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2022 Motocross Bikes First Look! – This Week in MXA Episode 25

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What’s up motocross action i’m josh moseman and welcome to this week in mxa episode number 25 presented to you by o’neill racing this week we’re going to be taking a look at the 2022 models and share what we know so far it’s hard to believe that we’re at the halfway point of the 2021 calendar year but 2022 models are already starting to hit some of the dealer

Floors and we got lots of information on what’s coming next as well as a few question marks as well starting off i want to touch on kawasaki they just released their photos and information on their new models for 2022. kawasaki kx450 and the kx250 are exactly the same as last year the kx250 got a big update last year and the kx450 got that new clutch so those

Two models are going to stay the same heading into 2022 but they did make some updates to their mini bike lineup i was pretty stoked to see it it was a new two-stroke an updated two-stroke coming from kawasaki unfortunately it wasn’t a kx 125 that’s what we all would have loved or a kxt 52 struck everybody would have loved that it was cool to see them putting some

More time energy and money into their two strokes as they updated their kx 100 minibike two-stroke into a kx 112 super mini so now super mini riders they won’t have to spend that extra money to make their 100 at 112 it’ll be a little more competitive in that class it also has new shrouds to make the bike look a little more modern and an updated transmission the

Kx85 it got that updated transmission as well as the cool new shrouds suzuki also introduced their 2022 models their 450 254 strokes are exactly the same for the new year i don’t even think the graphics have changed they’re the same as well and their rm 85 is the same as it’s been for years and years that’s the same bike that davey millsaps helped develop same

Bike that i rode long time ago in the mini bike classes so suzuki i’m happy to see that they’re back they’ve been in kind of a down climb it was huge bummer to see them pull out of racing at least with jgr suzuki jjr couldn’t get enough money to keep going forward i did hear some rumors though that suzuki kind of transferred their money from putting it all into

The jgr program for 2021 and kind of spreading it out over their different teams so the hep suzuki 450 team they have max anste racing the ama nationals right now we all know that he can do well after he plays fifth last year at loretta’s number two and dylan schwartz as i mentioned in last week’s video he got ninth overall in the 250 class at thunder valley

On the bar x suzuki so there’s still suzukis out there but not like they were before with jgr the big news coming from the ktm tent is the gas gas it has a 350 four stroke and a 252 stroke coming for the 2022 model year so i’m super stoked about that i love both of those models i love the 252 stroke and i love the 354 stroke and i’m happy to see the gas gas is

Expanding offering more models and so i know we’re going to get a lot of comments on this video everybody likes to give gas gas a hard time saying that it’s just a red ktm but they are doing some things to try to make it feel different it does handle and ride different on the track so that is pretty cool it’s nice that gas gas hustle barn and ktm do have some

Differences and some different stuff for us to talk about honestly so i love riding the 350 and the 252 stroke and happy to hear and announce that gas gas is going to be doing that for 2022. next up it was announced a long time ago way early in this year that the honda 450s are going to be very close to the same as they were last year however they got the two

Major updates that we’ve already spoken about a few times the suspension has been updated to have some better settings and the horrible mapping that the cr450 had last year has been fixed with the ecu heading into 2022 so stoked to see updates on this here at 450 i know it’s going to be good after you fix those two things that bike was a pretty solid bike so

Looking forward to that also really looking forward to seeing the 2022 crf 250 as we know that that’s going to be coming kind of closer towards the end of the summer is what it sounds like we haven’t got any pictures or any information on that bike yet but we are expecting it to look a lot like the crf450 does now and i’m excited to ride it last up on my list

Is yamaha currently i don’t have any photos or information on the yz250f or yz450f’s coming from the blue crew that does give me a little bit of hope though that maybe there will be some big changes especially with the 450 moving into 2022 as we know eli tomac’s gonna be jumping over to the star racing yamaha team it will be interesting to see if they put him

On the same bike or if they have an all-new bike coming out for that but the fact that they haven’t released any information yet gives me some more hope that there’ll be some big changes next up i’m excited to say that we just posted our 2021 125 two-stroke shootout video on our website after being an mxa test rider and editor for a while now this was the

First time that jody and darrell really handed me the reins and let me take over a full shootout from start to end so i was in charge of writing the whole article for the magazine doing the video gathering all the test drivers opinions and learning what they thought of each model and then breaking apart the details for you guys our readers and our viewers on

Youtube and on our website let you guys know what we think about each bike and kind of give you our opinion on each one as well so if you’re interested in buying a 125 26 i hope that video gives you lots of information so you can make a better educated decision when you head to the dealer or if you just like watching two shulk videos make sure to check it out so

We had a lot of fun with glenn helen all to ourselves on five 125 two strokes next up on the list we got the high point national coming up this weekend the riders should be fresh after racing two weeks in a row and then having a weekend off before heading to pennsylvania i’m personally really excited to see if eli tomek and cooper webb can kind of turn their

Series around currently cooper webb is seventh in the championship standings already 38 points behind ken roxen eli tomac he’s 10th in the standings and 44 points back so it’s super hard to believe these guys have buried so far back in the pack already after just two rounds but i’m sure this is going to help ken rocks and and dylan fernandez’s confidence moving

Forward as they were just separated by one point also we have to remind ourselves that in outdoors each moto pays 25 points to the winner so the potential points gained and loss at each race is much higher than it is in supercross it’s actually twice as high as it is in supercross so we don’t have an official word also on zach osborne’s status yet as sadly

His back injury from the supercross season flared up causing him to drop backwards in the first moto at thunder valley and then ultimately not even line up for the second moto at thunder valley either so hopefully we’ll have him back at the races this weekend but we haven’t seen any updates from him yet last year with the coronavirus kind of moving around the

Schedule dropping it from 12 rounds to nine rounds we didn’t stop at the high point national but the last time the series was up high point was in 2019 and in the 250 class hunter lawrence was here and he won the first 250 motor and it was his first moto win in america he finished second overall that day to adamson cirillo right now heading into round three jett

Lawrence the younger brother has been the quicker of the two and he has the red plate in the 250 class but it’ll be interesting to see if hunter lawrence is a little bit closer to his brother this weekend as he’s got experience racing at this track as jet lawrence he hasn’t raced there yet so it’s gonna be exciting we’re looking forward to it be sure to check it

Out this weekend next up i have a pretty funny topic to touch on i wanted to share it with you guys to see if you were interested in it mxa is travis fan he’s our videographer he’s a great rider he rides all the time he rides a ktm 450 and does well on it he also has a yz252 stroke that he’s had for years and years and built it a million times but travis he’s a

Good rider but he’s a videographer for me i was an ama pro i raced the nationals i raced supercross i qualified for a couple main events so i have a lot more riding experience a lot more racing experience he’s always asking me which bike do i need to ride for him to beat me so he’s trying to put me at a disadvantage i just picked up a tm112 super mini we have

Brian medeiros ride it last week i jumped on it for a couple laps after i challenged him to battle on it and i’m pretty nervous right now i’m six foot tall 170 pounds travis he’s a good rider he rides a ktm 450 and he’s one of the fastest video or media guys i know so uh going to be interesting let me know in the comments below if you think that we should do

It if that’d be something funny to watch and if we’d be interested in seeing a full video of us battling together also i got a pretty funny clip i want to share with you guys josh vaut he doesn’t get a lot of tv time on the mxa youtube channel or in the magazine but josh val is one of our test riders he does a lot of our endurance testing he races every single

Weekend rice’s multiple places each weekend as well he puts a lot of hours on our bikes for us and it puts a lot of time on our gear he did some gear testing the other day and i thought it was pretty funny what happened i i found the only mud puddle on the top i figured i’d wear the white today because it wouldn’t get that dirty wow is this uh are you trying out

Some new gear like pre-production designs and stuff like that yeah you know they just didn’t look good with all white i want to add a little bit of brown give it some depth all right guys that’s all for this week in mxa episode 25. thank you for tuning in as always check out for latest news reviews bike tests race results and more and

Leave a comment down below let us know if you think that i could beat travis on a super mini or if you think he would win on a ktm 450 it’s going to be interesting and hopefully we work out a time and a date where we can go and race each other soon you

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