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700cc 2 Stroke Supermoto


What’s up everybody in this video we’re gonna show you our 700 two-stroke supermoto what we build on bike expo here in finland a couple of weeks ago it took like two days it was two days bro check and ya know it’s ready to rock and roll so i give you guys a tour like i said this was two days project we built this on our stand for extreme stage on a camp a expo

Motorbike expo and bam i stood here in finland so i’m super proud of our team because this is so cool there is the engine that is 700 sample engine they use that engine and on on the side cars and i believe that engine is designed the side cars i don’t know the facts if you know write the comment the frame what we have is a 2011 ktm sx for four-stroke 250 it was

Cheap bike 2000 euros and i will tell you now all the modifications what we had to do first we took the original engine off then we will flip the swingarm because yeah this engine have the chains on right side so we flipped the swingarm then we grind a little bit off from here from the swingarm so after that it fits on and on this supple engine and then we took

One millimeter off from the axle big is the needs type we replace the bearings with the nylon nylon spacers of course they are not better than the bearings by they do that thing big is you know we ain’t can ride with this bike a lot we had the chain line perfectly straight and it’s exactly quite funny because only the only thing what you need to do is cry on one

Millimeter of both sides on a swing arm place it on a engine and you get boom chain line perfectly straight so i don’t know it was super easy job and after after you have the swing arm you got the engine then we did all the modifications to the frame so we could mount the engine to the frame we had to cut the frame from here modify a little bit differently boys

Did a good shot with this we also change the original sx rear suspension shock to this enduro shock because this enduro shock is a little bit smaller and because we took the link away so it fits now perfect and also we did like that we took the air filter box away another air filter is here so there is a little bit duct tape because we didn’t have a right kind of

Aluminium turn here so we had to use what we had and then cover it with the duct tape so it’s it’s good now but not perfect and yeah and after that the building was basically like a normal dirt bike is it like the best dirt bike in the world of course it is so smooth no vibration at all i will turn my mic a little bit down don’t start yet this is how you start

Supple 702 next one and meanwhile you guys restarting a pike look at our new goggles the hell man bang bang twinkling check me check this margaret system very awesome very fast try to start the bike now please the system via led lights are broken now again swilley hey trotter system is also property sign that we have to stop filming now but look at the beautiful

Special effect what we did on our garage very awesome we maybe have to do some we have to do we have to do something on that rear led light i don’t know we just did like awesome video how you can do that stuff and dates just working now they’re done look at that bling-bling but yeah it wasn’t like the best test ride we know but anyway our plan is to do a like real

Test ride from this bike when the spring comes like you have to wait like two months something like that yeah and there is like after all we built this bike on a dude 2 days so we have to we have to make sure that it’s it’s good but anyway you want it how do we show you our our new 700 supermoto here it is but anyway pretty awesome very loud very very awesome

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