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2022 Zero Motorcycle SRS Detailed Review and Test Ride!!

The SRS by Zero Motorcycles is the best new electric motorcycle on the market. EV (electric vehicle) motorcycles are a growing market and Zero Motorcycles has been making and perfecting their electric motorcycles the longest. So how does the SR/S perform and how does it stack up against other electric motorcycles on the market?

Welcome back to moto blade guys we’re here at americade and we are taking out these zero electric motorcycles this is the srs their newest model so we’re going to turn the key on here the kickstand is up bike is turned on and you’re going to hear the purr of the engine when we hit the little starter here oh yeah did you hear that turn on it’s on the bike is on

And if we give it just the tiniest bit of throttle here it starts pulling forward just a little bit on our display here we’ve got ambient temperature it gives us a digital range battery percentage we’re currently in eco mode gives us a motor temperature and our miles per hour it also shows us how much regenerative uh braking we’re doing other than those things

There’s not a whole lot else to do here there’s just turn signals high beams and modes that’s pretty much it for the screen we can change the modes we can use turn signals and we’ve got a front brake rear brake the left side where i would have a clutch and a shifter there’s nothing there it feels totally weird not having to do anything with your left hand or

Left foot it’s weird everyone’s kind of looking at you like why is your motorcycle not making any noise is it broken is it off no it’s just electric you can’t hear a thing all right guys so we are on the xero srs and any noise you hear is just straight wind noise this is the like purest riding you could do there is no noise from the engine there’s no shaking

There’s no vibration it’s like the bike isn’t even on and yet you know you’re moving but the bike doesn’t feel like it’s on it’s a very weird feeling the lack of noise is a little disconcerting at first so we’re currently got traction control turned on abs on we’re in eco mode we’ll change that into sport here in a minute i keep reaching up to grab my clutch and

Shift down and i don’t have one and it’s very annoying that was nice of that guy to block traffic for us and we’re off again so i’ve got the same criteria for this bike as i do for others we’ll start with comfort comfort on this bike it’s a sport bike so i’m in a sporty riding position knees tucked back feet tucked back under my thighs lean forward a little bit

On the handlebar controls very comfortable riding position is great as far as the seat is concerned it’s your standard sport bike seat it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world but it’s not the most uncomfortable either i’d say it’s probably on the better end of uh seats that i’ve tried on sport bikes it’s probably one of the better ones i’ve ever tried

As far as power when you put it in sport mode it will go 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds i believe is what they stated it’s impressive now the other cool thing about the engine is the regenerative braking so on a standard bike when you would let off of the throttle you would you know just kind of start feeling the engine do the braking for you like in fourth or third

Gear you let off the throttle it starts lugging down slowly and then you downshift well this there is no downshifting but if you look at the screen down there and i can’t look but i’ll put the camera down there when i let off the throttle that little green dot at the bottom if i’m on the throttle it’s on the right side that says torque if i let off it goes to

The left side that says regen so when you let off of the throttle the engine goes into regenerative engine braking mode and it acts as a generator adding to your battery life and your range that’s stage one of regenerative braking stage two is when you get off the throttle and get onto the brake because it’s direct drive you’re not shifting getting on the brake

Adds additional engine braking or regenerative braking to the motorcycle and gives you stage two regeneration into your battery extending your range as far as handling is concerned we haven’t really hit too many twisty turns here we’re getting a few and it feels pretty good i mean the handling is lightweight just small light presses on the handlebars here and i

Can feel it you know want to dive and dip into a turn so the handling feels good hopefully we’ll hit some better twisties up here and i’ll be able to give you a better idea on the handling so the power is incredible and it’s instant because it’s electric 0-60 in under three seconds regenerative braking the comfort is great the handling is pretty good from what

I can tell here here we go got our turn here oh here’s a decent little twisty coming up that’s nice it handles very well in the turns and it’s a sport bike so it’s not like you have really low pegs that are going to scrape or anything so the lean angle is you know as hard as you can pretty much ride it you get all the way over to the point you’re scraping pegs on

A sport bike you’re probably on your ass as far as features you’ve got a nice little windscreen up front that does a decent job it’s not the tallest thing or the greatest thing but you know it’s a sport bikes windscreen actually to be honest i’m not getting much buffeting we’re doing about 50 here and i’m getting a little bit of wind but it’s just flying right

Over my helmet nice and smooth i’m not getting any major buffeting or major wind noise so the windscreen angle is pretty good as far as style and looks it’s got a sport bike shape a sport bike look and instead of being angular it seems to be uh more of a rounded smooth rounded type fairing looks pretty nice all right so letting off the throttle there you can feel the

Engine braking slow the bike right on down on its own very nicely didn’t use any break there at all going through that turn i just rolled off the throttle and let the engine do the braking for me just like i would on my chieftain or any other normal cruiser bike oh a nice little turn right there that felt pretty good nice handling handles very very nicely i like

It so canyon is the same as sport it just does better regeneration with the engine braking the biggest difference between canyon and sport is when you roll off the throttle in canyon mode you feel what feels like engine braking okay in sport it feels loose exactly and sport it feels like you’re just coasting got it all right so in theory we just doubled our torque

By going into canyon mode now the difference between canyon mode and sport mode on here is that in sport mode when you roll off the throttle there’s no engine braking it’s just totally loose it just kind of coasts in canyon mode when you let off the throttle you get more regenerative engine braking it extends the range but you still have the exact same torque and

Horsepower specs as you do in sport mode which are i will put up on the screen but i think it was something like 144 torque and 141 horse here we go they said the ride back would be a lot more fun you can definitely feel the difference in the torque when you go to candy motor sport mode on this thing there’s an immediate throttle difference major engine response

And it’s an instant response eco mode felt pretty quick to me but apparently that was this much more slowed down beginner mode wow so this caps out at 124 miles an hour and that of course is a digital cap their proprietary software they limit the engine to 124 miles an hour and if you have a need to go beyond that i asked them if the limiter could be removed they

Said as far as they’re aware there’s no reason for you to go beyond that so no there is no way for them to remove it or if there is they will not be doing so so 124 is pretty much your governor lock on this electric engine for miles an hour the only time i hear this bike i don’t hear it when i’m on the accelerator i do hear it when i let off the accelerator and

It goes into the regenerative braking and i like having that feel of the engine braking it’s a very familiar feel so i’m just going to take a brief moment here to compare this to the harley-davidson live wire because that’s the only other electric motorcycle that i have tried this compared to the live wire i like it because the center of gravity on this is much

Lower they purposefully drop the cg it weighs about 515 pounds i believe is curb weight of course it’s not like curb weight without gas or with gas or anything it’s just that’s the weight compared to the harley it feels lighter it feels more nimble it feels more comfortable the seat and the riding position feel better than the live wire and overall i think it’s

Just a better performing bike you’ve got more modes the windscreen on the front helps with wind i do like this display better than the live wire it’s a little bit brighter i think it’s a little easier to read as far as the range specs on this i don’t know them off the top of my head i will put them up on the screen for you guys and i will put the comparable specs

For the harley live wire up on the screen as well so you can see the difference in uh range and battery information all right we’re opening it up we’re doing 65 here in a 30 which is awesome okay when we all get on the accelerator at once in canyon mode you can kind of hear it it’s like a little high-pitched line where i’ll start screaming together it’s like all

The bikes are crying that’s pretty much all there is to the bike there’s no exhaust there’s no like chrome pipes or blacked out anything you know it’s just that’s all you got throttle and wind in your face and it’s amazing let me know down in the comments what you guys think about electric motorcycles in this revolution that’s happening is it going to catch on

Is it not tell me what your thoughts are on this bike personally i love it it’s fun i don’t see the practicality yet with charging and taking long trips because i can always you know pull in somewhere and fill up a bike and be gone in five minutes and that’s my complaint with electric cars too the tech isn’t there yet for the battery ranges and the charging that

I want to see but as far as a fun factor bike it is absolutely amazing so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please hit that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel if you’re not already it’s the big red button click the bell icon next to it that’ll give you notifications when there are new videos to watch our moto blade i have tons

Of videos coming and that are probably already up by the time you see this on my channel from americaid this week lots of test rides all different manufacturers indian zero triumph bmw honda all kinds of great stuff and content coming so stick around for those thank you all so much for watching until next time ride safe ride on i will catch all of you in the next video you

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2022 Zero Motorcycle SRS Detailed Review and Test Ride!! By MOTOBLADE