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2022 CT 1WD Sidecar Motorcycle Garden Green with Silver Package

Good afternoon once again from honda motorcycle sales eaton ohio so here we have a 2022 ct sidecar motorcycle that was custom ordered last september i believe it was this is a garden green or also called woodland green it’s color that’s been around for quite a while but we decided to bring another one in in this color like i say we ordered this uh it was back in

September of 2021 i think that we ordered it does have the silver package which gets you the silver wheels stainless steel engine guard stainless steel front side car bumper stainless steel front and rear grab rails on the motorcycle fenders does have the 2 3 solo saddle seat it also has the chrome gas cap stainless steel handlebars stainless steel turn signal

Pipe front and rear and then this one came in with uh sometimes these are stainless the trunk hinges it looks like they’re color matched painted in the body color looks pretty good that way also has the stainless steel trunk handle of course the silver powder coated rims silver powder coated hubs as well sporting brembo brakes all the way around for 2022.

Of course if you’re ever curious this is a spline shaft here the splines on this shaft are the same as the splines on the reverse shaft just a little tidbit in case you ever want to put a reverse lever on your sidecar trunk latch for some reason used to be a common thing to do with the little short stubby uh ball ended reverse lever we would put those out there

On the trunk lid made opening closing a little bit easier new center stand first nippon denso alternator mounted there on top of the engine gear tower in front 18 inch height now k28 400 by 18 tires and the ct is of course a one wheel drive single wheel drive model five gallon fuel tank average fuel economy we put some break in miles on a 20 22 the other day

Uh we were averaging in the mid 40s uh yeah mid mid-40s mile per gallon so they’re actually pretty decent as far as fuel economy goes and inside the trunk is the owner’s manual on the floor mat and whatnot 2022 ct does not include the sidecar windscreen but you do get the power outlet that’s the european style small outlet there and then we have what we call

That the bmw style i guess got the extra switch there not hooked anything so you can add accessories and then underneath the side car seat we do have the tool kit as well as the touch-up paint of course you see the two-cylinder posed boxer style engine four-speed gearbox with a reverse does also have the reverse in the transmission very good looking machine out

Here in this natural sunlight of course your air filter is located underneath this cover two allen bolts on either side button head allen cap screws take those off pull the air box lid out swap your filter or clean it or check it on the uh 2022 cts that we got in i’ve got one more that i need to adjust this one was okay if you notice here we have gap you need

To have a gap here otherwise it’ll jam this donut together on the one that we had to test drive uh we did find i had missed it during a setup process it’s not something that is uh required to be checked off on the list so it’s nothing that we really always look at but i did happen to miss it so during the first 225 miles we did notice that the this was jammed up

Tight on that one that we ran the miles on so we had to put a new drive donut in it no big deal just matter disassembly and reassembly being careful not to scratch the swing arm or anything like that but that is something i uh should always make sure to check especially on the cts for some reason there the tolerance is obviously different uh the drive shaft clip

Can be changed in position they usually come in in the center position but like i say on that other one we had to move it so and then i got a slate gray one that i need to do that too as well so so we just thought it was a nice day outside we bring this unit outside just got it out of the crate the other day i got it ready to go and we just thought we’d bring it

Outside take some photos of it and in case you wonder what that noise was hopper bottom wagon 2022 ct sidecar motorcycle single wheel drive as always really appreciate you watching motorcycle sales eating ohio

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2022 CT 1WD Sidecar Motorcycle Garden Green with Silver Package By Heindl Engineering Motorcycle