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5 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Crashes & How To Prevent Them


So during my after-action review process i have to watch a ton of motorcycle crashes in a ton of motorcycle close calls and what i found is that there’s about four or five common denominators when it comes to the motorcycle crashes over close calls and it’s all gonna be the motorcyclist so guys what we’re gonna be doing today is we’re gonna be talking about five

Common causes of motorcycle crashes and how to prevent them the beautiful thing about it being the motorcyclists fault is that we have control over how we fix them if it was always this trucks for jeeps fault or this other trucks fault i don’t have control of what they’re doing so i’m actually thankful that it’s typically the motorcycle riders fault so the biggest

One that i typically see is that people tend to panic brake that is terrible panic braking is usually caused by a lack of situational awareness because you if you were situationally aware and you understood this was happening this is about to happen and you’re paying attention to all the flows of traffic and what’s happening with driver behavior then you typically

Won’t become a panic breaker you more than likely it’ll be okay i got an engine brake or apply a progressive brake pressure so typically what happens is that when you’re going out and you’re riding you’re supposed to be in a yellow stage white stages in your sleeping yellow stage is kind of how i am right now i’m zoned in paying attention looking around orange

Stage is when you see a hazard pop up like typically it’s gonna be an intersection so when i travel through this intersection i’ll be an orange stage and then you have red stage where you’re utilizing your skills that you have practiced like emergency swerve or emergency braking and then if you get all the way down to brown stage you basically don’t do what you’re

Supposed to do and you poop yourself so we do not want to be in brown stage we want to stay in yellow and then maybe orange if that while we’re riding hopefully you never have to use red stage so when people panic brake what happens is that they’re way too close to the vehicle in front of them so if this person applied the brakes and i wasn’t paying attention i’m

Just looking at this camera while they’re applying the brakes and all of a sudden i look up like oh crap and i grab a fistful of front brake that’s gonna be the common cause of that type of accident now how do we prevent that well like i said with the whole awareness chart in the situational awareness we need to be getting our selves that space cushion as you can

Tell i have this massive space cushion between the vehicle in front of me you can actually see one two and three car lengths basically is in between this now that is gonna give me a good opportunity to see if there’s anything happening especially around them i have good line-of-sight and then on top of that it allows me to have the stopping distance so i can utilize

My progressive brake pressure now that this is a good opportunity that this person got in front of me i’m gonna roll off the throttle and that’s gonna engine brake for me and that’s gonna allow me to open up the space cushion even more if i have to also not paying attention to it what is it called a red light well i don’t know why i said it like that but what is

A red light is that a lot of people aren’t paying attention and they’re gonna slam the brakes another thing here is that you’re gonna have all these people want to get into my lane because it’s the shortest one and you got to watch out for that so you don’t panic so once again rider behaviors you want to learn more about that please subscribe because i do after

Extra views weekly and i make sure i talk about these topics and what to look out for alright so we’re gonna jump into the next one i’m gonna keep my eyes open for all these things and this is gonna be a great opportunity because there’s quite a bit of people here waiting to turn now it’s right there that’s a waiting to turn turn left in front of us but we also

Have people especially for in the right lane is that here’s waiting to turn but then here’s also waiting to turn so you have this blue vehicle waiting to turn what happens is that people have terrible judge of speed not only just for car drivers but definitely for motorcycle riders see see i’m keeping my space cushion no panic for this vehicle look at perfect now

I got a red light coming so what’s happening there is they’re not paying attention or they are paying attention but they can’t just judge our speed so how do we fix that what you do is that you start to present yourself a little better humans are able to react a lot better with light so light is gonna be the biggest thing high vis gear can help you out a little

Bit but the one thing that people definitely see are lights we are trained to see lights we’re trained to see fire lights we’re trained to seen police lights all those different things so what do we have on our motorcycle that will help us out in that situation our head like so what we do is make it move so just go ahead and move it a little bit just like this

We’re not doing enough to where we’re gonna cause ourselves to lose traction but just enough to where it’s like oh that light is moving back and forth like this that is going to allow us to be seen and hopefully that person sees us but if not because i have sun to my back and people looking my way can’t see because the sun’s blaring on them is get prepared go to

That orange stage if you absolutely have to and reach and hover for those brakes just in case and get ready for that red stage if you have to swerve or emergency brake the next thing that i see quite a bit is that people do not understand that things in your path to travel will cause you to crash so the path that travels me basically right here and then anything

Where i’m going so it can be backwards side to side straight ahead but right now it’s gonna be straight ahead so one of the biggest things that i see is that people do not see debris on the road which is gonna be a road surface hazard or this guy want waiting to turn left in front of me okay you stay there not in my path to travel another thing is that you have

Vehicles all of a sudden merging into your lane and applying the brakes which will cause that panic braking so always keeping your eyes scanning so what i’m doing right now is it’s a red light way up ahead is i’m looking at the red light ratcheting back to here going forward ratcheting back going forward and ratcheting back like a ratchet strap if you ever haul

A motorcycle so that is what i’m doing i’m consistently looking back and forth back and forth back and forth at the ground that’s gonna give me a good line-of-sight so that i could see what’s happening ahead of time also just a quick little tidbit is that whenever you come to an intersection like this and you have to stop take a look at everything so we’re gonna

Jump into the next one and the next one is to be graveled so you see all this gravel right here you see how the road changes from like a dark to like a light that is a bunch of gravel so if i had to make a left turn through here for some reason if i accelerated super hard and hit that gravel it’s gonna cause me to have that loss of traction also you got a lot of

Oil and debris on the ground so oil debris and gravel anything that’s gonna be a loss of traction is gonna be one of the biggest things that i’ve seen on these after-action review especially when in the middle of a turn so the way things work with the tire is that your tires have to be warmed up the tire have to be warm so that it’s gonna be malleable it’s gonna be

Able to go into the asphalt and all the aggregate all the rock that is on the asphalt on the ground so what gravel is gonna do is that it’s going to be a barrier between your tires and the ground and that is not something you want to do especially when you’re applying any type of acceleration deceleration or turning so acceleration is throttle usage deceleration is

Also rolling up throttle and do some injured braking but then also having progressive brake pressure to that front or rear tire and then turning is turning so you need traction for all those things and gravel or any type of debris is going to reduce that to where if you apply any of that it’s gonna cause you to basically dump that bike so what you want to do if you

Have any debris like any any anything at all on the ground like sand maybe some rocks is it you’re gonna want to go over it nice and smoothly and as upright as possible if you’re going over it straight like this if there’s a bunch of gravel in my path what i’m gonna do is just go over nice and straight and relax a little bit i’m not gonna put a lot of acceleration

A lot of deceleration no braking no turning on it also if it’s an actual object let’s stick your butt up just a little bit and go over the object if you cannot avoid it so right now i’m in an orange stage because i have all this traffic around me kind of feel boxed in so far everything has to do with seeing the hazard ahead of time making sure that your zone did

Not zoned out and then utilizing your skills the appropriate way by not getting into that brown stage so one thing that i do see quite a bit is people’s about to miss their turn or their getting up to an area where they have to turn but they’re going way too fast so the next one is going to be too much speed through a corner so we have this corner coming up ahead

What i need to do is set up for this corner so i’m gonna go ahead and slow down relax and get myself ready for this okay so right now i’m in orange stage just because i have this vehicle behind me and then i also need to make this turn because i got look and ratchet myself to see if there’s any debris looking left looking this way looking left looking forward doing

It nice and easy see how that was just a super easy nice turn a lot of people what they do is that in the middle of the turn because they were not paying attention that there’s either a vehicle coming or there’s road debris in the ground and what they do is in the middle of the turn they they accelerate through it and what that’s gonna do is it’s you’re to lose

Traction on that rear tire dump the bike so as a beginner rider or an intermediate rider you should not be doing that and you should be setting up prior to the turn so what we’re gonna do another turn coming up here just so i can show you exactly what i’m talking about specifically so we have this turn right here it’s a right turn only lane what i’m gonna be doing

Is setting up using my indication looking around down shifting prior to the turn and utilizing this big area as a way to slow it down now right here once again i’m gonna look there’s any debris nobody coming no debris nice and easy that’s it that’s all you have to do especially if you’re coming into a turn or into a parking lot like this now we’re gonna do a u-turn

Even though there’s a bunch of gravel by keeping the bike upright so that’s a little extra tidbit the only other situation that you’re gonna have when it comes to these turns especially at a higher rate of speed is that when you get to an intersection and you’re about to make a left turn but it turns yellow on you so a lot of people tend to accelerate through that

Turn and once again cause themselves to dump the bike because they lose traction on that rear tire either through gravel or too much acceleration mid turn or too much lean angle of the bike itself everything here is dictated by how situationally where you are if you can see the hazard ahead of time if you notice that it’s gonna stagnate green light like it is

Right now should i gun it to this green light and try to make this left turn no i’m gonna go ahead and take my time if i happily have to stay at this light i will stay at this light knowing that there is certain hazards like people coming into my path to travel like this i’m gonna go ahead and present myself so that my light is bobbing back and forth also we have

All this debris on the ground so i’m going to avoid this debris we have somebody else coming into my path to travel i’m gonna go ahead and slow down because now this person’s slowing down so i can have more of a space cushion we have this person wanting to come out this person wanting to come out i’m gonna go ahead and accelerate through the hazard and get away

From this and then get back into a safe spot you’re consistently doing this day in day out every second of the ride and what you need to be doing is paying attention that is the biggest thing here guys pay attention so that we can get rid of these common hazards that we see pretty much people with good skills not avoiding so with that said hope you guys ride say

Be safe and if you like this hole where i travel and i talk about certain hazards while i’m riding please click that subscribe button and let me know in the comments because i love doing ride along with dandan fireman where i can show you everything that could possibly kill me while i’m riding

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