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Aftermarket Slip on Exhaust Mufflers for Dual Sport Motorcycles – MOTW

ARL discusses aftermarket exhausts and how the effect engine performance. Plus the minor mods of plugging the baffles in a muffler and pulling the spark arrester. Finally, a sound test comparing the OEM KLX exhaust to the FMF Q4 exhaust.

This week we’re talking about mufflers so this is the oem muffler and it is fairly plugged up as you can see it starts out with a pretty big hole ends up with kind of nothing because kawasaki has so many regulations they sell in so many countries they want to make one model that will fit all regulations for all countries they sell in so then they don’t have to

Carry more parts and don’t have any issues holding on to stock for multiple different models they want to limit their line to save money and be more efficient so one of the things that a lot of people do it’s actually probably the most common mod is putting on an aftermarket muffler like this fmf one right here so it is very open at the end and this this helps a

Lot for not very much money uh usually about 200 bucks so a lot of companies make them two brothers makes makes one yoshimura does there’s black silicone on my hand of course fmf anyways lots um most people go with the fmf because it is road legal they’re not legal in california which is odd because they’re made there bikes are always very polluting just because

They don’t have catalytic converters compared to cars as a relative is too much fuel they burn a lot more like 40 times so there’s not much worry there i thought but california is ridiculous one thing to think about is spark arresters and the other concern is sound level and i don’t think the yoshimura or the two brothers which is the two common other common ones

That people get i don’t think that they have their sound limit fmf does make one that doesn’t have a limited sound and it’s the power bomb which i believe has a bit better performance but it is louder and not technically legal on the street though i have to admit that the cop isn’t going to notice or really care unless they are specifically looking for it yeah

Despite the fact that there are lots of different exhausts i don’t imagine there is much performance difference between them minor differences maybe half a horsepower supposedly the fastest bike or the best klx in the world is running a two brothers exhaust but i doubt that it makes that much difference these exhausts even between mine and my brothers have a

Very significant difference but supposedly they don’t have any performance differences or any serious ones i mean they’re both rated to do the same improvement same type of stuff so i can’t imagine that that much shaping difference will make that much of a difference on your ultimate performance the only real difference would be something that would increase

Volume level like plugging the baffles or pulling the spark arrestor one power boost i’ve heard people do is that they will plug up these holes in the baffle run their pipe real loud but it’s legal so here is the spark arrestor for the fmf exhaust at least the one for the klx 09 plus version just this little cone that goes in here a lot of people remove this

Because it’ll give them a little bit of a power boost because you see in there probably can’t there’s a wire screen that just makes it so that no sparks can go past it and prevent the possibility of starting a fire it’s not something that is illegal but you can’t ride in the forest or on trails if you don’t have this in there so one thing i did want to do is

Compare the oem exhaust to the new one even though this thing has been sitting out for a while i imagine the packaging is not really any good that back on and just start the bike and see what it sounds like i’ll be pumping out about 83 decibels 34 about to say it does have a bit of a different sound to it i’d say now garbage much different sound much deeper

Thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed this one it was a bit complicated for me and i know it went over a lot of details so if you want more of these things be sure to subscribe you

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Aftermarket Slip on Exhaust Mufflers for Dual Sport Motorcycles – MOTW By Adventures in Real Life