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3 Laws that Endanger Motorcycle Riders

No surprise to anyone paying attention but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to laws and motorcycles. Do some traffic laws actively increase your risk factor instead of minimizing it?

So that’s my stopping distance when you’re an expert at threshold braking you become proficient at using the minimum amount of space so if we want to be like a little more exciting maybe stand just like right here for the next shot and get like yeah yeah it gets super close like my front tire won’t even graze you like right there i blame ban ki-moon see

Anti-lock brakes are mandatory in many countries which is fair enough except for where slowing down requires a skid on low traction surfaces anti-lock brakes just keep rolling until you roll into your cameraman which is why there are provisions for disabling abs off-road again fair enough however and this is where i blame ban ki-moon abs is legally required

To re-arm itself on every ignition cycle according to united nations global technical regulation number three which is a hellish law i get what they’re trying to prevent some idiot goes off-road disables his abs forgets his own settings when he rejoins the pavement then grabs a ham fist of breaks and dies but in trying to save the from himself the law hurts

A more conscientious rider who turns his abs off wants it off but is screwed when the bike automatically re-arms itself and careens off a dirt road because the tires refuse to lock up our law should presume intelligence rather than incompetence the safest place for abs settings to be is wherever the rider decided to leave them now picture this you’re cruising

Down pennsylvania avenue when you hit the crush of traffic stop here and you’re liable to get rear-ended by the first tweeting twit or senile septugenarian to drive up behind you on a motorcycle that’s fatal the solution is lane filtering allowing motorcyclists to pass between cars when traffic is moving slower than 30 kilometers an hour and the motorcycle is

Moving less than 10 kilometers an hour faster than traffic not to be confused with lane splitting which requires suicidal faith in other people’s driving and is rightfully illegal the problem is that slow lane filtering is illegal too in much of the states in canada and a few similarly primitive countries why if we stack bikes here they’re sitting ducks and

The jam is bigger for everybody whereas if we let motorcycles filter through then the jam is smaller for everyone plus all these cars have seen the bikes go by that’s a better motorcycle awareness program than the ads your government pays for we also avoid overheating air-cooled engines which happens when they stand still in traffic not to mention that every

Vehicle gets zero miles per gallon and suffocates baby seal when it’s not moving the only reason filtering hasn’t been legalized is safety and yes there are studies to show how low speed accidents increase when cars and motorcycles are in such close proximity there are also studies that show how filtering decreases a rider’s chance of being seriously injured

And even more statistics that prove that motorcycle accidents per capita are lower in the countries that allow filtering my professional opinion is that anyone pulling safety conclusions from the current body of research might as well pull them from their ass meaning this is the true reason lane filtering is illegal crab is like if i’m gonna die we all gonna

Die like crabs in a bucket a car driver mentality is if i can’t get out neither can you perhaps it’s unsurprising that people who drive boxes can’t think outside of them but these are the same folk who complain about traffic who call themselves the green generation hypocrites you want fewer cars on the road then legalize filtering so there’s actually some

Motivation for commuters to switch to a bike now motorcyclists can’t turn right crashes on right-hand curves heavily outweigh those on left-handers a phenomenon that also plagues cars as noted by the association for the advancement of automotive medicine it’s true motorists suck at turning right i’m not an ambi turner it’s a problem i had since i was a baby

Stupid as it sounds the behavior is logically explainable compared to a rider curving left the right hander always has a tighter radius and therefore requires a lower speed then there’s our sight line when we look ahead through a left curve we have no choice but to notice the lane of oncoming traffic whereas when we look through a right curve we’re blind to

Whatever else is happening on the road there’s a psychological factor too i won’t take left-handers quickly because i know if i overshoot them i’m going into the trees whereas riders are more likely to push themselves and right-handers because subconsciously they’re aware that they can drift wide without running out of pavement so right curves are more dangerous

And the reasons trace back to our most fundamental law that we must drive on the right side of the road now before ut sippers get all chuffed know that riding on the left wouldn’t help that just creates the same dangers in reverse there’s no universal solution like american politics left and right are both undesirable but going up the middle isn’t an option

There is a personal solution however just be more careful in right-hand curves thanks for watching that’s it

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3 Laws that Endanger Motorcycle Riders By FortNine