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A Day in the Life Running My Small Business | E-Bike Rental Business

Here’s a little sneak peek of my e-bike rental business. If you’re looking to start a small business, start an e-bike business, or have any questions shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help you out.

All right today i’m going to be showing you guys a day in the life of my small business so my small business is called greater zion e-bike rentals basically i rent electric bikes right outside of zion national park people can take them into zion canyon which is about 30 minutes from my store and there’s other locations they can ride around closer to my store in

St george in washington i’m gonna give you guys a little look at my inventory of my e-bikes first up we got the rad wagon this is a two-seater bike we have fastener can sit right here can also accommodate a third passenger folding down pegs it’s one of my favorite bikes in my fleet it’s just so unique and very fun to ride then we got the rad mini this is a

Great option it’s a folding e-bike uh rat actually discontinued it but it’s my favorite of the ride bikes has front suspension and it’s a great ride next up we have the radix band the newest routing bike this bike is foldable it’s a very lightweight it comes with a rear rack which is nice all around with really good e-bike see how small the rod expand folds down

To rod mini does about the same so it’s very nice and compactable i can fit about four of these in a ford escape suv foreign i opened my business in may 2022 i previously was working i had a job just right out of college i always wanted to start a business so i saved up some money and i knew i knew the owner of the dwellings where my shop was located so

We worked out a deal where i could run my my ebag business out of their vacant visitor center so that’s where i’m at right now so i came here in may i there was always a couple things in the visitor center here but basically turned it into a little bike shop here and i’m a little bit farther away from zion park um there are other feedback rental companies up in

Springdale the town closest to zion so i’m about 30 minutes out but i also have an advantage where i can get customers that are staying here at the dwellings and they’re going to go see the park i also have the cheapest grades and i offer delivery so i’ll deliver up to springdale to hotels are for people that are staying up there i’ll bring them right to the right

To their door right to their hotel at a cheaper rate so i have an advantage there yeah i have again i have the foldable e-bikes the rad mini and the radix band which is great no one else has to pull the bully bikes we can put them into the vehicle and take them wherever you’d like to go so i’m a little more versatile and i’m kind of in the middle of st george and

Zion park so i can cater to either either customer group i’d say the biggest challenge is we’re learning about how google ads work how seo works and building the website um and just how to start a business in general is my first legitimate business i’ve had a lot of businesses growing up but nothing that was legitimate so this is pretty much a seasonal business

In that the busy seasons probably runs may to october so we’re coming up in september now um so my future plans are i think i’m going to going to try to expand to different markets uh zion’s getting a little more saturated this area there’s a lot of e-bike stores popping up so there’s a lot of competition and i don’t have the best in store location um not not

Saying i can’t make it work here but i think there’s other locations that are untapped and i can i can expand and grow into different areas so my plan next is to go to san diego and try to do the backgrounds there i’m going to have the same kind of idea i’m gonna have the same idea of the delivery and i’m going to have some different tour options so i’m going to

Do rentals tours and also expanding i’m doing guided guided hiking and guided backpacking and i’m going to start doing a lot of events to corporate events birthday parties larger events so i’m really excited for the future growth and see where it’s going to take me i just kind of wanted to show you guys into a day a day in the life of my small business can get a

Kind of idea of what i do and see where this channel grows all right i’m getting ready to go on a guided tour for this evening so i’m going to get the bikes loaded up and get ready to meet the clients basically i deliver the bikes to their hotel so they’re staying at the cliff rose at springdale so i’ll drive up there give them a little walk through on how to use

The bikes and then i’ll take them into zion canyon and we’ll stop at a lot of stopping points we’ll take pictures and i’ll give them information about the park foreign thank you foreign thank you foreign

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A Day in the Life Running My Small Business | E-Bike Rental Business By Outdoor Adventure