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MW2 3rd person mode – tap LIKE if you enjoy! 👍

Try hard shades this ak-74u why is it hitting so hard a little better for launch changing mags yo this setup is sick i don’t know if you guys tried the third person mode having the ability to see around walls allows you to anticipate enemies movements because obviously you see them but also they could see you you’re gonna have to play kind of smart so in the

Beta some people were not really digging when you aimed down sight that it didn’t stay in third person they updated it so it does i haven’t tried it yet unless you have a four time scope so a four time scope and higher it’ll go to first person anything less they said it’ll stay in third so first time on this map first time playing third person since the launch

Let’s freaking do this hate it or love it let me know what you think what you like what you don’t oh got a sniper on here man it’s it’s so different it honestly feels like a brand new game and in third person i noticed you have higher frames too i think that’s the main reason i was digging it more in the beta because ps4 pro what’s kind of struggling bro this

Map is kind of dope dang look how bright it is in here getting out man okay dude i could tell though once we learn the maps get a better feel for the spawns and everything pee pee poop damn dude it’s actually tough to survive you kill and die so easily in this game the third person is insane makes you play so much differently always peeking the corners i’m

Actually getting messed up bad foreign gotta use your cover so much dude literally abuse it level 10 bro ccoli drop shot seems really effective in here it makes you more accurate too yo we got the mp7 i’m gonna have to step my flipping game up if i want to compete with these late night sweats i gotta become sweat now that we got our tryhardt don’t worry i got

My tryhard shades on don’t worry try hard shades it’s the shades chase fp7 is my favorite gun already in this game i have nothing on it and i already like it more than everything else i used once you get moving though you don’t want to stop moving foreign be advised uav i need to get attachments for this because i’m lacking in certain engagements i know with

More attachments even though it’s third person it will help friendly uav on stations come on boys i gotta put something on here playing this third person mode definitely makes the game feel different you would forget your playing call of duty but then you get reminded real quick when you die in two bullets alright so i’ll be 100 honest with you guys i’ve been

Getting absolutely torched i bet getting torched i’m level 11 going against 36s 22s i’m getting actually torched alive i never thought like call of duty could punish you so bad but the spm bro will make you feel like you wish you weren’t alive at times like there’s times where you literally want to break something maybe everything all right maybe every day this

Ain’t the range for me boss like i already want to break something ain’t that crazy it’s only a matter in time until we find the best weapon for third person for every mode every situation it’s like there’s something about this m4 i made it’s not good for this third person mode you shoot underwater and cut you can slice under water this ak-74u why is it hitting

So hard deploying portable radar more ammo all right let me call something down then this gun’s way better what four o’clock oh i love it the more i play it the more i like it interesting the third person shooting is legit i should have waited a little longer don’t forget oh my god dude chill y’all no i can’t see you okay was getting kind of close toward

The end dude miss this might be the sweatiest call of duty game somehow every year it gets sweatier and sweatier this big rocket on my back’s gotta go we’re taking alpha securing objective alpha reloading jesus bravo the enemy controls two objectives dude it’s always the angle you’re not looking at that gets you gotta be cracked out later player the

Drop shot’s gonna be insane i need more attachments a little better foreign we’ve got him on the run jesus the maneuvers mission company third person mode man crazy i feel like i died a lot more than i wanted but sometimes you just you just die okay if you enjoyed it your thumbs up means a lot if you haven’t subscribed already join the team and stay elite

With the umpire i’m gonna keep playing leveling up going for camos challenges finding the best setups you name it new call of duty new year so much opportunity for growth and exposure getting yourself out there having fun with it doing what you love and don’t stop bro don’t stop pretty much talking to myself here plenty of content to come keep your eyes peeled

I’m gonna see you guys in the next one we out peace foreign

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3RD PERSON MODE in Modern Warfare 2 HITS DIFFERENT! By EliteShot