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ALL-AMERICAN! – Mail Time Ep.18

Bike N’ Bird Shirts ,Decals ,& Poker Chips:

Nucking futs doing my brains and welcome back to another episode of male time featuring the one of the only the one-of-a-kind the beautiful the awesome the extravagant miss bergen bird back in booties she’s here she’s good yes thank you but she’s clear she’s questions alright so we have two packages we have one from west virginia and one from michigan which one

Shall we open first trees that would be the one from west virginia was it close money we have a look this is a little tear there on the end let’s see how that’s open up and see how he packaged it by the way who is he that’s right there wasn’t any money no thus the knife is not from checking me there we go stay out there all right progress here dams are loose

Chips chips is chris pratt there okay oh you know what they were in here yeah got a staple both sides you can’t say lives in the middle put rotten i like that a staple outside that’s kind of how i shape the bike there poker chips that you can get set to blankenburg hey guys i have a few extra chips i don’t think you have when i saw you were in slash near louis

Sexes had to send them i visited helotes in 2001 for a robert earl keen show at florence county store what a place to see a show happy new year j that is a pretty cool thing that someone that’s look small and helotes it’s like a very small concert venue but like huge names like willie nelson and stuff play there so yeah very cool place well cut the clothes up on

The bar and shield side we have a tilly harley-davidson since 1972 in statesville north carolina and on the back side we have the same thing double graphic chips replay interesting cut to close-up on the bars he’ll say we have a harley davidson of west virginia on the back side we have south of charleston west virginia established 1970 there’s another one yes on

The bars shield site we have a heiko west virginia with the bar she’ll on the backside we have new river gorge harley-davidson with the bridge i like these green shirts – yeah the bright green you don’t have a line would know my parents got me one but i do not do not have one from my subscribers this will be a first so thank you jay i appreciate you saying those

Those chips out hopefully you can make it back down a hello to sometime and we can hang out or there you go little one look dear bike a bird here are two chips one is for my local dealership and one from the bigger dealerships close by i’m looking to get my first bike in the spring it was suggested that instead of starting with the sportster to go with a used 15

16 diamond i’m similar in a star stature to you i was wondering if you thought that was practical so far i have test rode the street 502 cramped and indian scouts this spring will bring a lot more test rides thank you for your input buddy buddy i will say this it’s like i tell everyone really doesn’t matter your size if you can respect the power and the size of

A machine i believe you can start on any bike you would like if you’re close to my size i would definitely recommend a use 1516 dyna if you can afford it you’re looking at a difference of three to seven grand depending on what dinah you get so if you can afford the dyna i definitely would recommend going with the dinette over the sportster if you’re my size and

You’re a responsible adult who can respect the size and the power the dinah’s don’t have i mean they do have enough power to get you in trouble but it’s not it’s definitely not the same as starting off on like a hayabusa or anything like that so if you think you can i believe you can test riding one will definitely give you the answer even sitting on one will give

You the answer it’s really night and day between the sportsters and the diamonds hopefully that answers your question if not feel free to shoot me a message and i can clarify on anything i just mentioned we’ve got some grapes oh we’ve got some crisps we’ve got some grapes we do cut you closer on the bar and field side we have a farmington hills michigan on the

Back side we have a motor city harley-davidson with the bar i see alright next got the close-up we have a dark blue and black tip on the bar steel site we have a waterford michigan abc harley-davidson calm on the back side we have abc a holiday woodson i’m assuming that’s their logo that’s kind of cool it is a lot of silver in there yeah appreciate it buddy like i

Said if you have any other questions about bikes feel free to hit me up glad to help you out so once again shout out to jay and once again shout out to your buddy for sending these outs the collection is getting a little out of hand let’s go ahead and cut the clothes of what we have so far yeah as you can see it’s getting a pretty extensive but that’s a good

Thing to pick it this collection gets the happier i am because well if you have any sort of a fan mail that you would like to send in please set it in because we’re packages so please if you want to keep the soviet thing send us your crisps give me send your chips you can go ahead and send it to the address here on the screen alright guys well that’s it for today’s

Episode if you liked the episode go and hit that like button if you haven’t already go ahead and punch that subscribe button and as always thank you for watching and i’ll see you guys next time well your boot got hung up there

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ALL-AMERICAN! – Mail Time Ep.18 By Bike N’ Bird