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5 easy tips how to handle your bike easier and more efficient. Thanks to Hayes Powersport for supporting this RokON vlog & super calipers & t-shirts. Enjoy the vlog!

What’s up guys it’s me rock boggers professional freestyle rider and in the past years i have been teaching people how to do tricks and how to improve the riding in general and today i’m gonna show you five easy tips how to handle your bike easier and more efficient for any type of rider let’s go so let’s start with a super easy one but a very handy one the side

Stand turn this skill you use when you want to turn the bike on the very tight spot and it’s way way quicker than the push and pull technique as you can see you don’t need to apply a lot of force you’re using the balance point of the bike and no matter which type of bike and here is how you do it you put down the side stand don’t be afraid it will not break

Or bend and then okay so then with the left hand you go on the throttle you pull the handlebar towards the tank with the right hand you go on the back side of the bike and then you pull the bike to you and lift up the front wheel then you switch the legs and hold the bike here on on the right leg and then you lift the rear part of the bike on the stand and you

See it now it’s balancing and then when it’s balancing you’re ready to turn the bike one important tip before you start to turn the bike is to apply force more backwards so the side stand cannot close so now we are ready to turn slowly step by step small steps and if you feel you are losing the balance leave the bike back and start once again pivoting the bike so

Up switch the legs pull up and then we continue to turn boom easy as that two quick tips before you do the side stand turn check the floor it shouldn’t be a soft tarmac otherwise you’re going to make a big hole into the floor what a hole and you don’t want to do that and if you’re doing adventure off-roading and you hit the soft ground then you can find a bigger

Stone or piece of wood and place it under the side stand so you can turn the bike i cannot put enough into words how important is the next riding tip it’s the so-called two-finger clutch style usually my students are using four fingers on the clutch which is my opinion way too much power on the clutch and you cannot hold the handlebar properly the right way to

Do it is two finger on the clutch and two finger on the handlebar with this style you have more control on the handlebar and more feeling on the clutch and this comes handy when you ride through the traffic jam or on the technical off-road riding a simple and a very effective way to practice your two-finger clutch style is the so-called circle exercise you can

Do it at home or on a empty parking lot you just need to find some cones or some stones or whatever to make a circle where you’re gonna practice approach the circle from the outside and when you feel comfortable enter the circle second thing is body position don’t look down on your front wheel but turn your upper body into direction you want to go look in this

Direction automatically the upper body will turn and help you to make the circle and to make the tight circle put your bottom on the outer edge of the seat the next thing is controlling the speed you do that with the clutch try to find the clutch point means the point where the clutch is sliding and the second thing use the foot brake and with the combination of

Those two things you will have a smooth speed in the tight circle and don’t use the front brake if you do it you will lose the balance once you are comfortable with this exercise you can of course challenge yourself and make the circle smaller and with this you will push your two-finger clutch skills even more yo guys this episode is supported by my friends haze

Powersports from usa they sent me this heavy box they said there is something special for my super adventure and for you my subscribers so i would say it’s time to unbox it bullseye boom check this oh my god so we have nice hay stickers oh my god they made t-shirts check that with my logo me doing a stop and haze nice boom we have a lot of t-shirts that’s sick

Then we have an ogio haze cap another cap that’s really cool material man more shirts another shirt this is a slice right so guys all those t-shirts are definitely not only for me but also for you so i’m gonna give away three of those and all you need to do is follow haste powersports instagram account and the second and last thing screenshot this vlog spread

The vlog on your instagram stories or facebook stories and tag me so i can see it good luck last thing renato which one the haze mysterious bread box or the envelope envelope envelope first okay let’s see what there’s no dollar signs inside okay ah we have a nice message rock thanks for riding with haze hope you enjoy our x32 reflex calipers alex and manuela

Thank you girls thank you for the support okay let’s open up i know now that inside our calipers oh my freaking god check this with my logos on the calipers man this looks really really nice thank you haze for going the extra mile and pimp the calipers with my rokon logo okay let’s put these two beauties on my super adventure thank my brake setup

Is updated so if you want to do the same for your bike head over to haste online shop and check out what i got and now i think it’s time for the next writing tip the next writing skill is all about breaking i get really really nervous when i see people breaking with all four fingers how you can have a feeling with the full power so please guys i

Recommend you warmly two fingers on the throttle or on the handlebar so you can hold better the bike and two fingers rests always on the brake lever the reaction time is quicker and you have a way way better feeling especially on the wet surface when you go off-roading where the surface changes all the time and you need to adjust really really quick and yeah also

On the road riding i use it when i go for the trips with my adventure sometimes also on the off road and also on my stunt bikes when i do stop this and even when i go racing on the weekend once you will get used to the two-finger style of braking you will never go back the next tip is coming also from my own experience and a lot of pain too so the tip is don’t

Squeeze and hold the handlebars too tight it will stiffen up your whole body and you will not be able to see in direction you want to go because you are stiff here you can’t turn your body and you cannot predict what is in front of you and of course you don’t want that how to improve that is actually use your legs squeeze the bike between your legs and relax the

Hands on the handlebar this way you can move your upper body way better okay guys and here’s a quick proof that you can ride a bike even if you don’t hold the handlebar so i’m squeezing my bike between the legs and i can go right if i want and i can go left if i want and we’re gonna turn and again squeezing the bike between the legs and we can go left to right

And we can do even turn around if we want yep need more space for that but yeah you get a point and your relax more on the longer trips and definitely more efficient just a small tip guys if you want to hold yourself even better on the bike i recommend you to get a set of tank grips okay we are known the last riding tip nah it’s not really a riding tip it’s more

How to impress your date when you meet for the first time and i’m gonna show you now few ways how you can arrive at the date and look like a total badass and we are on the end of this episode and those are my tips and tricks how you can improve your riding and be more efficient on the bike be more safe and maybe get a girlfriend or boyfriend you can thank

Me later and last but not least we need to announce the winner of the latest giveaway drop it boom where you could win this brand new scorpion x80x1 modular helmet and that’s sick and who is the winner who is the winner let me check thomas cola college college i hope i pronounce your name properly and have fun with the new helmet thomas and guys that’s it for

This time drop some comments below which writing skill i should teach you next time that’s it see you next time until then rock on you

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5 EASY MOTORCYCLE RIDING TIPS I RokON vlog #113 By RokBagorosStuntrider