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8th Honeymoon Riding Dual Sport Motorcycles to Northern California Part 1 – Motorcycle Camping

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We’re going to northern california to celebrate our eighth honeymoon adventure so stay tuned and in this video we’re going to travel down to northern california meeting up with a couple people on the way with no particular plan just exploring the beauty of the redwoods and the coast and whatever we find it’s our best kind of adventure what do we do every

Makers we have another honeymoon on motorcycles how many honeymoons are we on chris we’re we’re on our eighth honeymoon adventure yeah what was our first sunny sunny moon we rode all the way down the coast on highway 1 and highway 101 and i was on a ninja 250 and i was like i don’t know six months into learning how to ride a motorcycle if that and nathan was on

As brand new klr that he bought like what two weeks before the honeymoon well we made it to ashland we’re gonna have some dinner and then we’re gonna find our hot springs and set up camp it’s uh unusually early for us to find camp it’s like four o’clock in the afternoon but after today’s cold cold ride it’s been nice to it’ll be nice to kind of warm up

In the hot springs and take a nice relaxing evening don’t you think chris yeah i’m looking forward to being really warm too warm we’re gonna boil the skin off of you that was love the is the jalapenos the rest of it kind of mediocre it’s fun yeah so we’re in ashland and we found a mexican restaurant the bikes are out right there and we’re like really close

To the hot springs that we’re gonna stay at tonight super excited to jump in we have our own private tub and so we’re gonna do that well we made it to jackson well springs this sign is super rustic and cute what do you think chris curious what the next part will look like one of the things that i really like about doing adventures with you is that we never know

What’s exactly going to happen so you guys get to figure it out while you’re watching the video we’re i’ve never been here before it kind of looks like a cool place i guess it looks it reminds me of your other favorite tacopa yeah it has a tacopa feel anyway we found it let’s go check in pick up your pre-made tent car tag from the camping kiosk wherever that

Is behind you i think set up your tent and place the tent tag on the exterior of your tent with your with a clothes pin place the car tag in the interior of your vehicle well that’ll be interesting to figure out how we’re going to put it in the gas tank all pence require tags all others will be towed all right time to set up camp well we got the tent set up

Yeah now we’re gonna set up the inside of the tent and then go soak yep that’s the order of operations that was a close-up super close super far this sign tells us where to find the spa it’s that way it’s a labyrinth good thing there’s nobody meditating here because i would interrupt all of it it’s actually kind of a nice thing to at the end of the day to

Bring your energy level much further down from a day on the road feels good all right so we finally got our tub it took a little while because i think they forgot about us or something it was like supposed to be at eight and here it is like what 9 15. we finally got us our soaking tub but uh it’s gonna feel really great after today’s ride because there was a lot

Of wind and it was really cold all right let’s see what it looks like without the overhead length anyway we’re going to soak now we’ll see you after so we are all soaked up soaked up all the warm water and now we’re very happy and we are in our tent snuggled into our sleeping bags ready for a really good night’s sleep super excited for tomorrow because if you

Don’t follow moto photo girl go follow her we’re gonna meet up with maya fox and charlie i can’t remember his name chuckles something on instagram we’re also meeting up with lauren tomorrow from ride my road that’s right we’re meeting with lauren from ride my road for breakfast yeah it’s gonna be a full day i see a lot of people tomorrow it’s gonna be awesome

Yeah super excited and we’re supposed to see some redwoods and some ocean water so it should be a good day yeah day one was good cold but good pretty magical once we got here yeah yeah all right nighty night everyone good night i’m going 4 000 miles um i’ll be photographing 40 survivors of human trafficking i feel like it needs like a marlboro sticker on there

Yeah so what what happened to the honda so you got somebody coming to help yeah yeah yeah i’m so excited see you guys i have my pants halfway off yes the party has started

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8th Honeymoon Riding Dual Sport Motorcycles to Northern California Part 1 – Motorcycle Camping By For the Love of Knobs