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50cc GY6 Performance Ignition cdi box & coil & plug wire Worth it?

Today we are testing a 50cc GY6 Performance Ignition (cdi box & coil & plug wire) and if it is worth it? You can be the judge. In our case, yeah we needed it. our scooter has a lot of miles and this was maintenance that needed to be done. For $11 its a good deal, all of the parts worked and made the scooter run more smooth.

Welcome back to the channel everybody today we’re going to be installing an ignition system on our 50cc tata scooter we’re trying to work out all of the things that are cheap on amazon that we can buy to throw on this thing to see what the performance differences are really we’re doing all these things so you guys can see and make a decision based on our failures or

Successes let’s head over to the workbench and i’ll show you guys the kit that we got from amazon here is the cdi box that came in the kit hopefully this one works we’ve tried a few in the past and more often than not they’re dead on arrival so the hopes are not terribly high with this one with our scooter it has well over 5000 miles i think it’s pushing 6 000 miles

On it so it has seen some use and i have not changed the cdi box from the factory one obviously because i haven’t got a good one yet and then i also haven’t changed the spark plug wire these are supposedly performance but i’m pretty sure that’s just a myth but in any case this is probably going to be better than the one that’s on there if it’s never been changed

6000 miles on a spark plug wire um on a scooter a chinese scooter for that matter this thing probably needs to be on there it also comes with a coil we’re gonna replace all of that and it also came with a spark plug and normally people don’t use these but i kind of want to test it i want to see what this is like partially because i want to see but also partially

Because i don’t have another plug right now we know this scooter goes around 39 miles an hour as it is right now but today it’s like 100 degrees literally it’s 100 degrees out so i don’t think it’s very happy with the weather right now i don’t think this is going to increase our top speed but i do think it is something that needs to be done after this many miles i

Would also like to take a second to point out our scooter videos do the best but we also do a ton of other fun stuff last weekend we were racing our electric mini truck so if you guys are at all interested in any of the other stuff we do please go ahead and watch that stuff it’s super fun just want you guys to know that we do other fun stuff other than scooters

We got a drift truck we got a pit bike that we built we have the electric mini truck we got a jeep with a gy6 engine so let’s uh let’s move over to the scooter uh and then let’s put this stuff in install it as you guys can see we have the seat off of the scooter and what we’re going to do first just to get it out of the way because it’s easy we’re going to take

Our old cdi box off and we’re going to replace it with that new one from the kit super easy to do this there’s just two little tabs that you take off here and you pull them out and then it’ll pull out you do one-handed if you’re good at it like that boom it comes out really easy we got the old one out let’s toss the new one in and then we’re gonna try and start

It because obviously it was that easy why not try and start it before we tear anything else apart i’m gonna toss this in we’ve done a couple of these now and it always seems that it’s either dead on arrival or not the right one and for a while we just were confused about what the right one might be putting this in one handed is harder than taking it up all right

This one is an ac 6-pin cdi box now there’s some ac 5-pin cdi boxes but obviously that’s not right and then there’s a dc option and the dc options tend to be a bigger cdi box so it should work with this scooter um so we’re gonna turn it on all right lights came on that’s a good sign some of them don’t allow that to happen so all right kill switch off break and

Then hey look at that no way wow wow it sounds good too sweet all right we’ll shut it off wow um that’s exciting we haven’t had one that actually works this one still works uh so we’re gonna toss it back into the pile of used parts for the gy6 stuff boom so that one works that’s a little more exciting because technically if it’s a performance one they say

It has a d restricted rev limit so we’ll see what that means uh if it actually has one or if i can tell the difference all right so now that we’ve done that we can move on to the next thing which is the spark plug wire and coil now they’re kind of hidden under here it’s just down here where that green and yellow wire kind of go up there is the coil right under

There and it’s held on with a 10 millimeter bolt now some of them are different some of them could be a screw uh like a phillips head or flat head for that matter i don’t know they could all come with different stuff but ours is a 10 mil what i’m going to do first is take off the spark plug end easy enough spark plug wire comes right off you just pull it i should

Have known it was an 8 mil everything else is 8 mil why would there be a 10 mil all of the sudden one thing about these you can twist this off it’s there’s a little screw in here and it just screws into the end and that’s how it makes contact with the wire see anything bad on this end the coil actually doesn’t look bad but we’re gonna replace it anyway this end

Looks a little more uh worn and used and abused all right here is our new coil and wire kind of feed it the same way that we that the stock one was um it’s going to be a little more difficult because it was ran inside some zip ties but i don’t really feel like cutting the zip ties because they’re holding everything nice we might just have to kind of tuck and

Make sure it doesn’t get too close to the engine another thing so the wires that connect into it you might get a little confused sometimes that’ll happen so you can see there’s a green and a black side to this thing the green connects to the green so that’s always helpful and then obviously there’s only one other choice for the other wire so you just connect it

Up boom bang nice and then you’re gonna want to take this rubber sheath and slip it over so it’s protected you know in case you’re riding out in the water or dust you just you just want to protect it cool so that’s on there and i’m going to run this thing best i can with a little bit of maneuvering i was able to get it in next thing i’m going to do since i know

This spark plug works i’m just going to hook this up and try it just to see you know obviously test all your parts fires right up wow okay it’s cool we know that works now we’re gonna take the other spark plug out and then put the new one in and try that just to see what happens old plug is out um it doesn’t look terrible but it doesn’t look great see this was

An ngk so at least there was something right so now we’re gonna put in this one and there is a difference in these in saying that it’s high performance i don’t know if you guys can see the electrodes and the anode or whatever they call it this one has three and this one only has one and obviously more is better in every single circumstance hopefully this makes

Way more sparks three more sparks okay obviously the spark plug works all right so we got everything put in uh we’re gonna take this thing on a test run real quick to see how it rides uh what we think of a new cdi box so if you guys want like i said before if you want something to refer to how it ran before check out some of the previous videos you’ll get a good

Idea of how this thing ran so yeah all we have to do now is toss the seat back in everything’s connected we’re good to go um so i’m going to do that and then we’re going to head out onto the road and ride around i just got back from the test ride as you saw it went 38 miles an hour but it is 100 degrees outside it’s literally 100 degrees so i can’t imagine the

Scooter’s running at peak performance and it’s actually a little windy so i mean a 50cc scooter it’s affected by the wind when you weigh 200 pounds riding that thing around so it’s a it’s the wrong day for testing but i did it anyway would i suggest buying the kit yes i would suggest buying the kit if you need it now my scooter had 6000 miles on it so that stuff

Was old all the factory stuff i can’t believe it actually made it that far to be honest maybe it had been changed at one point but it’s still pretty old and now it runs better it’s smoother so the kit did make my scooter feel smoother it didn’t make any more power it made it run better like it feels like it’s running a little nicer feels like it’s a little more

Throaty like maybe it’s actually igniting all of the fuel now i’m getting a complete burn not a bad deal for 11 on amazon i can’t complain and i mean it’s kind of cool to open up your little engine bay and have a little orange in there spice it up a little bit now those are you know some small things but it all counts it all comes together to make a 50cc scooter

Run and operate the way you want it that’s kind of the goal so yes i would suggest buying it if you need it as far as the performance cdi box is concerned i don’t think it added anything i don’t think it’s restricted or de-restricted it’s pretty much the same thing as the stock one the next thing for me to do would just be to add the like ngk spark plug just so

I know it’s a reliable plug that one that’s in there seems to work just for ease of mind i would put in you know an ngk if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to like comment subscribe tell me what you think about the orange cgi box and the orange coil wire do you think it’s a myth i think it’s a myth have you guys experienced any performance gains like if so

Leave it in the comments because it’d be neat to hear you know what actually happens as always guys we appreciate you thanks for watching we’ll see you next time

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50cc GY6 Performance Ignition (cdi box & coil & plug wire) Worth it? By Throttle Therapy