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4×4 Van hitch mount motorcycle carrier

Review of Harbor Freight motorcycle carrier

Hey everybody 4×4 band videos here i’m finally getting this thing really close to the way i want it of course i’ve had this interior done for some time i always like to show the interior that’s the bed in the back and in the front as a table and this is a galley here and behind these double doors is a bathroom with a porta potti so i put my racks on there got some

Racks from my brother roof racks and i got my stand-up paddleboard on there and what i really wanted to show everybody today there’s an updated video i showed one earlier this is my new harbor freight motorcycle carrier it holds up to 400 pounds it comes with the hitch up to this point and i had to buy this double hitch to get it out farther from the truck and get

It lower to the ground because this truck so high but the beauty of this hitch is i could put this part up here and then my regular trailer hitch down below and i would be able to haul my boat with it sweet huh now i’d be able to haul my motorcycle in my boat at the same time i don’t know if there’d be room to haul my travel trailer underneath this setup i don’t

Know if the tongue would stick out far enough with the jack to do that sure would be sweet if i could pull that off i could haul my travel trailer and my i got my wife 150cc moped and so will at least be able to go camping with the van setup maybe not the travel trailer but we would be able to haul the moped with the van so so in a little bit of a review of this

I’ll show you how quick this ramp comes off i could do this one hand it you loosen this wing nut and you loosen this jam nut and then this ramp goes on here nice and low for loading or you just lift it here i am i’ll show you over here then what we have here is you pull this right out i’m turning right here it comes out and your wheel drops in here and then these

Clamps there’s wing knot here to tighten and loosen and then this is just sin i can’t do it right now there we go and then this just in and these clamp on your wheels on your wheel would be down below this bar and then this bar is a safety feature same thing here and these are adjustable there’s 1 2 3 positions you could take one out or both of them out and drop

Your wheel in then put this through the top your wheel or just put one in the center whatever would work out for you so that is the review on that this came from harbor freight for 124 dollars this extender was $29 on sale for 22 the club membership i don’t have the club membership but um i had a problem with this ramp it if you can see that it was bent down and

The corner worked a lot where you read books on him well i just took an adjustable big adjustable wrench and hooked it on there and pulled it back up and straightened it and because i did that the manager at the harbor freight store was kind and he says well i’m so glad you didn’t return it i’m glad you just fixed it yourself and he gave me the discount price on

This which brought it back down to 22 instead of 29 everybody kind of rags on harbor freight i don’t know i i kind of attempted to do that in the beginning myself but i tell you what for the money and the quality i don’t think you can beat it i want to show you underneath the original crimps the original design was not like this one if you look under here see the

Steel bracket it bolts with three bolts originally this part was aluminum angle and it bolted this way and it tended to crack and break off and some people complained in the early version this is a new version this is all steel with two steel webs and three bolts on the side and three on the other side very strong you won’t have any problems as long as you stay

Within the parameters it’s 400 pound gross weight and you’d want to stay with that so i guess that’s enough for now describing this video of this little ramp and let’s go ahead and put the ramp back on you’ll see how easy this is making a wire out of myself okay here we go pipe it down there well uh not bad i fumbled around because this little pin i will get

Better i’ll figure this howard anyway thanks everybody for watching this little 4×4 ran video again and as i said we’re ready to bug out

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4×4 Van hitch mount motorcycle carrier By highwatercircutrider