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6th Annual Greatest Escape Motorcycle Ride


We’re here in simi valley it’s a beautiful day hi i’m christine devine you may know me as a news anchor on fox 11 but today i’m just a wife my husband was a big part of the ride shawn mcnabb i want to personally thank you guys about supporting this and other celebrities kristy swanson the ride today means a lot to me very dear to my heart my father passed away

In 2011 from mesothelioma he was a gunner on the navy ships in the canadian navy so coming to do this ride brings back his memory as well as contributing to the research and development for saving people also with mesothelioma today it’s been a very special day to meet everyone everyone supporting each other creating awareness raising some funds and it’s been

A great day yeah great riding hi my name is john corona i’ve been a writer and a sponsor of this event for every year they’ve had it six years great to see the moto community out in force yet again to support this great cause you know we love our independence on our bikes we throw a leg over our machines and it takes us to a beautiful ride like today pacific

Ocean on one side wildflowers dotted hills on the other i mean what could be better but it’s that same celebration of freedom that makes us understand the plight of mesothelioma patients who have their freedom robbed by this hideous disease everyone should know though that we’re making a difference pacific mesothelioma center is actually focused on finding

Better treatments for malignant pleural mesothelioma which is an asbestos related cancer we were recently issued with a passenger on the sacrum on stem cells and each lbi’s research work is on track to find novel biologic treatments and i want to introduce you to a man who knew statement one is an actor professor author former us marine and historian wow and

I’m very honored to ask him to share his story with you please give roger mcgrath that we can overcoming and i’ll try to keep these birds separate until keep the clean stories until the cows came here but a little background on my meeting us typically the first time this guy’s stephen queen as young actor in the blob not only raising money for a noble cause but

Also attributed to steve the greedy riah dakin and the sons of anarchy were here supporting me so mesothelioma if you haven’t heard of it it’s a deadly cancer that it’s asbestos related i want to thank the pacific mesa foundation and center for having me out here as a grand marshal today beautiful ride up the coast gorgeous southern california day please help us

Support this fantastic foundation because this is a very deadly cancer that is associated with asbestos so if you didn’t know what it was google it check it out come ride with us next year in 2020 who needs your support and there’s a lot of people that need to help so we’re out here raising money and we’re doing that god bless and we’ll see you next year i’m a

Lifelong steve mcqueen fan since i was 12 years old when the great escape came out i was a little dirt bike kid and i saw an actor that could ride real we’d never seen anything like that for life and i followed his career got to meet him once it’s all of his movies and i had never heard of mesothelioma when he got ill and it was devastating he went so quickly at

Such a young age and since i started this i wanted to be a part of it just to try and help awareness as well as fox about the terrible disease and to help raise funds for research and to the victims of mesothelioma

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6th Annual Greatest Escape Motorcycle Ride 🏍️ By Pacific Heart Lung \u0026 Blood Institute