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A SPORTSTER STIGMA that will NEVER GO AWAY! Is the IRON 883 a GIRL BIKE?! – Sportster Motovlog

Apparently to this viewer, Sportster Iron 883 is a Girl Bike – You Agree? If you agree, then please do me a favor and unsubscribe and don’t come back until you have matured up. This sportster stigma that will unfortunately NEVER go away! I have been riding my 2020 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 for over a year now and I have only encountered two people in person who jokingly said Sportster is a girls bike. But when I asked if they have ever owned or ridden one, there answer was always a NO. Now, luckily until last week, I didn’t have to deal with these types of remarks on my channel but this one viewer made sure he left his mark! I will never understand why sportsters are looked down on or why they are considered girl bikes. Maybe because sportster is a good beginner motorcycle?

Okay so let’s talk about something that i got from one of my viewers uh that probably only came once and will never come back again but he left a comment that i was expecting when i first started out riding the iron 883 and i warned you guys about it but i’ve never really encountered it on my channel but this guy as of last week left his comment saying that the

Iron 83 is a girl’s bike and that’s a money pit because it’s a girl’s bike it makes no sense but he definitely left his bark and i had a really good chuckle about it because it’s so funny and expected and i told you that these people existed um so glad that he showed up so obviously the topic of this video is my thoughts on the iron a3 and how i see those people

Out there who think that this iron 883 or the sportster in general is a girls bike because that’s what they heard from other riders and i guarantee you the people who are saying this has a never ridden an iron 883 or a sportster and b most likely don’t even have a bike they’re just being annoying seagulls or just being a sheep by just repeating exactly what

They heard and it’s it’s so funny to encounter people like that because when you start asking the questions uh why you think it’s a girls bike they don’t really have a good reason it’s just like oh well it’s a small bike it doesn’t it doesn’t handle well so many girls ride it but who cares who cares if a lot of females decide to ride this bike it’s a great bike

In fact if more females are attracted to this motorcycle then more likely that this bike is a better conversation starter than any other bikes out there so why wouldn’t you want this bike now i’m not going to go into the details of why i think this is not a girls bike because i cover a lot in terms of performance and comfort during the battle with sportster so

If you haven’t seen that do go ahead and start watching that series because it talks a lot in detail about what i think about all the sportsters but what i do want to talk about is this if you are the type of person who’s watching my content and think that this bike should not be written by all rider you are not welcome here i do not care if you’re a subscriber

Please unsubscribe and don’t come back because that type of attitude is exactly what we don’t need in this channel my channel is all about motorcycle experience being able to experience different types of bikes different types of activities and really it’s not gender specific it really isn’t like it’s a freaking machine like how can you put a gender on who

This bike belongs to it really does not matter what matters is that you are riding a motorcycle out there and you are riding responsibly and still having fun that is all that it matters my motto ever since the beginning of this channel was there are no bad bikes and if you think the bike that you’re riding is bad it’s just because you’re not the right fit for

It every bike has been designed and engineered to fit a perfect rider and just because you’re not that perfect rider does not mean that bike is a bad bike it just means you’re not right fit for it it’s like putting on a baseball glove or shoes if it doesn’t fit your shoe size it won’t work the way it was intended to and that’s exactly how a motorcycle feels so

Yeah if you’re one of those people please do leave a comment that you are one of them and then sayonara but for everyone else please comment below on whether or not there is such thing as a girls bike now is there such thing as a beginner bike yes there is there are certain types of bikes out there that i would consider as a beginner bike or a starter bike and

That for sure comes down to the skill level of the rider and i think that is legit categorization of a motorcycle but that does not mean experienced rider cannot have fun on like look at the honda grom it is a tiny little bike that so many different types of riders have fun on it’s like going to a go-kart facility and even though you’re not going as fast and the

Go-kart is smaller you’re gonna have ton of fun on that little thing because it’s it’s just enjoyable it’s all about enjoyment that’s what this whole thing is so yeah i would never categorize a certain type of vehicle belongs to a certain group of people it just doesn’t make sense so hopefully you got a good chuckle out of this as well and leave a comment below

So you guys can enter my monthly draw other than that ride safe ride prepared ride on peace

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A SPORTSTER STIGMA that will NEVER GO AWAY! Is the IRON 883 a GIRL BIKE?! – Sportster Motovlog By KS Moto Cafe