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About Cardo Freecom+ Bluetooth Headsets

Hey this is dustin here from jnl harley-davidson on this fine snowy wintry weird-looking day out there some power out down the road but you know what yogi was just telling me next week it’s going to be in the 50s and 60s so still good riding weather i want to show you a couple things means we’ve got holiday coming up with our communications so if you’re familiar

With harley goes with cena brand which can work through the motorcycle with a wim module for those of you that don’t have the radio or you don’t want to work through the radio on the newer bikes you can go with these freecoms so cardo came out redesigned this uh last year i believe as when they redesigned it we picked them up at the end of last year so there’s

Three different models here the first one is going to be the freecom1 which these both come in a single unit or a dual unit the freecom1 has a 40 millimeter speaker has audio sharing waterproof uh it’s first single rider um or rider to passenger automatic volume 13 hours of battery time and like i said it’s more rider to pass new type the freecom 2 a little bit

Different that one there is a little bit more distance still has the same 40 millimeter speakers uh still as audio sharing waterproof that one’s going to be one to two riders could be rider to passenger rider to rider about a half miles of distance and that’s normally line of sight basically with that one and that one also does come in the duo and a single unit

As well so if there was a mom dad riding on one bike and son or daughter is riding the second bike you could buy the duo and then get a single one and then pair them together the freecom4 is probably the one we sell the most of that’s a little bit more the higher end type one so the freecom4 plus it’s got a little bit bigger speaker so it’s a jbl 40 millimeter

Speaker which actually makes a big difference um this one also has natural voice operations so using your siri google whatever app you have for your phone as far as that goes still is waterproofing audio sharing that one there is one to four riders i know i’ve had quite a few employees that have them sean back in parts uh he bought the first one i think and tried

It out going 90 miles an hour i should say he’s going 80 miles an hour on the interstate wink wink um his mom called his mom had no idea he was even on the bike so that’s pretty nice to have that clarity when you’re on the bike that one there is going to be about a mile about almost a mile it just depends i’ve had some people say it’s been almost two miles and

Then up in the hills and that so people say that’s about a half mile so a little bit more line of sight on the back of the box it is listing all those features things like that what i like about it’s fairly simple to use once we sit here and go through them all always the beginning of the year i always have to remember because i don’t sell as many or people aren’t

Using them as much in the wintertime but as we get into spring we kind of go back through that training i use cardo’s website quite a bit i’m big into youtube as well because i don’t like reading um i’d rather have somebody sit there and tell me how it works um on the end down here there’s a couple accessories so these will work in almost every helmet half full

Face three quarter 5 8 helmet this particular one here is specifically dying for designed for a half helmet so it is as it clips on there you put your main unit right in the cradle there it’s got a little bit longer boom on it the foam on the end of the mic it’s a little bit more dense and what that does is that keeps that wind noise from activating the mic so it

Kind of filters that out a little bit better here’s that jbl speaker now one thing nice about these you can buy them separate so if you have the freecom1 or the freecom2 you can upgrade uh down the road if you want or right away um i think that’s mainly why we sell more of the four plus um that and using the siri or the the google type apps voice activated type

Stuff on the end here we’ve got another kit so basically this is what comes in all these kits so if i had if i bought a freecom single one and i have a full face um and then i have a three-quarter as well so as opposed to buying a whole other kit you’re just gonna basically buy this and then you’re gonna attach this unit’s gonna can move back and forth so this

Is the main unit right here in the box that’ll pop right into there and then when you’re done with that you can just move it over to your other helmet it saves on actually taking the speakers out the mic and unhooking everything and then re-hooking it back up to the full phase and then backing back down you want to use a three-quarter so it’s just a lot easier

Excuse me to use uh we do have some headsets set up here that will be charged um that we can pair up to your phone um i think i’ve got about 15 of them paired to my phone right now um no information i’m not taking anybody’s calls or anything like that um and it never fails i know my wife’s gonna watch this too but i think on saturday i was installing i think four

Of them and every time i was installing she would call as i’m trying to work with the customers so which is good because we know it works then um i did hit decline on that one just so you know she doesn’t know that i just said it didn’t work but we have all these in stock at all three of our dealerships um we’ve got uh i’m actually getting one of our reps from

Cardo he’s coming in in the first week of november just to train all our staff again a little bit uh because with technology things change quick there is updates it’s a usb charging system you can use it on the bike if you have the usb port on the bike or coming off the battery so you can charge them there as well so like i said there’s only four buttons on the

Thing the four plus has a wheel for volume and things um they all have fm radio like i said pretty simple to use but if you have any questions on that i’ll have those in the headsets um on display with our helmets over here and i can show you how to install them in and i do all the installation anyway so there’s no charge for that of course just bring the helmets

In and we’ll get them put in there for you if anything when it’s blizzarding out you can just uh you can sit on the couch and your spouse can sit in the kitchen you guys can talk back and forth to each other um there’s a mute button on there too just so that’s kind of handy as well but yeah if anybody’s got any questions like i said the cardo site’s really good

Really in-depth um we’re actually getting some information that we’ll link to our website as well um so and i’ll work on that but yeah that’s all i got for these any questions stop in

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About Cardo Freecom+ Bluetooth Headsets By J\u0026L Harley-Davidson