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2023 Build Plans for The Sportster ST – New Paint Job, New Fairing, and New Audio System

I just can’t leave anything alone, so I’m swapping my LRS parts to the Sportster since I just got my FXRT fairing. Just an update on what’s to come to the channel, thanks for watching and ride safe vatos.

You’ll know about this thanks again for tuning in to yet another video if i miss coming at you live from san jose california we are doing some changes for the roadster sportster the sportster st that’s what i’m gonna keep on calling it so i’m changing this bike up a little bit mainly because i’m swapping parts from the low rider s to the sportster you guys

Know i got the uh i ordered the fxrt frame for the low rider s so i have a lot of the parts and i just don’t you know i don’t want to get rid of them so i’m going to move them over to to the sportster i’m going to be using the plex audio i’m going to be using the road warrior fairing and since i’m doing that you know i’m moving all this other stuff i’m going to

Be changing this bike i already got a new gas tank a new fuel tank i’m going to be installing the 4.5 because i’m getting sick of stopping every other day to put you on this thing i’m putting a 4.5 gallon tank on it so i have to you know do all that work i gotta use a the fuel tank liner i’m still deciding on which one i should get you guys you know have any

Recommendations go ahead and leave your comments down below it’s between the poor 15 which is kind of like your generic and the red coat that’s what i’ve been looking at i’ve been looking at both of them like i said i’ve been looking doing my research trying to see what is you know the best option but the poor 15 it’s 15 bucks pretty good the red coat’s about

I’d say 50 in my area but if i could get it ordered i’m looking at about 40 bucks i should order it already so we’re doing a 4.5 gallon tank on this thing we’re doing the road warrior fairing we’re also installing the plex audio from my low rider is uh oh and we are uh you know changing the overall paint i was thinking about you know keeping the the the the

The bronze the gold and the black theme but after seeing the uh the low rider st el diablo i don’t know i’m thinking hey maybe i could do something with the emblems you know change it up a little bit change the overall design swap out the saddlebags and just maybe do like a gunship gray i don’t know you guys let me in the comments should i keep this thing black

And gold or should i i’m thinking gunship gray candy apple red and probably some black highlights somewhere in there so it’s gonna be you know it’s going to be a different bike by the end of it uh as far as the fairing i guess the fairing of the gas tank is still going to you know ride like a sportster it’s gonna handle like a sportster but uh now i’m gonna get

Rid of the uh the kuryakyn sound bar like i said it wasn’t that great all right it wasn’t that good so i’m getting rid of it all right so that’s going to be one of the parts that’s going to be lane laying around at my place i don’t know what i’m gonna do with it i’ll probably keep it in case i get another sportster maybe uh other than that i’m not doing anything

With the performance i’m okay with the stage one i just went ahead and i did these external air breathers right here it’s not spitting too much surprisingly i thought i was gonna spit like crazy but it’s only a stage one so you know i guess i’m okay with it the way it sits i’ve been looking at a few options i’ve been trying to you know find something where i

Could put a a little you know breather filter and stuff like that but i haven’t been able to find anything that’ll fit uh this uh this this sportster there’s you know there’s some good ones but it’s usually for the for the big the big twin anyways yes i mean changes up ahead comment more install videos and of course they don’t sell the road warrior fairing for

The uh for the roadster mainly because it’s it’s got inverted forks so i’m hoping the low rider s uh fairing of the low rider s uh you know road warframe works i believe they’re the same size as far as the uh the uh the forks themselves i believe at the same i believe there are about 55 you know size i think they’re 55 so they should fit on the sportster uh i

Believe everything else should fit i do have the uh the block and everything this does have a uh a bucket for the headlight so i might not have to use the uh the provided shroud that i have of my lowrider is but you know we’ll see what happens rich is going to have to you know get parts if we have to go to home depot like i like i always do like i usually do

If i have to go to home depot and buy parts for it then i i guess you know that’s that’s exactly what i’m gonna have to do as far as the filter people have been asking me hey you should paint the filter i think i’m gonna keep it black uh i still have the other one which is chrome i might sand that down and paint that maybe i don’t know i might you know swap it

Back and forth i don’t know uh so far i like the stinger air breather i think it looks really awesome so yeah just you know more changes more more videos more installs coming if you guys just you know want to subscribe to the channel you guys can i still have videos on this build that i haven’t even uploaded at all i have videos on the wires on the cables uh

I have you know a break flush videos i have uh soldering videos extension cables videos i have a lot of videos still for this bike i even have videos for the paint because a lot of people have been asking on on instagram hey please can you please show us how you how you paint the bike can you please show us uh what type of paint you’re using if you guys you

Know see my helmet uh i also painted this so yeah i’ve been getting questions about that so i just gotta get to it i gotta i like i said i have about maybe i think i have like a terabyte worth of content still on this build that i haven’t even uploaded so i’m gonna you know i’m gonna try to you know grind these out i’m gonna try to get these videos out and then

Somewhere in between uh you know do the lr the low rider s uh build with the fxrt fairing and i don’t know how i’m gonna find time to even uh you know get that painted sandy down prepped and then do the audio and then build and then build this one at the same time so i don’t know i just don’t i i don’t know if i’m gonna have enough time to do both at the same

Time uh you know the temperature starting to cool down i don’t have the right uh sealer i don’t have the right materials to paint uh in these temperatures it’s really cool so it’s you know it’s going to take time to you know for for some of these uh so for some of these materials to flash properly and be able to you know paint properly and get this thing to you

Know stick and look good so i just you know i i would either have to buy more more uh reducers more hardeners more more activators and then use that because it’s starting to cool down we are now almost in november so yeah just stay tuned for more videos i’m rambling thanks for you know uh subscribing to the channel thanks for watching uh my videos a lot of you

Guys have been telling me you guys love the way this bike looks the way it sits but man i just can’t you know i can’t stop uh messing with my things i just i’ve been looking at and you know what honestly i’ve been looking at buying another another bike my my girl’s been you know my girl she already told me that’s enough all right you already have three bikes

It you know it’s enough you really spent you know money on this bike you spent money on how low rider is and i was looking at a twin cam guys and it was a great deal it was an fxdl which is a low rider uh 2015. man a great deal it sold for eight thousand dollars imagine that low miles and it had you know some decent parts on it so i was kind of like man i was

Just so bummed out about it uh that was my plan get a twin cam build that out fxrt style and then you know do a crazy crazy paint job like this but since i’m not getting that bike anymore and my girls you know my girls pretty much told me hey you can’t you can’t buy any more bikes this is it uh i’m gonna redo this bike again i mean i like the way it looks but

Let’s see what how you know let’s see how it turns out with with gray so i’m i am going to be keeping these parts i i have new saddlebags i have a new tank i have new side covers i have a new chin spoiler and i have the uh the uh the rotor warrior frame so the only thing i’m gonna have to repaint is the front the front fender because i don’t want to pay 200 for

Another one and i think i’m gonna you know repaint the uh the hand guards i just kind of figured you know what for the money and the time of me sending these things and painting them i would like to kind of keep them so i’m going to keep these uh these uh these parts the rear fender i’m gonna keep them just in case if i ever decide to you know if i’m if i’m not

Happy with the gunship gray candy apple red theme uh i could always switch back so you guys just you know stay tuned thanks for like like i said i already did the outro i think and now i’m just repeating myself so you guys should stay out there stay safe don’t believe everything you read lots of risk get out there and ride later

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2023 Build Plans for The Sportster ST – New Paint Job, New Fairing, and New Audio System By InfamousCreep