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50cc moped – Should you buy one?

AJS Firefox 50cc

Yo guys welcome back to another video due to this corona time yeah videos are gonna be a bit different i’ve just gone and got a bit of footage on the peds today and i’m just gonna put this video voiceover thing on top of that footage cuz i still haven’t got a mic setup proper one i need a gopro adapter it’s like 50 quid but we’re all out of the minute so yeah a bit

Bored and i got the footage see i’m gonna play the footage now see i’ve got a 50cc pen and a minute in fact it’s a ags firefox 50 not bad but i’m gonna do my next video is gonna be a review on this bond so i think this is really all the videos i’m doing at this time anyway so the point in this video today is should you buy a 50 see you see heads at 60 or engine so

My thought so i mean i’m just got quite to straight one there’s two there’s two sorta like ways of seeing it the first one if you need to get to like college or school then you probably need to buy a pad because just gives you up freedom to be able to get around on and the other option is if you don’t need to get to college or school or you’ve got another way and

Just don’t get a pet just let’s be honest the packs the slope the d restricted that there or i but there’s no so yeah i wouldn’t get one if you’ve got another option again into like college or school so just wait for a one to five i kind of wish i waited for one to five because now it’s gonna be eight months that i can get over one to five i want to get one so

This is gonna be literally pointless if we don’t go back to the like college do this growing a lot that because that was the whole point of buying it so if we don’t go back to college till later this is a waste of time really get you some road knowledge i suppose but are from where it pointless so that’s pretty much wraps up the video there were two things which

I’ve said it’s not very detailed video but yeah stay tuned for the next video because i’m going to do a review on this bike in particular and these are the only videos it from do at the moment so i’m going to leave here with the footage which is playing right now how you enjoy that footage because i recorded the footage of ours i’ll put it in the video so i’ll

Leave you a bit of that and yeah that’s it

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50cc moped – Should you buy one? By JOC Media