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50cc pull start pit bike/ unboxing & assembling

Biker Budgee takes delivery of a 50cc pull start pit bike for his nephew Logan. A quick unboxing and assembling with a short review!

Hello welcome to another episode with my good buddy nice to see ya right you need stay tuned because we’ve got logan’s new pit bike coming up it’s a 50cc pull start we’re going to unbox it put it together and give it a quick review so don’t go anyway box it’s a christmas present he doesn’t know about it and we’re going to unbox it and see why it’s like a mixing

Bottle i imagine that’s for mixing up the two-stroke fuel with the oil we’ve got a box of the mud guards in there go stick it and looks like the full protectors in that one one back wheel we wrap something up so i have to disconnect that in a minute and then one more iqp she’s got the table here what they’re doing to set that tangle up we just move this out of the

Way let’s tape it up this table i used to rule a little bit bikes it’s just the right side from the sit on top and you set a nice height where we can work on it so one foot then get the fan out and we’ve got some tools in there i’ll show you those in a minute let’s finish spike up on the stand right there i think the first thing we need to do is probably get these

Folks in properly because they’re not connecting i’m sorry about the um the battery died on my phone believe it or not something i don’t usually do anyway these some little bikes were together now someone’s gonna give it a little review i’ve got to say this bike was a hundred and sixty-three pounds i think and you can tell there was a hundred and sixty-three

Pounds when you look closely all a little you know you like things like this you’ve got wires like that they’re hanging out and exposed just like these rubber hoses for the fee always quite cheap it says it’s got a metal pull starting there which is supposed to be a bit stronger but we’ll see we’ll see yeah just little things like this he’s got little marks and

Scuffs on the exhaust there zoom in a bit better he’s got a little marks on there stuff like that the wheels are okay but again the paint on him he’s not brilliant you see they’re chipping off a little bit you know i think this this bike was 163 pound there’s no way you bear that in mind i think you’ll be okay we haven’t started up yet we still get to start it the

Other thing i was wrong with this one as well on there look this little cover to cover up the throttle cable the little glass bit the top was cracked so that wasn’t very good who else the young with the steering because it was packed in a box and it was pressing up against the side here we think that these have got pressed in a bit and they need heat enough and

Put him back out because when we turn it you see that the front number plate catches on the plastic so you can’t actually turn the handlebars so at some point when the heat up here somewhere and try and bend that back out if we can apart from that was high 163 pound and literally we have got what we paid for it’s cheap and cheerful and it will serve for a nice

Little christmas present for logan and so he likes it anyway thanks for watching and i look forward to seeing you next time you come along for the ride with biker buddy take care bye

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50cc pull start pit bike/ unboxing & assembling By Budgee