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AGV Sport Podium One-Piece Leather Suit | Motorcycle Superstore

Pretty affordable as far as race suits are concerned, AGV Sport’s Podium One-Piece Leather Suit has features that could make it easily priced more. Heavy duty 1.3-1.4mm cowhide make the suit beefy (no pun intended) and durable, while CE armor and aluminum inserts give you much needed protection. Two of the unique features of the Podium are the raised shoulder vents to give you just a little bit extra airflow and the 2 way zipper. To read more about the Podium One-Piece Leather Suit go here:

Hi stacy a motorcycle superstore i have a gv sports podium one-piece leather suit here and this falls right in the middle of their lineup a couple that are less expensive a couple that are more expensive but the one you’re looking at is gonna retail around 700 bucks at full cost different colorways available i like the black and high-vis but also in terms of sizing

I’m wearing a size 40 for a tight race fit a 42 for more of a comfort fit that’s gonna work better for adding armored inserts you can see my specs kind of compare them to your own the construction on this is a very heavy duty you will find 1.3 millimeter cowhide here on the body section the impact areas have been beefed up even more 1.4 millimeters so it’s pretty

Thick stuff also you’re gonna find lots of perforations on this all through the chest and abdomen even on the sides as well and down here on to the thighs also designed to give you more airflow speaking of airflow one of my favorite features on this entire suit are these little raised vents on the shoulders those are gonna scoop a lot of air i really think that

It’s cool to see that get some airflow coming across the top of your body where you’re gonna have a lot of heat rising up now also you see these little inserts it looks like you got a six pack which is always cool but this is some foam inserts stitched in there to give you a little extra coverage but also more importantly the see eraider dharma this located in the

Shoulders elbows also in your knee areas now they do have metal inserts on the exterior side of things molded piece with the metal insert does have the agv sport logo a real nice touch aesthetically not here on the elbows but on the shoulders and on the knees better sliding protection in those areas that are pretty much guaranteed to hit the ground speaking of

Sliding let’s talk about the knee pucks these come with your purchase of the suit they’re replaceable they use heavy duty velcro underneath very easy to get on and off when you need to do so now some other features to talk about in terms of the components that are not leather you’re going to find an aromatic stretch fiber this is going to be on the inside of the

Arms here give you a little bit better flex there it’s not the stretchy astana slee that i’ve seen on the market however it will give a little bit more adjustment also let’s talk about the zippers here nice zipper stays at the bottom of the cuffs you’ll find them here but also on the zipper on the main entry system now this one’s a little more unique it’s actually

A two-way zipper so you can zip it up from the bottom as well get a little airflow if you’re in between racing sections or sessions it’s nice to let your gut hang out whatever it might be this is a pretty cool system i don’t see this very often on suits either so a nice feature there it does have rubber tab coatings so that they’re not gonna be scratching up your

Bike as much now as we move to the back side of this thing you’ll see the aerodynamic speed hump here designed for racing purposes it’s going to have a perforated system on top to help with the airflow coming in also you have that stretch material this is actually a neoprene on top that’s going to give you a little bit more comfort up around your neck area big

Panels here this is that pleated leather uses spandex leather mix it’s going to give you the the expansion and that flexibility you’re looking for through the shoulder regions also on the backs of the elbows which is a critical area and then down here across the top of the seat so that you can scoot yourself all the way back when you want to get underneath that tiny

Little racing windscreen of yours perforations here on the back as well these have slightly larger holes in the front side to help it exhaust a little bit better great styling you have some rubber logos up top now as we go down onto the seat one of the things to note here as we move down past that to the knees this is kind of an interesting material it’s stretchy

It’s very comfortable against the back of your knees one of those areas that’s moving around a lot but it’s going to also help let heat escape you’ll find vented leather down below and zippers as well to get in and out of this it has a liner system in it but that liner is not removable one of the nice things about it is it has an insert for a spine protector it

Actually comes with a little foam insert there if you want to upgrade that you can do so especially considering that it’s pretty affordable but also it has a pocket on the inside as well so if you want to write it on the street you can carry some of those essentials leave me your comments on this let me know if it’s working for you the sizing give some feedback

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