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3 Reasons to buy a Trike

Here’s 3 good reasons to buy a trike.

Listen up buttercup here’s three good reasons to buy a trike number three the rcfa kinda so a a bike is in a straight line and one wood at the front one wheel at the back and therefore balance on the bike can sometimes be a kind of a i guess a little bit sketchy especially got bad legs bad back heavy passengers all that kind of stuff but on a trike the trike is

Based upon a triangular frame with a wheel in each corner and you can’t spill them so when you’re pulling up to traffic lights you don’t have to worry about balance and all that kind of good stuff also trey’s got much bigger profile so as you’re coming along the road it’s a lot easier to see a trick it’s three times as wide as a a normal motorcycle and so it’s

Much easier to spot and you can’t ride a trike that we’ve seen where you ride a bike you can’t go as fast in the corners it makes you ride a lot lot slower um and that in itself means that things are a little bit more safer so if you’ve got bad back you’ve got bad bad legs balance problems all that kind of good stuff right and we’re not good stuff but bad stuff i

Guess all that stuff then a trike is perfect for you number two is that the cool the turn heads and now cool is subjective so i guess a lot of bikers out there will disagree the tracks are cool and some bikers look down on trikes as being cheating but you don’t see many trikes on the road they’re quite uncommon um and when you do see one it does turn heads now

The demographic of those heads which are turning are not the ones that you’d probably want this this isn’t 20 and 30 of all women standing and staring at a trade go past it’s it’s kids and men yeah that’s it turns heads but they do they do honestly the amount of times that people stop and look and we have a zombie and pastor me on the trike is um it’s every time

I go actually every single time they’re cool they are they’re really cool honestly look at them look at them and number one which is the main reason i bought a trach um which is you can ride them on a car license and that is as long as um you pass your test this is in the uk by the way as long as you pass your test before 2013 you are legally allowed to ride

A trike of a quad on the boards with your car license i think after 2013 if you pass your test you then need to um that doesn’t apply you then need to take your bike test and all that kind of good stuff but if you want to have some cool kind of um bike style adventures and you haven’t went through your lessons you haven’t took your test and all that kind of stuff

And you’re looking for something to get started on and you have a particular age which allowed you to pass your trust test before 2013 then boom a trait is the one for you and that’s the main reason i was looking at drift cars and i was looking at quads a few different things as a toy but i settled on trikes and that is like the main reasons because you ride them

On a car license and that’s it three super good reasons to buy a trike

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3 Reasons to buy a Trike By CantShakeTheCliche