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Adventure Motorcycle – Small or Big? What is the right size?

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Hello riders from around the world in this video i’m going to talk about forever battle between small and big adventure motorcycles what is the right size what is the right weight how to choose and many more stay with me welcome back guys am i look like a denture on now with this beer not really let me tell you something about it here in berlin because of my job

I have to shave almost every day on the trips i never do i don’t even take my shaving cream or razors maybe you have heard this before but the football players never shave because they are afraid that they’re gonna shave their look well i’m terrible with football but i like the idea okay now you know why i never shave but now i’m back and let me fix this problem

For you wow what a difference now i feel myself 10 years younger and 5 kilograms lighter but i will make it even better alright now i’m ready to talk let’s go back to the topic big ol small adventure motorcycle sorry guys but i have to read the comment i told you last night and sorry my friend the guy who wrote the comment but i really need to show this because i

Really hope that it will answer many questions and maybe it will help someone to make the right choice now i watched another video of yours and i have to say in many points you’re just wrong maybe you never drove a big adventure bike but actually you can go with along the silk road the road of bones or central africa don’t know why you’re so afraid or it wasn’t much

Harder than with a small bike i would rather look carefully and write smart as fall into the pits there also need people to pull out you should better not talk so determinate if you have never tried with gs or something that i see i can say in most of the trips i wrote on roads and you never tell people that your lame duck with 48 horsepower so i like motorcycling

Without necessary explaining all the people what they are wrong riding their gss hmm i’m not sure that i understand fully and rightly this common but anyway i reply it back i can’t understand one thing why the hell everyone wants to convince me to have a big adventure bike i just don’t need it here apply it back motorcycle adventures don’t want to convince you

But i wouldn’t be convinced by you either all trips with tarmac or gravel are absolutely possible with big adventure bikes well i never had the idea to call this anyone to write lighter bikes the idea behind my channel is to help people to make their tips easier and also to show you that you can make the trip with any bike you have just remember the phrase the

Best adventure bike is the one you have in the garage and the main reason i always suggest to have as light as possible bikes is because on the long trips you never know what you’re going to face of course the guy never gave up and rolled back motorcycle adventures where he’s been on something else then tar mark and grabber on your last trip most of the time you

Have actually been on a perfect road on rules you have mounted take everything which is great in motorcycling and you really have not need them you can’t go in curves properly or surf to the curves and how are you feeling after 10 hours of vibrating on 660 cc you must have taken gs for this trip your motorcycle is far from proper i’m sorry but i cannot really read

It properly it’s my fault it’s not the foul the follow of the guy who wrote it i see now this guy know where i was on the trip let me show you this video i hope that it will answer many of your questions and you cannot even imagine that it is possible to have snow but look at now look at nam it just opened this gap i can see here traction ma here will be even

Worse when i go to the deep small ah q island and the top west port of eylem it’s even went even further you see what i’m talking about this machine so they said it’s all over the fences it’s a private one here is the place guys as i said before on a long trips you never know what you’re going to face actually 95% of the time i was really on a perfect rolls but 5%

Of the time i spent on this very interesting locations and i really want to go there so in common this 5% of the road i took these dirt roads make 95% of the nice experience and feeling i’ve got on that trip if you understand what i mean if i had a big adventure motorcycle i have to skip it is it worth to skip the best part of my trip because of the wait i don’t

Think so okay enough about these comments i hope you get the idea the next question why i’m riding this xt 660 z it is not light either let me explain you with more details yeah i know it is a not light motorcycle it’s 200 kilograms but it’s a very good compromise between heavy adventure motorcycle and really light machine yes i would love to have something like

100 or 120 kilograms when i’m going on the dirt roads but i’m gonna hate it when i have to travel on the highways so for example mongolia is really nice destination yeah i love it it’s everything is great a lot of dirt roads you can really enjoy it on a proper dirt bike but to get there you need at least at least eight or ten thousand kilometers hum do not go there

Ten thousand kilometers on a hundred and twenty kilograms bike it’s just impossible on the other hand i’ll be perfect with a heavy adventure motorcycle until the moment i get there but finally when i arrived in this beautiful and open dirt roads gravel roads or muddy roads or whatever old i’ll be not that satisfies because the bike is going to be too heavy and i

Have to skip the most interesting part of the trip that’s why i choose is compromised because there is no perfect bike it’s always something one bikes it’s heavy the same second is to light the the third is to fast the fourth is to slow there is no perfect bike you have to own three four or five different bikes but not everyone is capable to do this so this was

The first reason to choose this bike the second reason is because it is crushing really really well as you already saw in many of my videos and even in last video when i felt into that muddy ditch i get out without almost any damages only the windscreen and actually it was broken when we try to lift the bike up not when it’s go down the third point is functionality

With this bike i am able to go almost everywhere anytime so i told you many times i am fine on the highway yeah it is boring it is not exactly the bike for highways but anyway even if you have 1,200 cc on the highway it’s going to be boring it is not fun either it doesn’t matter that you’re gonna write 20 or 30 kilometers per hour faster what i noticed yesterday

When i was returning from amsterdam to berlin the traffic was really bad it was raining in many sections it was maybe about 10 or 15 kilometers traffic jam and actually i have to filter between the cars and what i noticed before that when i was riding put about hundred hundred and ten kilometers per hour many many gs s just go past me like from the moment when we

Get to the traffic what is happening they all were waiting there because of their massive size and bit big hard pioneers they cannot go between the cars but i went just so easy super ok so i was able to go very fast and then maybe after 30 or 40 kilometers more again next to meet up up to the next point where we have to do exactly the same and for many many times

So on that destination after done balanced 700 kilometers i am doubt that they will get even more than 30 minutes on the whole destination this is this is the reality guys this is the reality and it is not fun for them either on the other hand when i was talking that these light bikes they just crush really well what i mean is that because of the weight of the

Bike even if you crush it it’s it is not going to beat that badly damaged if you go down with a 300 kilograms bike from the from its own weight it would be so so badly damaged so i cannot even imagine what is going to be with the he heavy adventure motorcycle into that moody ditch we cannot even take it out for so for my bike 200 kilograms i was not able even to

Move it so i needed three more people four people all together just to get it out what is going to be if we have 100 kilograms small you will need at least two more people or crane whatever maybe a month ago i watched a video on youtube a guy took four tests right honda africa twin the new model adventure with a big tank and 230 40 kilograms so he went somewhere

To make off-road tests and he actually dropped the bike but that but he drop it with a very low speed 20 30 km/h but unluckily he crushed one side of the on the engine covers his pre door all fold up actually the bike stuck there the first problem was that the guy was short and light he cannot even lift it from the ground the second problem was the ole so the bike

Actually stick in the middle of nowhere what if this is your tip what if you try to ride this motorcycle off road somewhere because many of you say heavy bikes are fine you can go to the gravel to low rolls it’s fine yet this guy was going through a very simple dirt roads very simple you can find it in youtube and watch it the title was how not to test a honda

Africa twin or something like that very simple track so everybody will say i can go i can do it but he crushed and he stopped there this is what i’m talking about so let’s go back to the question why i’m writing this xd 616 state of something better because it is such a trouble-free motorcycle i heard it from already more than 130,000 kilometers and the hombre the

Only problem i’ve got was a secret or before my trip to mongolia secret in the cables that’s it and i really hope that it will survive many more kilometers it’s such a trouble-free bike in force proven now in last last failed and got in the ditch so one of the next point was why i have always used this stake is the 80 in set of normal or old tires and also the

Guy asked i could i could to make it even better with better roll tires and again to reply with him you have to go back and watch the video i just showed you at 5 minutes ago and see that with these tires i am able to go anywhere anytime they are fine on the road maybe not perfect but they are fine and i’m not a fast rider i am not a big fan of hairclips passes

Or whatever so they are perfectly fine for me as long they there they give me this flexibility to go anywhere anytime i often got another one question how i am able to travel so white well guys it’s it’s a personal preferences but what i need for 3 days is the same what i’m gonna need for one of it’s the same story my my luggage now on that the last trip was all

Together 19 kilograms from this 19 kilograms 5 kilograms was my tango back with all of my camera gear chargers and cables and everything what i really need to make these videos for you guys and for kilograms was my tent the tent i never used but i had an idea maybe i’m gonna use it somewhere if i never did so a 5 if you took out this 9 kilograms it’s all together

10 kilograms who need more you’re on a motorcycle trip you’re not on fishing fashion show or something you can go just well with the simple clothes the pants and and pair of shoes that’s it what about the performance of this light bikes they are not powerful enough they are not good enough to write fast well it’s okay for me this 48 horsepower are fine for me as i

Said just before five minutes yeah i have a lack of power on the highway but i am okay in any other roles on the twisty roads of the corners uphill downhill around the city it’s just great and this is what i need the highways are fine i can live with hundred to 110 kilometres per hour all day it’s fine for me so finally to make a conclusion i am not a ges heater

Or i hate all of this beaker or heavy adventurer motorcycles no absolutely not i think they’re perfect motorcycle and they’re very good and i have rolled them oh and i have to say they’re great bikes each one of them got a lot of a lot of pros and i love all bikes in fact i love all bikes i have nothing against any brand or model but they are just not for me for

My type of trips but everybody is sweet right however he or she want we live in three world just write whatever you want as i said many times and i will say it again the best adventure motorcycle is the one you’ve got in the garage if this is a bmw 1600 write it if this is hundred 25 cc just write it even if you have a scooter write it the most important is to

Travel the bike is just a tool it doesn’t matter what you have just go and write don’t focus so much on the motorcycle focus on the trip focus on everything you’re gonna see on the trip all these beautiful nice places all all these great people from around the world just go and see it remember it guys just remember it thank you very much for watching and always

Always ride safe don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time ciao you

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