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3 Things That NEED to be Changed on the Ninja 650

Welcome back to Motoblade, today I am giving you my Top 3 things that need to change on the Kawasaki Ninja 650. After making these changes I think the motorcycle will be almost the perfect sport bike! If you are considering buying a Kawasaki Ninja 650 or you have already bought one, this video is definitely for you!

We’ll come back to motor blade everyone today i’m going over my top three things that i would change and that i am going to change on the kawasaki ninja 650 so stick around well i’ve had this bike for about a month and i will tell you guys it is a fantastic ride it is so much fun it’s awesome i really enjoy it it’s really fast it’s a great bike it’s a great

Contrast to the indian chieftain darkhorse which is a big not slow but a slower cruiser type bike so it’s really fun having two different types of bikes to play around on and as much as i do love the 650 there are some things that i’m going to change so we’re gonna start off with number one and that is the windscreen now this might sound like heresy to sport

Bike riders because well most of them like a low-profile windscreen they get that short bubble screen and they want to have a very low profile in the front but for me i like to travel and go longer distances and even if i am going to race this or take it to a track i’m gonna have to travel a good distance to get there from where i live in new england so for me a

Taller windscreen is really a comfort thing it’s going to direct the wind up and over hopefully a lot better i’m looking at the kawasaki tall windshield and i have this windshield the stock one in the utmost position right now and it’s much better than being down low but where it is in the utmost position it’s causing a major problem for me and that is not really

The wind so much is the bugs the bugs get funneled right off the top of that windscreen and straight into the visor on my helmet i cleaned my helmet off before i came out here and within five to ten minutes it’s already bug splatter maybe that’s just a vermont thing or a new england thing i’ll know but giving the kawasaki tall windshield it’s got a bit of a curve

To it to flip the air up and over it’s four inches taller than this one and three inches wider so hopefully they’ll direct the bugs up and over my helmet rather than straight into my visor it’ll also help with the wind noise and the comfort when riding so that’s my number one thing that i want to do number two i talked about doing on my vulcan s but i have gone

Ahead and done it already to the kawasaki ninja 650 and that is i have replaced the horn you guys have heard the horns on these things they sound like a vespa okay it’s like a scooter hurry up hurry over device scooter so i have gone and replaced it with the denali sound bomb and you guys will see the video of me installing that in an upcoming video here on the

Channel they’re super loud it’s basically a small compressor and small airhorn so i’m gonna let you guys hear what it sounds like right here much much louder than the stock little electric 12-volt horn having a compressor in an actual air horn on bike makes a big difference so much louder i think it’s a hundred twenty decibels or 124 i don’t know what it is but

It’s stinkin loud definitely worth it it’s a good safety feature to have i like it a lot the install was a little bit obnoxious on this bike but i will show you guys how i did it in that upcoming video so if you want put on your ninja you guys will see how to do that number three number three is something i ordered for this bike the first day i bought the bike and

Brought it home but it’s taken a month for them to make it custom and get it to me and that is a custom seat i looked at a couple of different companies if you guys have been around my channel you’ll see that i got a custom saddleman seat for my indian chieftain dark horse and that is just oh it’s so comfortable if there’s there’s nothing else like it having that

Much pure comfort when riding a bike is amazing so i went back to saddle men i was gonna give him some brand loyalty but they didn’t make one for this bike they make one for the ninja so i ended up going with korben korben made one for me custom with the materials i wanted and the stitching color i wanted i got them to match the colors of the bike with that candy

Burnt orange so it should look really cool it’s on its way it should be here hopefully by next week and i will get a video up for you guys and some pictures of that seat but having a custom seat on a motorcycle i never thought you needed one i didn’t think much of them i thought the guys who did it were just pansies but now that i have had a custom seat on my bike

I will never ever go back to just having stock seats it’s just worth it for the extra hours of comfort i can have riding now don’t get me wrong the stock seat on the ninja 650 is way better i think than probably any stock seat i’ve tried on other sport bikes particularly kawasaki if i compare back to the vulcan s that seat was terrible i mean after 45 minutes my

Butt was having an out-of-body experience he was no longer attached to me it hurt so bad the stock seat on this bike however i have been able to ride with it for to two and a half hours you know in between tank phillips and i’m a bit sore when i get off but it’s not bad it really isn’t bad for considering it’s a really stiff stock seat on a sport bike i’m gonna

Throw in a fourth one for you guys here a little bonus something else i did and you guys again you’ll see this in upcoming video it’s not in my top three but the parts happened to arrive before anything else so we just went ahead and did it and that is a fender eliminator kit i consider the windshield and the seat a comfort thing and the horn a safety thing that’s

Why those are my top three and the fender eliminator kit is more of just vanity i think it cleans up the bike and makes it look really nice getting rid of that giant hunk of plastic off the back so we did a tst industries fender eliminator kit that looks really good it’s got led turn signals now and an led license plate light and an undertale closeout and an

Adjustable license plate bracket looks good it cleans up the whole bike very nicely makes it look much sporty-er in my opinion more like it’s ready for track day so that’s a fourth one not my top three but something else that we have done to the bike i’ve done a few other little comfort modifications as well minor things like i put an atlas throttle lock on over

Here which is pretty nice just giving your hand to the ability to take your the pressure off your right wrist when you’re riding even if it’s only for a few seconds it really makes a big difference oh this road is so bad covering so many potholes i’m trying to dodge them we’ve also got some snakeskin knee pads on the tank helps keep me from sliding forward if i

Have to brake in a hurry so some minor comfort things like that nothing huge but they do add to the overall experience in the riding comfort of your motorcycle so is there anything that you guys think i missed or something that you’ve done to your ninja 650 or something you’d like to see me do to my ninja 650 let me know down the comments talk to me i love hearing

From you guys give me some ideas of what modifications you would like to see upcoming on this bike let me know if you’ve tried any of these mods on your bike especially if you guys have any other suggestions for a taller windshield i’m just gonna go with the kawasaki brand but if you guys have one better let me know down below i’ll take it into consideration i

Hope you all enjoyed this video if you did please hit that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel it’s the big red button put the bell icon next to it i’ll give you guys notifications when there are new videos to watch right here on moto blade you guys know what to do until next time be careful out there y’all ride safe right on okay dueces

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