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2022 zx6 phone stem mount solution

Was having a difficult time getting a good phone mount on my 2022 zx6. Originally purchased the RAM stem mount kit, however it was not gripping and could not tighten due to it not compressing properly because of the hex style stem the bike has. I purchased this 12mm motorcycle stem mount from Amazon. Although it was speedy, it is the solution for how I’m going to mount my phone to my bike. Hope this video was helpful to others.

I want to install the gopro stem mount using the rubber that you cut and it doesn’t work on these zx6’s because underneath here in the stem it’s a hex but then if you go down maybe half an inch this hex opens up and it gets wider down there so i’m going to try out this i got it on amazon it’s called the 12 millimeter motorcycle stem mount base it’s pretty

Expensive when i bought this one it was 34.99 and then i had to pay shipping also but it uses a hex and then it expands up at the top here so we’ll try that we’ll put that in so it fits right up in there i actually have to loosen it a little to go in all the way i’ll loosen this i took it off this expansion i’m not i’m gonna try to get off of here i got the

Little expander off so i’m gonna put that on first here loosely and then i’ll put this guy on tighten it up a little bit there we go so that fit in there flush and then we’ll just take our 5ml and see if i can tighten this up so now the hex portion of that isn’t spinning it’s actually just starting to get tight now it’s pretty snug oh it’s in there good

She’s not going anywhere yeah i like it all right so that’s it there good i’ll give her a quick little titan so there is a little difference here this is straight up obviously and it’s pretty big whereas the ram is offset and it wouldn’t have sit quite as high it’s hard to tell here close what is that maybe just a little bit lower but this thing looks a

Little funky but you know what that’s okay if it works i’ll use it so let’s see with this ram mount on here get it out of the way the ignition maybe or you can run it down put your key in and then put it up there so i try to run it close to like that so i can have it my key in the ignition and just have my phone offset on the side but you know what it’s

Not bad seems like it’ll work so overall i think that’s going to solve our issues so i can use gps on the road and everything just got done with the fender eliminator the other day my integrated tail light tst did the front blinkers also this thing’s looking badass another thing this does have is this little cap to go in here and cover up that little allen

So we’ll cover that up nice all right that’s it just wanted to put this up because i was having a problem getting that ram mount stem mount to work so i thought i’d share this out there seems like it’s going to do great actually i can wiggle the whole bike just from that thing all right thanks for watching you

Transcribed from video
2022 zx6 phone stem mount solution By Jan van der Voort