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250cc to 600cc to 1000cc – My Bike is For Sale

Click here to buy my bike on EBay: Moto vlog – CycleCruza discuses the sale of his bike and his goal of completing the CBR trilogy for his chanel. He also talks about the transition from 250cc to 600cc and why he recommends starting on a 250cc.

Hey guys just uh mounted my new gopro hero2 i just bought it not too long though for 189 bucks at and decided to put the placement here on the the back of the windshield here so we’ll see how that works out with ya i got some new updates for you guys first off i put my bike up for sale on ebay so if you want to buy it you can buy it off of ebay the

Price is six thousand nine hundred and fifty bucks and if i can’t sell it for that price it doesn’t get sold so but if i am able to sell the bike then i’m gonna go ahead and get a 2012 or 2013 honda cbr1000rr and the only reason that i’m getting the cbr1000rr is not because i desire more speed or i desire the looks of the the new flyer fireblade which i think it the

New fireblade looks okay i don’t like that the flat front that much but it looks better than the the 2008 through 2011 fire blades but yeah the reason why i’m gonna get the new fire blade is because i want to complete the trilogy on my channel i started off with a 2011 honda cbr 250r and kept that for about five months did a bunch of motovlogs and reviews and all

Kinds of videos on that bike then i upgraded it to the 2008 honda cbr 600 double arm which i absolutely love and i really don’t desire any other bike but this bike i love it and and if i can’t sell it that’ll be fantastic as well cuz i’ll just keep this wonderful bike until probably next year and next year i may try to sell this bike again and get the fire blade

Or i may keep this bike and go with a brand new 2014 namaha f09 as a second bike so i don’t know i’m wearing my choices but i put this up for sale for seven days i think it’s got like what five more days left if it sells i get the fire blade if not i’m keeping this bike and i really just like i said i wanted to get the fire blade so i can do full reviews on it

I can i can honestly compared it to the 250 and the 600 you know and not just speaking theory anymore because i’ve never written on the leader bike i’ve actually only written on this 600 bike i haven’t even written on the other six other cc bikes but that way you guys can get a good understanding of what it’s like to go from a 250 to a six hundred to a thousand

Because i know some of you guys that’s your plan and for others some of you other guys you know you just want to stick to a 600 which is great which i had planned on doing but since my channel has grown in popularity and i think it really it’ll add some month it’ll add to my channel and it’ll give you a ton of information i’ll do some maintenance videos on the

Fire blade as well already i have a bunch more maintenance videos for this this cbr 600 double r but i just haven’t had a chance to get down and hit it and i have a break i actually already have the footage that i did wait back so as soon as i sit down and i’m able to head it through all that footage you’ll get up brake fluid change brake pad changed front and

Rear a air filter change and also i’ll do the ushe i’m also planning on doing the mirrors an install video on these mirrors these lovely alfa moto comm mirrors with the integrated turn signals and also adding a 12-volt outlet which is very easy but i’ll show you how i did it install mine in the trunk on my i’m a bike here so i’ll do all those videos and hopefully

If i do get the fire blade hopefully i’d like to upload all those maintenance videos before i start working on the new fire blades videos so that way it completes the videos for this 2008 honda cbr 600 of larr and then we can move to the next chapter which will be either the 2012 or 2013 honda cbr1000rr ike i said i do not desire any more power it has nothing to

Do with power i’ve had this bike for almost a year it’s 11 months next month it’ll be one full year anniversary since i’ve had this bike here and i’m still thrilled with the speed on this bike and actually i’m still really kind of getting used to the bike to be honest with you the power is just amazing like i said for you new riders out there and that you’ve met

For those of you guys that have never ridden a motorcycle in your life you don’t know how to shift i’m telling you guys you guys are absolute idiots to start on a a 600 super sport especially the newer ones maybe the older ones you can get by on because they’re not as fast you know like some of the 90s six hundreds but these newer fire blades excuse me these newer

Six hundreds are a lot more powerful then you know other six hundreds like i said these bike this bike in 2008 when sport rider magazine they had a shootout they actually ran this fight this bike did ten point five two in the quarter-mile i mean that’s not far off from from leader bike terror tommy leader bikes pull i think the honda fireblade can do maybe like

A tent like a nine nine maybe so it’s not even the full second faster in the quarter-mile might you’ve now top in the fire bed fire blade will probably you know beat the six hundred up but the quarter-mile it’s really not that big of a difference i’m an experienced professional rider or experienced rider that’s really good and hitting the drag strip they could

Probably beat somebody on a leader bike that’s not that experience they can probably beat them with this bike so you know it’s really in the city you know on the streets out here really this is all the power you need man i mean like i said it’s 0 to 100 and 6.5 seconds i mean what on the street there’s no reason to have a bike they can do you know zero to 100

In like five seconds it’s just it’s pointless man and it’s gonna get probably get you into trouble possibly i know if you can control yourself that’s fine i don’t know if i can control myself i can’t hardly do it on this 600 but like i said i’m only getting the bike because i want to complete the trilogy i wanna add a lot more information to my channel on all it

Be sweet to have all three bikes you know the whole cbi lineup except for now they have what the cbr500r and i may get one of those who knows instead of the ezio 9 i may add that as a second bike in the future in that way i can have the whole cbr collection on my channel maintenance videos review videos and all so that’s my goal and but yeah the new fire plate is

Growing on me you know every time i see it i think it looks better it gets better and better every time i see it but uh as far as looks in my opinion i think the i love the the bmw hp4 or the the bmw s1000 double r i think that is a hottest looking bike it’s asymmetrical not everybody likes the design of it but i love it it’s so ugly it’s pretty you know and you

Know if i if i do well next year and save up a bunch of money i may put in an order for bmw hp4 just to have in the garage you know as a collector’s edition or something i rode the cbr 250r for like i said five months and i felt very comfortable on that bike i actually have i got a little i’m a speed freak i love i love just blaze in the back roads man it just like

Cranking the throttle and just letting it loose here and there just doing even dislike zero-to-sixty runs and like you know three four seconds i get an adrenaline rush from that you know not everybody likes to do that some of you guys are just cruiser guys you know you’re not really into the speed and all but i’m into the speed so the cbr 250r it got boring for me

You know i hate to say it because it’s cliche to say that the 250 will get bored with it after a while but i’ll be honest with you i did get bored with the speed i didn’t love i love the fuel efficiency that had i got a team up close to 80 miles per gallon average on there it was nice taking long cruises on it was comfortable and i love that aspect to it but as

Far as you know fulfilling that that urge to crank the throttle and just gun it and do you know like i said it’s a row to 60 or like you know three three four seconds you know that bike you didn’t like zero to 16 like nine seconds so it just wasn’t happening on that bike and but like i said i would i loved learning on that bike it helped me learn how to handle the

Corners properly it you know i learned a great deal on that bike and i wouldn’t take back the experience for nothing and i recommend everybody start on a 250 you know it’s light and so good that’s what you really want in a bike you wanna when you’re first starting off you want a light light that you can throw around it can help build confidence you know although

These six hundreds are like these days this bike only weighs this 2008 600 rr only weighs what 410 pounds wet so it’s really not that far off from the 250 i think the 250 mate weighed about maybe out 370 wet so we’re talking to a difference of no more than 40 pounds and that’s about the same difference from the 600 rr and the the cbr1000rr so it’s not that big of

A difference so i wouldn’t say the way the issue isn’t the weight issue isn’t that big of a difference what with that bite being so light being extra light and not being so powerful it’s going to help you build the confidence you know if you crank the throttle too hard around the turn it’s not going to fishtail and then if you pull a high side crash on the bike

You know that bike is very forgiving it’s gonna allow you to crank the hell out of that throttle and nothing happened you can’t do that on this bike man this bike when i first got on this bike this bike put my ass in check man real quick you know i crank the throttle a little hard and i fishtailed on a corner over some it was some gravel and a man i said whoa you

Can’t do it on this bike you can’t play around with that you got to stay steady on the throttle through the turns sharp turns on this bike because this bike will really hand your ass to you man serious it’s no joke and i don’t give a what you all you guys out there to say you started on a boosah liter bikes and all the half of you guys are talking out of your

Ass and talking with them for those of you guys that did do it half of you only ride in a straight line i can put a monkey on this bike and teach you to ride in a straight line man that’s not that that’s nothing you know for those of you guys that don’t like turns and you just like riding in a straight line again you’ll probably be fine but you go around this

Turn like this here man some turns like that you crank that throttle too hard on this super sport let’s go let’s go show you your ass for real it’s no joke man these bikes are not toys these bikes are not to be played with a lot of you guys crash you know you get these bikes like i said in my other video you your your friends tell you don’t start on a 250 your

And all that you get a big bike and then a hand to your ass the next thing you know you know you’re putting it up for sale you’re training it in and you’re you’re selling it to the dealer or whatever and you never ride a bike again because it scared the out of you and i seen a lot by the time i go to deal with all the time and i see bikes in there you know with

Like we’re like freaking 100 miles on there and like like skid marks on the side of the bike or cruel you know ranch fairings and or crack mirror or something and i don’t know why to be honest with you i don’t know why the dealers leave that on the bike instead of just fixing it up but you’d be surprised at some of these dealers that just take bikes crash bikes

In and just resell it on the floor all messed up when i went to go buy my bike there was like it’s like six or seven bikes what with the rashed up fairings and crack fairings and broken mirrors and and i’m like how do you why don’t you guys fix it up you know why try to hide the damage or something like i guess they d they’re cheating they don’t want to spend

Extra money and i guess they find suckers out there that’ll buy a crash that bike they had a 2000 and i thought my bike at state eight in ohio and peninsula ohio and they had crashed up bikes in there they had one in our 2008 honda cbr 600 double r like mine and man the whole side was up and the mirror was cracked and everything else and then no i don’t think the

Mirror was cracked mind you but it was i know the fairings rover cracked and were rashed and they tried to sell that bike for like eight thousand eight dollars like over like $8,500 or something crazy and it had like i don’t have like eight or nine thousand miles i don’t know these people are crazy man i guess they find a sucker to buy like that i don’t know but

Anyways let me get out of here head back home and we’ll see you guys next time peace stay safe out on the streets guys if you get a chance visit my website at psycho cruiser comm and check out the new forum i just added in my website and join in on the discussion also like my facebook page over at forward slash cycle cruise up one

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250cc to 600cc to 1000cc – My Bike is For Sale By CycleCruza