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A Guide to Skid Plates for Dual Sport Motorcycles – MOTW

An overview of bash plates for dual sport motorcycles. The bike is a KLX250s, filmed in early 2015.

Welcome to mod of the week this week we’re doing skid plates there are a lot of different options to skip plates there are at least five or six that i know of the most common one that people get is the most racing one here’s the oem plate the thing you’re really trying to cover up the only thing that can really get damaged on the bottom of the engine is the water

Roses when i did four miles south i recommend by end up tearing off one of the hoses and it was really hard to get back together so i could get out of the trail so that was this skid plate solved that problem you see even only after a few months of use off-roading it’s nice it’s all dinged all kind of health commander of aluminum is the best one for the cheapest

Price it’s not the best one overall but i would say the best one overall is probably the one made by tci products which has the side engine guards these bars that go over the engine that will go and wrap around over the side case of the engine protect that from if the bike does fall over it hits a rock just right here i’ve seen a few pictures on kawasaki farms

And elsewhere where someone has cracked their case on one side of the other particularly this generator cover it sticks out so far so that one’s nice and the other advantage of that one is that you can if you want to put on auxiliary lighting i haven’t seen anybody do it yet but i heard somebody mention it and i think that and i’ve considered changing to that one

I mean if i do it eventually it’s quite expensive and i’m not sure it’ll work with my other mods that i’m trying to do with this gameplay but since it has these bars on it you can attach stuff to it like spotlights and have a couple auxiliary or fog lights down lower to make yourself more noticeable or just to be able to see the ground immediately below you if

You’re doing night trail riding that’s the one that i would really recommend if you were willing to spend the 300 bucks to get it as far as the plates go the cheapest one that i know of is the msr plate which doesn’t have as much material to it it doesn’t go out as wide as the boost plate and it’s only like 10 or 15 bucks cheaper in honesty the other one that i

Consider is the emperor racing one i haven’t seen it used but it goes up and it covers much more area than this one does the ember racing one goes up to like here and all the way around a bit more it does have a couple grooves out of it funny thing is when i took this off it was all full of grease from chain flicking off another company that makes one one with

Holes in it some people like just because they want to save on weight and they’re really only concerned about the water pump so a couple holes cut out of the plate and that’s five companies and there are others there’s probably at least one or two others that i haven’t mentioned it’s just because skid plates are very easy to make attaching these nothing will

Scratch against your frame one thing i did notice when i took this off was that these were all scratch marks on the frame right here just because it rubs against it it has some some shifting so the way to solve that is to use this sort of foam tape the fortunate thing for me is i have all these places already marked so some companies do sell foam it’s supposed

To go there but this stuff works just fine also the other thing is that these things don’t fit absolutely perfectly so this gives it this allows it some give then we go and we set it on the bike where it’s going to be frame so i can go underneath and i can look at it and make sure that all the contact points are or at least the potential ones are covered also

The places where it’s binding directly to the frame i want to put a little bit of foam it’s a spacer between the plate looks like maybe let’s tape the double sided i don’t think i’ll remove the other side so i would attach this but i have to do the other box which is the toolbox foreign

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A Guide to Skid Plates for Dual Sport Motorcycles – MOTW By Adventures in Real Life