scroll through the information so you have trip a trip b you have the graphical uh lean angle sensor display then you have the numerical lean angle sensor display and then you have your intake air temperature so on the type 2 display you don’t get as much information as the type 1 but that’s because this is a more short circuit track oriented to display

So they’re consolidating this display is consolidating the information into you know more performance related information that you would need to know so that’s it for the type 2 display now you know how to display the odometer and the lean angle sensor on both displays if you got any questions about the process just drop them down in the comments section below see you guys around

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2021 ZX10R Lean Angle Sensor Display Modes & Odometer By WILDWHISKEYWOLF