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A Look Inside Nyjahs LA Home

Nyjah is the host with the most. He recently gave us the grand tour of Casa de Huston in LA, and shared some stories about the inspiration behind the decor. This is where the magic happens.

Foreign come check out the crib this is my la house been spending a lot of time up here lately actually since the surgery because this is the main place i’m doing pt at as you can see right when you walk in lots of plants in this place lots of good vibes this is the living room been watching plenty of skate videos right here i just got this whole setup recently

Actually pioneer just gave me these as loner ones for now and i’m gonna buy my own soon but i’m trying to learn how to dj i’ve got a lot of friends at dj and kind of figure out ways to keep myself busy here while i can’t skate so got the sub big speakers lighting system the whole setup we’ve got some john drums arasta my dad actually used to make these from hand

Like way sicker ones than this i just got this one off amazon a bunch of extra shoes damn speaking of shoes my third shoe is actually dropping pretty soon a couple months third shoe with nike we got some stuff over here a couple pairs of kobe shoes um i think i actually bought these ones these were some of my favorite shoes of his these were the what what the

Kobe’s and then you got the p rods down here what the periods and then he actually signed this one and stoked thank you paul couple tampa trophies this was two years ago 2020. best trick was gap kicked the back tail a big spin on the pyramid rail kick the back nose one and i did a couple things damn i missed i missed getting some contests uh some moto moto gear

Moto helmets it’s a premium helmet no riding for a little while i mean technically i could but not gonna risk it another little like living room extra living room area over here look at my bike missed riding this thing soon enough we’ll be we’ll be back back to sending back to normal life kitchen i do not cook honestly i feel like the la vibes just more of

A postmate vibe oh oh what are we having here dude um let’s see oat milk some vegan butter some apple pie that is probably too old now should i eat that half a step in the air is probably uh old that needs to get thrown out not much in here either big postmate guys i don’t really i don’t really spend that much time out here nice little backyard barely even

Used the damn jacuzzi yet because i can’t skate so i’m not sore that’s normally the only time i’m like damn i need a jacuzzi when i’m sore as got a fig tree right here i actually got a fig tree tattooed on me recently because after i realized this was a fig tree i remembered that i like spent a lot of time around this fig tree growing up because my dad had this

Garden outside uc davis that he like claimed is his land it wasn’t even his land he was like i’m just going to build a garden here so i got one got one tattooed right here yeah i got the little dreads and everything this is the homie wall right here um i need to add some more still that’s where the some of the boys have been lagging on getting me some boards

Who are we missing zion need a board midler need a board got to add domo up here the boy domo just turned pro for disorder kick from those around hollywood beats it up deloy board boo shod apple yard had to tow this one up there one of my favorites tommy finn felipe chris cole and then this is a carl watson board he was actually like the first pro that i

Ever met before and he was someone that was a good family friend growing up my dad him my dad were good friends he would come on a lot of sessions me and my dad would go film a lot in san francisco and he was someone that kind of helped me help me out in those younger years so shout out carl this is my room in laguna i had like an interior designer and stuff

Because even before i moved in that house i like changed a lot of the interior stuff this house i just did all amount got a lot of artwork sent from homies and stuff and we got the ice machine right here ice compression machine ice the knee every day nice little balcony area this is where i get my son because normally i get my son in the streets but no streets

Right now so i wake up and lay right here for a little bit get some nice vitamin d some more boards right here first disorder board ever charles manson board that was actually i think my yeah that was my buddy’s brand nowhere i don’t think it’s around anymore but let’s say graphic this is jamie thomas zero board and it’s actually signed by him i follow jamie

On instagram and i think i saw that he was selling some sign boards and i just went online and bought one i like i like zero zero has always always been one of my favorite brands shirts jerseys a lot of jerseys i don’t know why i have so many i don’t know where all these came from my usc jersey oh yeah right here switch lip down el toro calves on us it’s fire

We got some new disorder gear that’s going to be dropping soon some hoodies this one’s hard another one here we’re always me domo and nathan we’re always throwing out ideas and i’m not a graphic designer but i feel like i’m good at knowing what i like and giving input on things oh you’re just talking about zero zero hoodie dane actually just sent me a box so i

Was actually wearing a zero shirt today all right that’s it right there the la crib thanks for letting me show you around later guys

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A Look Inside Nyjah’s LA Home By The Berrics