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A Chatter said they missed when RATIRL was nice…

Well if we lose this game there is no hope for us well you play support where is the rat because like you know christian would you start a lobby you could like select roles and i clicked in support there and then i got support through so many nami skins i don’t know you can buy them in like the shop do you guys see how like the the answers to your guys’s questions

Are so easy to figure out crazy used to be nice you’re telling me i used to be nice there’s no way you’re a old viewer foreign i think the most crazy part about all that was that leona almost killed us solo god you’re gonna miss the cannon wow dumb and dumber okay guys if you tank this why did you what oh why did you if i die for you i swear god let me book

To kill piece of oh you brain dead face when this happens you just leave the lane never return to it we play lucian nami but also that is not toxic that’s deserved true but not out of the bush it’s just that he’s tanking the e because we already pushed it in what’s the point based i don’t even know it’s just in this is otherwise i’ll play to win let’s go

Piggy um i can’t get past here can i watch it that’s a slow what i’m baiting i need him to run to me he actually ran to me what do you think i thought it didn’t have flash well that’s not my fault he literally says slash ghost okay how is it going mr earl with the isis he the bone plating with that guy is just let him in the world crazy what if you keep

Saying we could potentially report him when he gets banned okay i’ll flip the it died and that is one fast man ladies and gentlemen see if you just leave the adc because he is the bad one like i have to be the good one right is here hi anton smile but you have to kill the kid holy oh okay copy a plate carrying the game of my name freaky gobling is on a

Killing spree you see the nightpool drama yeah make it look a little bit after iron stacks and apparently samir is dying i’m gonna be one what what how does that happen or my pain in pain come come come come come foreign i have so much damage it’s actually kind of crazy take all the kills i mean fed nami isn’t bad though the wave is like for somebody just

As soon kindred is here right why would they play like this honestly just stupid yeah okay kinder is here hello mr rat the score is looking a bit sus today isn’t it ratel alfred oh piggy for guys um good job team solid not yeah is it a shadow flame game honestly oh no kiana created one shot and then he just died yeah foreign okay here one shot server

Comes here oh that guy’s just well well intentionally foreign i didn’t even see the kiana and neither did anyone because he just seems to die well i mean i didn’t even see the king go illusion do stuff like auto attack or some i mean we still kind of won that fight he is so unbelievably useless like you’re telling me the kindred no no no stoppers of hope

Oh jesus how was your life how does he do it not a single person knows and he’s dead well now mommy drives his whip we’re legit gonna lose because our ad and mid are too bad that’s crazy it’s almost impressive decides to just arms maybe oh i’m kidding my team is perfect i love you guys we’ll go team rato love ratile a rattle business rattle dead rattle real

Rattle citrato give me okay i’m getting my stacks back let’s kill this why did you stop what did did he knows we realize did you not see the blue trinket what he’s picking that it’s worth it they blew to get it on your face oh my god probably spain oh you ate to us an army how are we losing this game that’s a better question how are we losing this i’m playing

Out of a goddamn mind i’m thinking out of my mind to get plus 10. to a road into rattle coffee i mean they just literally one shot it though over time we get to dragon as well two why am i losing this game stop stop here huge i have to angle it here that guy is so unbelievably boosted it’s crazy like crazy sometimes good sometimes bad but when bad’s really

Bad one good like good oh really good just good and that guy has to go to jail now oh my god yes yes and ah past 12 i can see it i can see it last one i think this might have been an army youtube video 15 actually huge debunks thank you for the 10k beats svenox thank you for the eight months lord dexter thank you for the three months great big with 20. last 15.

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A Chatter said they missed when RATIRL was nice… By RATIRL