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All Girls ride Motorcycles Miami to the Florida Keys moto vlog 20

Hey Riding Buddies as a female / women motorcycle rider I rode in an all womens motorcycle group ride, third one so far I hope we can make this a regular gathering in south florida. With over 15 bikers babes riding their own two wheels. We rode from Miami, florida to the first florida key which was over an hour of one way traffic but worth the adventure. On these long rides I tend to think about a lot of things and reflect on my life and bike journey. I think my biggest questions is how to create a female riding group and continue its longevity with time and growth? Seeing the diversity and the how a few girls had only been riding for less then 2 months I am amazed how everyone bike journey differs but we come together for a trip in the sun.

Krv so i have come to a decision i decided to postpone my travel opportunity the agency still has me on file it’s just you know the dream job really helps with some circumstances i’m having at home so it’s always there if i took my job locally i can always go travel so what i’m going to do with my time is we’re going well recommend the vendor time not only

Will you cover it all out of your article yeah this is so different from the last group all the girls are more chill i mean on the proof so we have the pictures and the spectators out of the whale even more girls are coming and we are riding to the florida keys oh wait always oh this is pretty straightforward we are leaving miami and headed to 40 i wanted to ask you

Guys a question what do you think there are not more female writing organization out there i mean i found a handful and they might have a sector in florida but when i do you know research them if you screw the writers in their middle age or retirement and i am not saying i’m help bring chicken however i want to feel like when i’m writing with you we’re kind of in

The same life path i would say i know there’s a lot of factors that might affect women whether the children family already dominant drama i really feel like we should be a super hood and if we could start an organization whether it’s you see in florida i feel like that would really help a lot of girls you want to ride and feel good about it and have the knowledge

And skill because they have someone that they can refer to but i just don’t know how do you organize that kind of stuff how do you create momentum and keep people you know participating and showing up and wanting to do it so it doesn’t die out so i’m trying to realize nobody’s telling me how to prepare for these long bike ride so who avoid dehydration overheating

And my cultures are dipping i’m carrying two water bottles and a car whether it be a protein bar or burrito and some graham crackers and don’t forget your sunscreen because everybody wants to ride in the daytime i’m making my motorcycle jacket a mandatory piece of equipment because when you’re an hour – away from your house you just never know what to happen so

It’s better to be safe than sorry as you can see some of the ladies we’re just in a helmet and gloves and i feel like we all have those kind of comfort zone and those quinn moments where we just come with the bare minimum our motorcycle gear and i keep forgetting to check my bike before i ride with it it’ll be an hour and a half into my ride and i’m like oh yeah

I was supposed to make sure everything’s okay before i hit the street or i’ll do it and i’m like okay everything seems okay let’s go onto the road so i think i need a research or create a checklist just to make sure everything is completely good before i hit the road because let’s say anything happened i’d be like okay was an allen tire i should have known this

From the start instead of oh oh really really a backpack so on a middle finger what is going on now this is a prime example of a petty back peter i don’t know if he’s a writer but you’re not in control of the motorcycle so i don’t think you should be making a reaction we did not interact with you we did not affect your ride so the whole middle finger thing was so

Unnecessary we finally arrived at the tiki bar on the water and it was only law oh that’s a shorter than i anticipated so i definitely don’t mind doing it again because we only went to the first floor tacky as you can see there’s a plethora of bikes so the biggest issue we had was finding parking i’m sorry however they are gone thank you wow whoa couple

Family how to get started my buddy it was really fun i was surprised it wasn’t a long ride we had new faces new writers people who i’ve been riding for only a couple months different dc bikes the water was crystal clear everybody was really nice positive trying to get him get to know each other and i thought i was really awesome i hope we can carry that on into

The future and then we got a little bit of action a little bit of wheelies from the guys and that was kind of cool so we have more motovlogs to go i hope you guys are ready safely and we are entering spring so i expect to hear you guys are writing you

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All Girls ride Motorcycles Miami to the Florida Keys moto vlog 20 By MiamiAndMerch